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September 10, 2005

Sandy Burger-Meister Meister Burger

I gotta tell you, this one stinks! Yep, no doubt. The dude admits that while acting as "National Security Advisor" to President What's His Name, that he stole documents from the National Archives and then destroying some of them. Admitted to it! So what happens? He's a political guy, with a network, so he gets a fine and can't hold a government clearanace for three years. Man! He got the book thrown at him!

Oooooh! Buuuurn. Somebody save him! Yeah right. If that was me, or you, well, especially me in my job, I'd get "conduct unbecoming, larceny, grand theft, destruction of property, etcetera, all stuck on me...lose my job and then end up in jail. Not this asshole, noooooo.

This is one of the reasons why other countries hate us!!! Will we ever learn? The rich criminals get away with murder (no O.J., you don't need to go anywhere) while others get hammered. Senators kill women and "oops, guess I can't be Senator anymore," or the now famous "what? That wasn't me" (yes Senator Kennedy, I'm talking about you), or "some of the documents fell out of my suit into the fireplace by accident, " or "no, I didn't have sex with that woman." Liar, Liar, classified documents on fire! Have vs Have-not strikes again. Book-em Dan-O!!!

There's a general officer right now that's getting hammered for having a relationship with a woman after separating from his wife, while the President of the United States can do it IN the White House, lie about it, get away with it, still be president, and let everyone still say "what a great guy!" We live in a house of hypocrits.

What's really ironic is that even in light of all these crooked sum-beeyotches, I still worry about saying too much, going overboard, and getting slapped. Man! If I committed a felony, I think I'd be okay, but get a little too non-PC, and I'm screwed...I guess.

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