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July 14, 2018

Trump and Putin: I call Bullshit on the Entire American Media.

It's amazing. The media still thinks they matter. They still believe we trust them. Far from it. No right-minded person believes them, nor do they accept their absurd claims of objectivity. When has Rachel Maddow ever been objective. Not a question. The media is also flabbergastingly (I think I just invented that use of the word) offering their opinion on what the president needs to do. Wow. You know what opinions are like...and the headlines couldn't be any more condescending. Here's what I mean:

Why American Spies Worry When Trump Meets Putin...

Despite Russia election bombshell, the Trump-Putin show will go on...

Putin’s Puppet

If the Russian president could design a candidate to undermine American interests—and advance his own—he’d look a lot like Donald Trump.

Putin looms for Trump after reality-bending visit with US allies

Stars are aligning' for Putin before Trump summit — indictments notwithstanding

The Memo: Fears rise about Trump-Putin meeting

...and on and on it goes. How arrogant and egotistic does someone need to be to never, and I mean NEVER cut the President any sort of slack or give him even an ounce of credit? My 401K is up. My taxes went down. My VA experience is much better. My friends in the Middle East don't seem to feel the need to apologize for their tacit approval of our president or hold the opinion we are about to crack. For the first time, our president went to NATO and gave them a firm talking to instead of a firm reach-around. He gave his honest opinion as a businessman regarding Brexit. Our president isn't apologizing for us. We have nothing for him to apologize for and our last president was a bit on the presumptuous and less-than-patriotic side in his great snivel tour of the world. Lest these a-hole liberals forget, the losing party (in this case the sniveling, cowardly, subversive, sore-loser can't get over-it party) has no stake in foreign policy. Sorry, but you don't. The news needs to at least fake some objectivity. Go ahead, try it on. Just for a moment. You know, just the tip. Never before has the American media just gone full retard (remember Tropic Thunder) on the freely-elected President of the United States. I'm embarrassed with them. I'm embarrassed by them. I have nothing but disdain for them.

July 13, 2018

Papa Johns and The Year-Long PC Vendetta Against John Schnatter

I smell the smelly smell of the L-word. First they condemn him for exercising his right to free speech as one of the biggest sponsors of the NFL and shit-can him from the company, then Trump-up this new thing and toss him from the board. It's sad. They take an out-of-context reference to the oh-so-tragic double-standard laden liberal white guilt-addled "N-word," the apparent mother of all taboos and fry the guy? I call bullshit. Or rather, I call the B-Word, S-Word. The double-standard sucks some serious D-Word.  "Hi Samantha Bee. Thanks for calling the First Lady of the United States the C-Word, here's a free pass for you. We know you said it directly, but it's not as bad as a training session second-hand reference to the N-word and you're one of us libs, so there you go. Arrghh. Well here's another N-word for you...Nonsense. Take a reference to a pathetically, and unglaublich verboten word (depending on who says it, hence the double-standard) out of context and make Schnatter a pariah. Label him a racist. Let your sniveling, decrepit liberal souls feel the warm salve of politically-correct smear and slander. Have at it. Did he actually call someone the "word that must not be spoken lest ye a racist?" I don't see any reference to that anywhere, going back to the commentary about the NFL flag protests. Who then, is out to get him? Are the A-Words on the board of directors, whose jobs wouldn't exist if not for John Schnatter creating the company, ganging-up on him? Are they as big a bunch of P-Words as they appear? Is everybody really that sensitive? Or that spineless? Context is important, isn't it? So when blacks spread the N-word around, all is well, but Schnatter making a historic reference to it (not calling someone it) is racist? B-Word S-Word Flag. I think they were just out to get him and they saw this as their chance to get completely rid of him. Funny how he isn't taken-down by competition from another pizza chain, but rather, by internal hatred, scheming, greed, and PC. Liberals (L-Words) are so disgustingly disingenuous and cowardly they should consider the word "Liberal" as grossly overused and paradoxically scandalized as the "N-word." Yep, the L-word is what got John Schnatter. We really need to figure out what is truly offensive, and what isn't. W-Word, T-Word, F-Word...

July 11, 2018

Trump NATO Summit: Leftist Media Reaches Lowest Point in History

"Trump said it is not fair to American taxpayers that Germany buys oil and gas from Russia while enjoying the umbrella of defense provided by U.S. dollars." He's right. It's not. Why should we pay for it? Scarborough said he was practicing "diplomatic malpractice?" Hey Joe, STFU, dipshit. For the first time we have a president that goes over and expresses the concerns of the American people instead of going over and kissing their asses and apologizing because we're doing better than they are and had to bail them out of trouble over and over. Joe, maybe you can do something with that ridiculous hair instead of running that sewer. MSNBC says Trump "demonized" our allies. Hey! Put that bathwater down! Stop drinking it! Okay liberal idiots, no one worships weakness like you do.  I know you cry at the thought of American exceptionalism and wouldn't be caught dead flying Old Glory, but your liberal spin on Trump's activities is subversive, pathetic, comedic and cowardly. Yes, you suck. President Trump took a leadership position and made our grievances known to a number of countries that not only don't pull their own weight in NATO, but enjoy trade imbalances with us. If they don't want to pay their fair share or have fair trade, then too bad if they get their panties in a wad. Governor Cuomo says trade and security don't relate? Wow, how do stupid people get elected. Wait! Never mind answering. Maybe they all need to watch the movie "Occupied" on Netflix. Basically, Norway tries to switch to alternative fuels for power, and Russia does a "silk-glove" takeover. Is that something Germany wants? How do we defend NATO countries from NATO bases against Russia if Russia can turn off the power? Why do we pay for the defense of wealthy nations while they make deals with the very country we're paying to protect them against? It's crazy. The fact liberals don't see that is just sad. And dishonest. And...