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July 15, 2021

Are teacher's unions evil? The answer is yes.

"The transfer of raising children from the family to the state and its agencies, in this case the teachers’ unions, is a dream of Marxism, a fulfillment of the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” which in practice means the dictatorship of the Communist Party. Teachers’ unions, with their advocacy of racism and their rejection of parents’ rights, are playing a major role in “divide and conquer,” the conquest of America by Democrat socialism."

Don't go to Naples. It's become a haven for leftists. 

Besides the crowding, bad attitudes, high prices, traffic, lack of immigration enforcement, and high temperatures, yet another reason why Naples is terrible. Leftists have invaded Collier County and are running amuck. Stop giving that racist a-hole Silverberg a platform to spew hate against our elected congressman, a man who is doing a fantastic job defending our rights against hatemongers like Silverberg.

Biden said Confederates did not storm the capitol. Really?

Uh, excuse me there Herodotus, but in case you missed it, they may not have stormed the capitol, but a confederate named John Wilkes Booth murdered the president, you moron. Are democrats currently in a contest for who can say the biggest, most absurd lie? I know you've been running a campaign of inverting the truth and pretending you're not lying, but truly ridiculous douchebaggery is just a bridge too far. Try again, knucklehead. Oh, and tell your leftist buddies lying about voting laws to shut those sewers they call mouths. We know you didn't go to Philadelphia because that's the "cradle of democracy." You went there to throw shade on the letter the former US attorney sent to Trump about voter fraud in the state. Leftists need to stop thinking you're slick. You're not. The president proves crackpots can also be globalist, leftist drones.

July 13, 2021

What Texas democrats are really saying

 They are saying minorities are too inept to obtain voter ID. That's racist. They are saying ballot harvesting, mail-in ballots and other forms of election fraud is what they want. They are also saying it's okay for democrats on the national level to push through legislation without consent of the republicans, but since it's happening in Texas, they oppose it. They are also saying they don't want Texas to be in charge of their own elections as described in the Constitution, but want the Marxists in DC to control it. They LITERALLY asked for the federal government to take their state's rights away. They are as hungry for party power as the ones in DC. They are also saying there are "rules for thee, but not for me." Private donor aircraft is fine for them but not you. Green New Deal is for you, but not them. This is "hypocrites on parade" in the worst way. This is democrats defending their constant lies about voter suppression. This is corruption, paid by taxpayers. I hope they enjoyed the beers they brought along on their oh-so serious journey. 

FBI: It’s Your Duty To Spy on Family Members for Signs of ‘Extremism’ and Snitch on Them 

Does this include violent Marxist leftists in the democratic party who are destroying this country from within? The people that support the riots, change the law to let anarchists and Marxist criminals out of jail free, ignore crime, allow illegals to pour over the border, and the politicians fomenting racial hatred, or is it just white conservatives?

Cowardly Texas Marxist democrats reach an all new level of pathetic hypocrisy

 So the oh-so-green democrats tuck in their cowardly Marxist tails and instead of flying commercial, they get rides on private aircraft owned by a Lebanese businessman. All while signaling that minorities are too weak to get voter ID. How pathetic.

July 12, 2021

BREAKING: Dan Crenshaw Demolishes Biden Administration For ‘Playing Cover For Communists’ 

I'm with you Dan Crenshaw. Leftists can't condemn the communists without condemning their own movement, and their Marxist goals in this country go back further than Dewey.

Aging ferry hopes for new life off shores of Cape May 

The rest of the headline should say "as long as the current administration doesn't get to touch it."

When faced with an ageing fleet they took the vessel they spent $27million on and sold it for $200k and sank it to make an artificial reef. Talk about a lack of foresight. 

These people have to be drone-minded government leftists. Typical government boondoggle. They actually admit they spent $27 million to overhaul the Twin Capes, never saw the profits they were expecting from it, then instead of taking the oldest ferry out of service, they sunk the Twin Capes off Cape May to make an artificial reef. Now they’re looking into replacing the 42 and 47 year old ferries which might result is less capacity. We’re these democrats? Talk about bad decisions.

"According to the recent economic-impact study, vehicle use has dropped by about 30,000 since 2009, and passengers by nearly 100,000. Ticket revenues have dropped almost $1 million. Concessions, meanwhile, have steadily increased. At the same time, operations expenditures have risen from $34.8 million in 2009 to $40.6 million in 2018.
But since 2013, the ridership and financial numbers have gradually started to trend back upward. "
What? The second paragraph contradicts the first. I smell bureaucrats.

Then take the local press commentary and support for a bridge across the bay. "The government is looking to spend money?" Really? So that's the excuse you need to put a bridge over the Delaware Bay? The Press of Atlantic City's opinion and comments are moronic leftist bullshit. Maybe stick to supporting AMTRAK or the post office, two organizations that never operate in the black, but keep getting funded.

Replace the ferries without decreasing capacity, shut up, move on.

Democrats silent on Cuba protests so they don't insult Communists

Cubans wave American flags as a symbol of freedom as leftist, Marxist democrats shit on it in our own country. As Marxists, the democrats can't possibly be seen to support freedom and individual liberty, so they say they have the right to protest...just like leftists in this country. The Marxist Biden administration is an International embarrassment and a gift to other communists like China.

And now to digress: They are the racists and they are setting up a situation that will disintegrate under them and hurt minority Americans worse than ever. The credit act will end like the housing bubble brought on by democrats pandering to minorities. Forgiving minority fam loans and giving them a vote-buying 20% bonus payoff? How is that not illegal? Telling minorities every day they are inferior? How long does that last? Bernie Sanders is a Marxist/Communist, not a Democrat Socialist. The rest of the democrats are plain Marxist. They didn't allow honoring the founding fathers at Mount Rushmore this year because their hero is Karl Marx.