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May 15, 2021

How did we let leftists turn this country on its head?

How do we have black men in congress fighting critical race theory, a philosophy that pits blacks against whites, while white people in congress support CRT, and the white people are not considered racist?

How do we have leftists claiming black people are incapable of getting a free voter ID, and that claiming the requirement to identify yourself is racist?

How do we have a state creating voter laws that gives in one case, 14 times the early voting than another state, yet that state is claimed to be racist?

How do we have leftists claiming that HR1/SR1, a bill that will take citizens rights away, calling it the "for the people" bill. It should be called "giving the people the shaft" bill. Or the "for the democrat socialists" bill. Is the U.S. Venezuela now?

How do we have the federal government giving taxpayer money to farmers based on the color of their skin? What happened to civil rights laws, EO laws, and plain old common sense?

Why do immigrants identify with republicans but vote for democrats? It's all the free shit, isn't it?

How is a national border racist? How is national sovereignty racist? What the f--- is going on here?

Since when is it acceptable for minority members of congress to rail on "the white devil," calling everything and everyone a white supremacist, and citing "white privilege?" That is also racist.

  • White privilege didn't pay for college like it did my black room mate
  • White privilege didn't keep me from going to war.
  • White privilege didn't push through my promotion to captain when they held up the results because they didn't promote enough black females. They went back and kicked out other more qualified officers to make room for the ones they previously passed over.
  • White privilege didn't give me a college degree, a decent job, a driver's license, gun permit, voter ID, or develop my personal philosophy of "two types of people in this world, normal people and a-holes" (you have to figure out which group you're in)  
  • White privilege does not mean a higher standard for whites and Asians in college and post-grad admissions and lesser standards for others. Good luck with the sub-standard doctors, lawyers, etc.  
  • Supporting the police and the expectation they will come to your assistance is not white privilege. 

How is math racist? Have we gone insane? How is 2 + 2 =22? It doesn't. It hasn't. It won't. It never will. This warped SJW philosophy will make us all stupid. Other countries are laughing at us, and soon they will run circles around us in science and math because of the twisted mentality of "woke" morons?

How are the terms "Mom and Dad" suddenly unacceptable? What F-ing morons thought that up? Are these the purple-haired, stretchy pants, pronoun-obsessed nitwits that spew out all the other ridiculous declarations? Here's one for them; whatever.

How does a governor responsible for the deaths of over 10,000 people use multiple sexual assault allegations as cover and get away with the whole thing? People are dead! When did one man's politics become more important than the lives of over 10,000 people?

The only thing people should be "woke to is how absurd and moronic this all is. The hippies from the 60's betrayed us all. They were the "peace and love generation" -turned tenured college professors. They're responsible for this ludicrous alternate reality we're in. They're promoting the destruction of the civil rights progress we made over the last fifty years, kowtowing to any and all Social Justice Warriors. Well I have news for you; 99% of those SJW nitwits are only in it for the money. 60's potheads being duped. There's a shocker.

Still, it's amazing to think this absurdity has gone this far. This country is on its head. We are not racist. This country has NO systemic racism problem. That's a made-up fantasy of leftists to use as a battering ram against sane people. It's about attaining their leftist, globalist, communist agenda, about power, and about money. If you think there is anything noble about any of it, you are on your head as well.

May 14, 2021

When the Fix is in, the Fix is in. 

When globalists buy elections, pay politicians to change the rules, and install voting machines that cheat, it's no surprise when things like this happen.

Voter ID is not racist. Saying it's racist.