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May 20, 2021


Just what we need, a billionaire housewife who thinks she knows how people should live, and how she should destroy the Constitution. Where does it end?

May 19, 2021


The mayor of Chicago says she will only give interviews to black and brown reporters? News flash! THIS IS RACISM. Ilhan Omar says "White men are the problem?" News Flash! THIS IS RACISM. Critical Race Theory teaches black kids white people are evil and responsible for all their problems? News Flash! THIS IS RACISM. "Black Lives Matter" says "white people are sub-human?" News Flash! THIS IS RACISM. New York school wants white people to "check their privilege? News Flash! THIS IS RACISM. Giving farmers money because of the color of their skin? News Flash! THIS IS RACISM.

Here's something new; Governor Northam wears either blackface or a clan robe. News Flash! THIS IS RACISM. The new thing is this is "Institutional Political Racism" brought to you by racist Democrats, the real purveyors of this sickness. Biden claiming this country has a "Systemic Racism" issue? Also racist. Sharpton, Kendi, Bush, Crump, Waters, and all the other fascists claiming racism DOES NOT automatically make it racist. However, their windfall profits make it corrupt and political.

Saying "All Lives Matter is wrong? News Flash! IT IS NOT RACISM. Repeat, NOT racism. Math and Science. NOT RACISM. The United States of America. NOT RACIST. 

All this stupidity is making us dumb, weak, segregated, and set on a course for disaster. It needs to stop.

May 17, 2021


When you see a leftist politician on the floor of congress, wearing a shemagh just like the one Yasser Arafat wore, stumping for Palestinian terrorists and trashing Israel, not only do you wonder what country she thinks she comes from, but what the view really looks like with her head clearly and completely up her own ass. 

Here's the deal for those who just don't get it:

  • Hamas is a terrorist group.
  • Hamas controls the Palestinian government.
  • Trump stopped money going to Palestine because it just goes to Hamas. The result was peace in the Middle East.
  • Biden restarted the money going to Palestine. 
  • Hamas took the money and bought new rockets. Thanks Joe.
  • Hamas is firing them. Thousands per day. Thanks Joe.
  • Hamas fires those rockets from civilian neighborhoods, hospital roofs, schools, day care centers, etc.
  • Hamas clearly gives less than a shit about the Palestinian people. Their hate is more important.
  • Israel has to respond to protect themselves.
  • By returning fire on Hamas militants firing on Israel, civilian targets are hit, and civilians are hurt.
  • Palestinian and Israeli civilians have the right to live in peace, but Hamas, NOT Israel is responsible for their predicament.
  • Blaming Israel is wrong.
  • Standing on the floor of the House and condemning Israel is wrong times ten (Wx10)
  • Religious zealots in the U.S. government are purposely lying to their constituents regarding the situation.
  • Leftists (democrats) hate any religion that isn't Islam, and are not providing the proper leadership and direction to their fellow leftists currently lying to the American public.
When morons in congress support terrorists over peaceful citizens, they continue to prove, on not just a daily basis, but almost hourly, that they are Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, and unfit to serve this nation.

(Side note) We really do need Voter ID. This way we can identify the absolute morons that vote for some of the idiots in government. Then we need a ban on Big Tech contributions to politicians. No limit on dark money from overseas? What's to stop a billionaire from creating an overseas entity to funnel money back to corrupt, globalist, leftist drones? Nothing. They do it all the time, but I digress.