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September 7, 2005

How did I get so lucky?

I'll tell you what...fortune comes in many forms. Where once I was married to a skanky little fake blonde fragile ego Florida cracker who could best be described as a manmilk guzzling gutter-slut, I'm now blessed by a woman who is old school, good family, loyal as a guard dog, and smoking hot in the classic sense. Want something better? She's from Spain, and grew-up in Panama, so there's no American girl chip on her shoulder. I'm actually her biggest fan, since after devoting the 12 years after her goofy husband left her for that faggoty game called golf, she devoted her life to nothing but her kids, and she has the best attitude of anyone I know. Hopefully some of it rubs off...

A friend of mine, who used to be a Catholic priest and an Army Chaplain (but that's a story for another day) now finds himself equally fortunate. While going on a chaplain's retreat during his service in Korea a few years ago, he met the love of his life waiting to go to Hawaii in the Inchon airport! She was actually the niece of another chaplain, and fast forward to today, he has two beautiful kids, and his wife is ready to have the third any day. I have to say I'm envious of him, as I was only able to have one kid with my ex before she turned into a porcupine (you know..if she poked-out as many times as she's been poked-in).

What's the key ingredient here? The similarity? My friend's girl is from the Philippines, and has no American girl chip on her shoulder either. In fact, she's not upset at all about being a woman, unlike my ex. There's no foul language coming from either of them. They were taught that men and women should live harmoniously, not be in competition with one another. They understand that just like lions and tigers, we're both members of the same species, but we're different, so no need to compare. All those typically American phenomenon like "the battle of the sexes" are seen as ridiculous by such women, and should be. Moral of the story? In 99% of cases, marrying a foreign woman will give you a higher chance at a successful marriage and a happy life.

To add to my assertions, here's what my friend recently said:

American chicks will constantly put stress on their husbands about not having enough money.

On my way back to Iraq, a soldier had left an FHM magazine lying around and having never seen one, I decided to take a look. What a stupid magazine. Do men really read this? The women are total skanks, hussies, sluts and hos. These are the exact women that men should avoid at all costs (except, perhaps, for the occasional sport fuck.) Is this what American women aspire to be? Do men realize that if one of these skanks is able to snag him, his life will become a living hell? (For the time it lasts and she no longer needs him and she has found something better (read: richer). My perception was that this magazine (and probably those like it) actually mock men, ridiculing him and blinding him from seeing that there is so much better out there.

These people hate the traditional, conservative values of real women, the foreign ones. Maybe Acidman needs a vacation in the Philippines or Panama.

I've read Acidman's comments on women, and agree with him.



  1. Sorry, not all American women have chips on their shoulders. Some of us actually have brains, values, and believe in such things as loyalty and love.

    Your experience may tell you otherwise, but the fact is, you haven't met all of us American women. (Okay, so Acidman has met me, but we still talk)

  2. Great blog...I stumbled in here from an Acidman referral, I think.

    You're not the only one who feels this way about the typical American woman: