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February 10, 2006

More proof our country is screwed...

Let me put it to you this way...

A young couple graduates from college with student loans they can't pay. That's the American way.

They have an elaborate wedding because wedding marketers convinced them they had to have one. They put it on credit they don't have, but the credit card companies gave them the cards anyway. That's the American way.

They go buy cars they can't afford on credit they shouldn't be using.

They have no cash reserve, no "rainy day" money, but they don't care...they have credit cards.

They bitch about not being able to get the best home loan rate, but go with the high rate anyway because they're convinced real-estate is the best investment...although greedy people already drove the price of little basic houses to ridiculously high amounts because of the housing (a.k.a.greed) boom.

Christmas gifts go on credit. Clothes go on credit. Soon, food at the grocery store goes on credit. The credit card balance now grows even with no purchases as the finance charges start to compound...but the credit companies just raise their spending limits and others send them more cards, because in our upside-down country, they're a good credit risk.

Guess what. They're not.

Soon, they're borrowing from their parents, skipping payments, and thinking about declaring bankruptcy. You see, eventually, you have to have the money.

Well, the young couple is our country. We ran up a national debt with no plan to pay for it, spend wildly on bullshit like freedom for other countries who don't want it, handouts to countries who don't need it, and we spend, spend, spend. We piss about wanting a raise and moan as China makes everything (including American flags and candy) we have, but we keep on buying it as we watch our country spend more than it takes in. Were now on the hook to Japan, Europe, China, Mexico, Canada, plus a few others, for money they loaned us when we bought shit we didn't need to buy, and all they have to do to ruin us is come collect the money we owe them. We would also rather pay the oil companies and OPEC than be free from dependence on foreign oil. Sorry, but that's the governmental truth when you have corrupt, corporate politicians. Scream at the politicians as loud as you want, it won't matter...they're not listening.

We watch American car companies produce shitty cars while the unions scream for more money, all the while seeing foreign car companies sell more of their cars to us than we sell our own. Same thing with textiles, toys, furniture, electronics, etc. Americans are addicted to having the newest thing, the latest car, the dumbest fad, the most ridiculous electronic gizmo, and foreign countries are more than happy to sell them to us. We're out of control, and the government could care less...because it's out of control also.

"The economy is strong" touts the president. That's a lie, a lie told to people our politicians obviously think are and me. When you owe more than you have, spend more than you bring in, and are happy with that fact, you're in trouble. How do you tell your government that it is actually possible to still have checks in the checkbook but no money in the account? They don't understand that. Where's the collection agent that shows up at the White House and wants payment. Problem is, those agents will one day be foreign governments, and our politicians don't give a shit. It's not their money, so why would they care?

Well, the honeymoon is over, the cars are broke, the roof leaks, the clothes are dirty, the food is rotten, and we're old enough to know better. Too bad we're happy being stupid.

All you politicians are fired.

February 9, 2006

Bush budget would slash assistance to Latin America

Now there's a real shocker, eh? Our country showing we don't give a shit about Latin what's changed? We've known this for years.

Why do we do this? Why do we neglect the neighbors and "bring the mountain to Mohammed? Simple. None of the countries in Latin America are Israel. None of the countries in Latin America have royal families with long ties to the president's family. Failure of the administration to bring about a political change in any of the Latin countries isn't tied to the direct "electability" of a republican. No democrat knows enough about any of the Latin countries to use it as leverage or PC ammo against their enemies in government. And none of the countries in Latin America have nuc-ya-ler weapons.

Too bad people don't wake-up and realize that if we kept things in our own back yard, we could square ourselves away and say "fuck the Middle East."

Too bad indeed...