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July 25, 2018

Where's the Justice? Rant of the Day.

Where is the justice? Where is this so-called "equal treatment under the law?" Bullshit. Why do only devious, lying Richard Craniums (think about it) spout-off with "we believe in the rule of law." Yeah, nice try dipshit, no you don't. You're the one getting over on the rest of us and you think we're too stupid to see that. (Buzzer sound). Sorry. We're not. Hillary Clinton started this whole mess. Yes, she did. Stop it. Stop defending her. There is no reason. She's not the Queen, and she's not your mom, so zip it. She also hates women and thinks democrats are stupid (which they have to be to justify their blind obedience). And yet she goes free thanks to a sycophantic media that would tongue her clean after a good old Clintonian number 2 riddled with fiber supplements and failure. No need to remember Hillary. She won't ever go away. You gotta love a woman who fosters the term "suiciding you," like Vince Foster, you know, Vince "died from two self-inflicted gunshots to the head" freaking Foster. But this injustice goes further than the knuckleheads on the meme. Don't forget Elizabeth (I may or may not have been a blonde-haired Native American) Warren; Bernie (oppressed people just look so unhappy out the window of my $200,000 car) Sanders; Charles ( I really stand for the thing I stood for when standing for the stand I took a stand for ) Schumer (he's changed so many times I have whiplash); John (I hope they don't remember the Russians paid me first) Podesta; Debbie (I rigged the primaries and quit in disgrace and dishonor, but elect me again for congress) Wasserman-Schultz; or Nancy (we have to pass it to know what's in it) Pelosi? What about Huma? What about Weiner? What about Christopher Steele? Funny how all these 'government employees" are millionaires now. Do special counsels go on forever? Should the standard be "keep digging until you can make up something?" Should attorney-client privilege be broken on their behalf? We know the FISA warrant was obtained using a fake dossier paid for by the democrats. Why is any of that investigation still going? IT'S ALL FRUIT OF THE POISON TREE!!!  I'd like to make up a bullshit story that gets my neighbors to commit my other neighbors to a nursing home, but that would be wrong. Well, wrong to me. Probably not to the media or a liberal. Unless my neighbors were illegals. Then the media would burn me at the stake. Why was it okay for JFK (or Bill Clinton) to bang young girls in the White House pool (delivered by the secret service), and Barney Frank to bang a male prostitute in his hotel, but the mere possibility Trump might have been with a porn star could end the world? Why did David Petraeus get blasted for three confidential emails in a locked desk drawer, but Hillary has thousands of top-secret emails, destroys even more, and nothing happens?  How would she have even gotten a security clearance if she was elected? It's called a double-standard. Politics. A select few people that are above the law. Clearly above it. Blatantly, obviously, infuriatingly above it. It's called bullshit (which is redundant). Why is it okay for a liberal to call FLOTUS the "C" word, but Rosanne Barr is the devil for...get this...praising conservatives. She didn't even insult anyone. We need some actual adult supervision. Why is it okay for politicians to ignore violence on their streets caused by poverty, injustice, drugs, etc., but if a cop shoots somebody, they throw the race card and the media goes berserk on it? More people are gunned-down in Chicago than in Afghanistan, but Obama and Rahm Emmanuel have a way of blaming everyone else for it (and protesting in the shopping district rather than the neighborhoods where the violence occurs). Baltimore is spiraling down the bowl and nothing is done. No one even points out the obvious...that Democrats didn't do that place any favors while being in charge for the last 50 years. Hell, O'Malley screwed it up so badly, in the warped mind of the democrat they thought "hey, let's reward him" and ran him for president! Typical liberals subsidizing cowardice and misbehavior while rewarding failure. Where is the media in all this? How can they be so loyal and obedient to liberals? I know. They're on the side of the snivelers. The whiners. The losing side in the election. The same one that screamed bloody murder at the thought Trump might not honor the results of the election. Repeat; Trump might not honor them. Talk about ironic. This is all made worse by the democrats pledge to do absolutely jack-shit...which is what they did during the 8 years I had to suffer through Obama. Resist. How subversive and pathetic can you get. We pay these morons to work for us and they literally pledge they won't, yet still keep their jobs. I worry about the people that would vote for these buffoons. Did the GOP snivel for years after they lost to Obama? No. Why? They were adults. They were honorable, and by and large, they weren't corrupt like the current terd pile of democrats. Little kids play better in sandboxes than these idiots do in congress. It's embarrassing. It's a daily intestinal dirge of arrogance, ineptitude, ego, and belligerence that leads to either calamity, or stalemate...followed by the same thing the next day, and the next. We won't ever have term limits. Why would a 3rd grade math teacher that finds himself in a job where he makes too much money and has too good of a retirement plan and can pledge to never do a days work while the opposition is in charge ever want to have that gravy-train to end?  It's made worse by the ego they get after we all blow smoke up their asses and tell them how special they are. They're not. They're government employees in a representative republic. They work for us. It is not the other way around no matter what Schumer thinks. The corrupt never give it up. Oh, and there should be no retirement plan for congress. Here's your mission: Go to DC for a few years and then go back and live with the people you said you'll support when they sent you, and the things you did for, or against them. If they don't kick you in the teeth, then you might have done some good. If they do, then so be it. Maybe that's justice. Maybe even a little. Definitely more than we have now.