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September 10, 2005

Everybody run! Sean Penn's got a Gun!!!'re the man!!! To go from bailing out a boat with a beer cup a couple days after it was all over, to patrolling the streets a couple days after everyone is outta! Talk about cajones! Danger man! Living on the wild side! Strapped! Forget the kevlar vest you wore on the boat, you're Danger Man!!!

Wait!!! Aren't you the same Sean Penn with anger management issues? Aren't you the same guy I saw a picture of serving a knuckle sandwich to a photographer? Are you supposed to be within 500 feet of a firearm? The paparrazzi better watch out or you'll murdelize' em, see! Yeah! Hopefuly they can't chase Sean down in New Orleans because he's packin some heat and ready to bust a cap in someone's ass! When does the movie come out Sean? Will you send free copies to deployed military?

Actually, it's nice to see a liberal come to his senses, realize that people's rights are protected by people with guns, that the cops and troops aren't the only people that can grab a "shootin iron" and go out and maintain order, then actually going out and doing it. I never actually thought I'd say it, but Sean Penn is doing an admirable thing. Sean, you're still not forgiven for going over and hanging with your buddy Saddam, but it's a start. Go grab Tim Robbins! You know he's just dying to pitch-in. Here's your chance Tim! Ever hear the expression "put up or shut up?"

Really, carrying a shotgun and treading through that water...I would actually like to join him...well...except for this little deployment to the Middle East thing I have going on right now...

Some helpful hints for you Sean, since you are an actor and all...
1. The pointy end goes away from you.
2. Using a gun to lean on is strictly a movie thing...don't do it for real.
3. Loaded guns work better than unloaded guns.
4. Don't let anyone take it from you.
5. Extra ammo is a good thing.
6. Shotgun shells really don't like the water for too long
7. Pulling the trigger makes it go "bang" really loud...just thought you should know.
8. If you have to "waste" anybody, make it George Clooney or Jane Fonda

Wow...Sean's got a gun! Nice! He may just be more normal than I thought, since I saw him on "Bam" and now he's totin a gat! Hey! Are you the legal owner of that thing? Now let's go get two more for Rosie and Springsteen!

By the way...I have an NRA application and hat for you!!!

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  1. I couldn't find the story w/picture online, so I bought the NY Post and scanned the article, with the "shot" of him, and posted it:
    Sean Penn patrols New Orleans