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November 11, 2005

I smell a rat in the latest Bush poll!

Okay, I'm waving the bullshit flag. First, the poll was done by Ipsos, a self-proclaimed independent (British) polling agency, whose people are pissed at their prime minister. Then it wasn't done as a question of Mr. Bush's honesty, but rather, his performance.

So you take the sample of 1000 people from the lower 48 states. First problem is 1000 doesn't evenly divide by 48 (20.83) so now you have to round off, or get more samples from one state than another. After that, the article doesn't mention the survey called people at random, so the AP could have told the Ipsos people where to call in each state according to political affiliation. Then the pollers say it was weighted to "represent the population." Man, big bullshit flag on this one!

Then the poll says one in twenty people polled will show results that have an error of more than 3%. So out of 1000 people, 50 will have a number that is in error greater than 3%, but gives no percentage of how bad it can actually get. Hmmm. Check it out for yourself at,1280,-5330098,00.html

Then you take the AP article, where they say "Most" Americans disapprove of the President's job. Then they tell you "most" means 57%. That's a bit of a stretch, I think. You take a poll that can be bullshit from the start, make the questions crap, like asking about Katrina (where the crap about his poor response was a democratic fabrication), then when you get 57%, use the word "most." That's pushing it a bit, even for the Associated Press.

Then they say "Poll: Most Americans Say Bush Not Honest." That wasn't what the poll asked. It asks about people's opinions about his performance, with a question about congress at the end. This is intentionally injurious to the president, and the AP should be ashamed (although they won't because they're all a bunch of liberal assclowns)

The president may not be doing a very good job at foreign policy, domestic policy, trade, fuel prices, or the deficit, but hey, the economy is actually doing well, and his wife is still smoking hot at 59! Nobody asked if he finally let cronyism and the good old boy thing, and his love for "big oil" bite him in the ass. That it did.

But what did any democrat do besides spread hate and discontent? Absolutely nothing. They stand for nothing except "whatever the opposite of what the republicans stand for." That's not a belief or plan. It's bullshit, so there's another flag! If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.