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October 28, 2005

More proof we're all crazy...Dead Celebrity watch!

We're so concerned with the truly unimportant, that we actually track the money earned by dead celebrities. What's worse is, I'm alive, and they still made more than me. Aside from that, someone is sitting back fat and happy, profiting off the earnings of a dead celebrity. Now there's the definition of completely worthless. I'd like to know where the money is going, for I could really give a shit about who made what.

Of course, what's even more sad, is a national money magazine like Forbes is reporting this crap. Oh, and doing so right next to more articles about big, gas-guzzling pig SUV's. When will Americans finally concentrate on the truly important things in life? When will we realize that we can't scorch the earth, suck up all the resources, scream "more more, gimme gimme" all the time, and finally give a damn about each other and our environment. When will the meaningless, the greed, the apathy, and the hate go away?

Our society is in its downfall. We've gotten so fat and lazy we've sealed our fate. Greed and hate has replaced caring and sharing. National or even community spirit has been replaced by "what's in it for me," and the feeling of "I'm looking out for number one." Well I ask you, what have all these people done to think they deserve such selfishness? We've segregated ourselves into subcultures with our own interests, looking to the government for special treatment, instead of everyone wanting to contribute to the bigger team. Yes, we segregate ourselves. We tear our country apart from the inside, while other countries laugh at us, and say we deserve it.

They may be right.


October 27, 2005

My opinion on Harriet Miers

Stupid decision, the president shouldn't have picked her, he needs to dump her. The good-old-boy house of cards is starting to fall, and even though I'm a conservative, I don't care. I don't care about the democrats either, or the congress in total.

Remember all that crap about "I'm a uniter, not a divider?" Still believe any of it? By the way, "uniter" isn't a word.


Wilma response...

So it's been what? Three days? Unbelievable how people are blaming the governor for a slow response. Actually, thinking about it...a democratic state, a republican governor whose brother is the president. Skip that "unbelievable part."

Go ahead and bitch all you want. Does anyone (besides me) understand the sheer magnitude of bringing over 6 million people three days worth of supply of food, water, and ice? Everybody sitting around waiting for someone to help them can just sit and wait some more.

American's are INCREDIBLY UNREALISTIC, and far too self-involved. Reason?
  • When you're not part of the process and tell the government to get away all the time, then a hurricane comes and you EXPECT the government to help you.
  • When it's the first day after the storm that you need gas, baby food, medicine, and ice. Are you kidding me? What's worse is you're desperate enough to pay $20 a gallon. Look in the visor mirror to see an idiot.
  • When you expect for a never-ending supply of disaster aid with no interruption. When they invent the Star Trek transporter to replace the tractor-trailer, then maybe... There's also the loading the trucks, getting the supplies to load, producing the supplies, etc.
  • When it's the first day after the storm and you realize you need some cash, or a Big Mac is the thing to get. Here's some advice: Get it in Jacksonville.
  • When you decide you would rather sit and bitch about it being the "third world" rather than getting in the car or on the train and leaving until the power comes back on.

I am so tired of American civilians whining like the sniveling sissies they are. Stand on your own two feet, stop yelling "we want it and we want it now," and realize things don't happen instantly, trucks leaving Tallahassee don't get to Miami in an hour, and suck it up. You chose to live in Florida, now live with that decision. The governor's not to blame, but guess who is?

You. You're to blame. Go see if your neighbors are okay. Clean something. Clean something of the neighbors. Have some room temperature water, it won't kill you, you pampered (CENSORED). Stop doing the "gimme, gimme, gimme" routine. Some of us are tired of seeing supposedly "free" Americans doing that shit. What did you ever do to deserve so much. What did you do to deserve anything? When do we tell welfare recipients enough is enough? When do we stop the bullshit Cuban policy that pays them when they get here? What's with all the handouts? We've turned everyone into trained pets, only responding when you give them something, with no motivation of their own, and who use their free-will to complain their handouts aren't satisfactory. That's friggin sad.

By the way, the democrat lackey mayor in Miami can shut his trap too... People elected you because they wanted a cop, not a politician. Stop trying to be one.


October 26, 2005

I was a believer once...

I'm not really sure when it was, most likely as I served two years in Korea, since I was going to mass every weekend, finding the church a place where I felt good. Oddly, every time I went to mass, there was a point somewhere in there that I was led to tears. I wonder why?

Nowadays, I find no interest in any of that. I came back from Korea only to see the priest sex abuse scandal, and back into the reality of my failed marriage and son who lives with the ex as I struggle to see him from 4 hours away. I then have to see his reaction to all the men she lets come and go, and realize that while I kept the moral high ground through the divorce and everything that followed, I lost, and in the end the moral high ground wasn't worth it. It's like how I am biologically unable to kiss ass, yet the ass-kissers get ahead, regardless of what people say.

Then I look around for signs of God. Suffering children, wars, "ethnic cleansing" (which is just a PC phrase for mass murder of people who aren't like you), hatred and murder in the name of God, Allah, and whomever else; women killing their children; men kidnapping, molesting, and murdering little kids; my son continuing to be subjected to that whore; my brother disrespecting and dishonoring my parents; good people dying while evil people live; killer storms, killer earthquakes, killer floods, corruption, vice, greed, more people killing in the name of God; Aids, Bird Flu, etc. etc.

Through all this, where is God? I miss almost every birthday, first day of school, soccer games, karate practices, colds, sleepless nights, scraped knees, and holidays of a child who is only 11, and what do I get in return? Paying through the nose and no contact with him while I'm in the desert, which I'm sure is her doing since she has yet another boyfriend. Do I even look forward to going back home and being nearby? No. I'm in the Army, so I go where they order, and where is home anyway? Even my number one girl, whom I consider one of the only shining spots in my life, the person who always said she was worried I would break her heart, apparently had no issue with breaking mine as I found out she was lying to me about something for two years.

All around me I hear people talking about their faith, and I think, their "blind faith." Maybe I had that kind of hope when I was their age? Probably not. After growing up with my abusive brother, seeing a good friend die when I was 17, and feeling lost at 18, I really don't think hope was in my bag of tricks. If I'm to believe most of what I see and little of what I hear, then I don't believe in God. I see some people who seem to really enjoy their faith. I was born Catholic, so I don't have such an experience. Instead, I can still see the looks of sheer guilt and anguish on the old people in church, and the voice of the priest as he hit us up for cash. All the while, people of other faiths try to tell me how messed-up my church is, never knowing I don't consider it mine. Priests told me growing up to fear God, fear God, God will punish you, and then one day it was "love him because he loves you." Well, welcome to Dysfunction Junction. When I asked why that was, a priest said it was what they told kids to keep them in line. I told him that was pretty freakin stupid. Apparently, God thinks kids are idiots.

It seems that while some people live carefree lives where everything seems to fall in place, my mission is apparently to atone for whatever sin I've committed now, every day, and to suffer through the mind-numbing contact I'm forced to have with my ex in the "hope" of some spoonful of contact with my son. I'm stuck. If I want more constant contact, I have to sacrifice my job and my pension in order to locate myself nearby, but if I don't make myself suffer that way, I sacrifice being there for his pre-teen and teenage years. I already missed his childhood.

Thanks God. You'll tell me what I did to deserve this, okay? Oh, I forget, you NEVER answer, but apparently expect people to believe just "because." And you think we're idiots? You're right, we are. The reason they should believe is the old "because the Bible says so," and when someone asks why, everyone else tells them how bad they are for questioning God (when they're actually questioning a book), guilting them into submission. (It's the five monkeys story of an earlier blog entry) Let me know what my son did also. Of course, you let him get baptised by that pedophile priest, but I guess that was okay, right?

Wrong. If he existed, would he really allow so many children to suffer? If so, he's one sick bastard, and I don't want anything to do with him. And what exactly did my parents do that makes them deserve to have to suffer through my idiot brother's mistreatment? What did my cousin do when you made him suffer from age 9 to age 27 when he died, only to make sure his family had to be there for every gut-wrenching detail? You have a sick sense of humor.

Of course, believers are also indoctrinated in the "you can't say anything bad to God or you're bad." Well, fuck you people too... Blind faith is blind trust, something I just can't bring myself to do. I see far too many people who don't go to church, who seem to skate though life with no problems. I know people who use the expression "It's part of God's plan," which I find moronic, combined with the fact we're not supposed to question the "plan," because that's questioning God, who is apparently infallable.

Right. Show me one more little kid with a bloated stomach from starving or born with AIDS, and I'll show you a fallable God. Show me one more innocent person minding their business getting blown-up by a terrorist and I'll show you a fallable God. Show me a son, and his father, who cry because they miss each other over and over again, while his mother complains about how hard she has it being around him all the time, and I'll show you a fallable God. No. You feed the kids, you end the AIDS, you stop the terrorists, and you stop making it so damn hard for me to be around my kid. Don't let others make excuses for you. Do it.

Come to think of it, he sounds like a democrat.

Like I said, I used to be a believer. Now I believe I'll stop talking about it.


somebody bitch-slap that beeyaatch!!!

Day after day, and time and time again, the Iranians demonstrate they had no say-so in their elections because who would elect such a hateful knucklehead? Besides either harboring secret desires to appear on the reunion episode of Miami Vice, or not yet having the testosterone to grow an actual beard, the scrawny, scruffy Iranian leader continues to use the press as his tool to call for more murder and mayhem.

Hateful and ugly. He's probably so upset because he's never been laid...

Tell him to go take a shower and try to be a little more positive. I'm just waiting for his mother to show up and JAP-slap him like the angry little demon he is!

No big surprise where islamic youth learn to hate everybody...


October 25, 2005

Mom always said to change your underwear...

Only the Brits would put out an article like this, and do it with a straight face! Anti-microbial underwear? Well, I think technology has just exceeded common sense. Wash your underwear and your ass!

They say these things are designed for people who are "laundry challenged," "trekkers," and backpackers. Yeah...right! These are for the Starbucks-generation, slacker college kids that wear their clothes for multiple days. Admit it, you know you want to...

So it works with special bits of silver sewn into the material? How about making a breath mint out of that stuff, or a t-shirt with that in the underarms (armpit is such a trashy word)? How about car seats, or a pair of pants? I think the picture in the article suggests a little more than they intended...or are they trying to tell us something? Hey, everybody knows a woman who can wear a pair of underwear for a week and you wouldn't know, so what gives?

But you're supposed to change those underwear, just like Mom says! You never know when you'll be in an accident! They should really call it exchange, not change. After all, you want to exchange a dirty pair for a clean one, right?


October 23, 2005

Pretend it's the Ex!!! With a meat lesson...

Dan seems like an interesting guy, for a college kid. That's why I check out his antics on every once in a while, and where I found the link. Actually, he seems like a normal college kid like thousands of others like him...and myself a while back.

Yep, before I lost my mind, signed-up for the "permanent program" with a college chick I should have dumped like the slut she really is. She was rag'd-out back then, and when Mom didn't approve, I should have known better. My mistake, the error has been corrected. Actually, it corrected itself once all her insecurities and ego-centrism resurfaced in all it's many, ugly forms. This is one reason why the link is so funny to me...

But times do change. The new "Broad of Brainclogger" not only has the Department of Agriculture Seal (USDA-Prime), but has the Mom and Dad seal of approval, which is better.

In case you think I'm being a sexist, USDA Prime is a good thing! The best thing.

"USDA Prime: Prime grade beef is the ultimate in tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. It has abundant marbling -- flecks of fat within the lean -- which enhances both flavor and juiciness"

Prime isn't the best because it's the's not supposed to be. "It has the perfect mixture, and is therefore the best tasting." We don't want the leanest, we want the tastiest. It's just like with women. Don't just take my word for the USDA!

You see, my current girl is really all-female, where the ex is quite manly. The ex isn't even a "Select" cut. Constantly obsessed not with a feminine body, but a "hard" body, where once she may have looked athletic, now she just looks like a sun-bleached, leather-faced, frizzed-hair, white trash trailer slut, with no feminine features besides the fact she can get into a bikini. Yuck. How do you convey shuddering on a blog? :(

Where meats are concerned, she is USDA-Cannery, a disturbing grade; the bottom rung, used for pet foods, and unfortunately, ground beef, and in "manufactured meats" like frankfurters. This is why Kosher franks are better, since they have Choice-grade meats in them, e.g. Sabretts, Hebrew National, etc. No snout, guts or asshole ever makes it into one of those. Does this make the ex literally a "piece of ass?" Now that's funny! She spends so much time and energy on selecting a great deal of a different kind of meat, she should know this stuff by heart. What's the grade for vein-laden meat-pipe? What about Tube-steak? Man-meat? Sau-zeech?

"Each USDA beef quality grade is a measure of a distinct level of quality -- and it takes eight grades to span the range. They are USDA Prime, Choice, Select, Standard, Commercial, Utility, Cutter, and Canner." There's a long way between Prime and meat, and in women.

"USDA Prime, Choice, Select, and Standard grades come from younger beef. The highest grade, USDA Prime, is used mostly by hotels and restaurants, but a small amount is sold at retail markets. The grade most widely sold at retail is USDA Choice. However, consumer preference for leaner beef has increased the popularity of the Select grade of beef. Select grade can now be found at most meat counters.

Standard and Commercial grade beef frequently is sold as ungraded or as "brand name" meat.
The three lower grades -- USDA Utility, Cutter, and Canner -- are seldom, if ever, sold at retail but are used instead to make ground beef and manufactured meat items such as frankfurters. For the ex, the grade has to be "in the Canner."

I wonder what level of quality goes into "Potted Meat Food Product?" What exactly is "partially defatted beef fatty tissue?" I also wonder who the girl in the link is modeled after? She reminds me of the ex, except this woman is obviously far more limber than she ever was, and blessed with the inability to speak. Now that would be nice. This is also the other reason why the link is funny.

Yes, I'm bitter, so what! I hate that whore, and really dig my real chica. If you don't like it, I have some Prime Loin for you...