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November 8, 2018

The Problem with Florida Elections :Rant of the Day!

The problem with Florida elections (or any election) is old people, poor people, and immigrants vote for free shit regardless of how the state is doing or what the rest of us need. Yeah, retire and come here, or flee the so-called oppressive place you were from...and turn Florida into the places you came from. Yep. Real freaking smart. Fly that Venezuela flag there, a-hole. Leave the states with high taxes so you can vote for more taxes. Idiots. Then you have incompetent nitwits at polling places (after all, what sort of individual really volunteers for that nonsense), and in the so-called information age, here we are on Thursday still wondering WTF is the final word on the "Goober-natorial" and senate races. I've been so looking forward to the press and the liberals just shutting the F up about all this, and it just keeps going, and going and going. I mean, do i have to worry about that goof Gillum flushing the state down the crapper and Nelson stealing more oxygen from the stinkhole in DC, or are things okay? Do I have to consider my rights and buy up all the guns I can before they're outlawed, or am I good to go, just concentrate on ammo? Can I keep my cliche' and less-than-lucrative boat dealer retirement job, or will the economy tank, business and commercial taxes rise, and my job go the way of the Dodo? I hate politics, and politicians, and pollsters, and political commentators, and pseudo-intellectual liberals, and skimmer hat-wearing party-representing mega-nerds. Just f'ing shut up about it and tell me who in the hell won and who lost. Then let's have the winners claim victory and the losers accept defeat...maturely, with dignity and honor instead of the liberal's two years of sniveling cowardice I've endured since the 2016 elections. Arrghh.