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September 21, 2018

Remember the Congressional Sexual Assault Slush Fund?

Neither do democrats in their selective memory. They sit on their thrones and cast dispersion on lesser mortals all the while reveling in the untouchable nature of the hypocrite political class.

Democrat Jerry Brown's appeal to the lunatic fringe

Jerry Brown calls for violence against the President

There are crazy people out there. There are crazy people in government. There are people who lack respect, manners, common courtesy, and common sense. Jerry Brown is all that and more. He's a lunatic on a mission, hell-bent to cause bedlam and chaos in this country. As the country moves forward dragging comatose democrats behind with it, Brown makes California swing a u-turn. He speaks in twaddle, making just enough of an inference to violence against the president to possibly motivate the nutcases out there, yet not enough to be saddled with blame if something really happens. He knows the press and other democrats would quickly employ their usual subterfuge, misdirection, and overt propaganda. The problem is it works. The American people go through life like mindless drones, believing anything and everything the liberal media and political scum say. The Deep-State and democrat politicians all toe the same line, speak the same words, and understand if you say it enough times (no matter how false or ridiculous), the people will believe it. Foreign trade was a "bend-over America, here it comes again" operation until Trump called bullshit. The Paris Climate Accord was bad for the country, but sound-bite democrats and the environmental loons know people have limited attention spans and would believe their lies about bad old Donald ruining the planet. Not true. Democrats won't ever mention that Obama's plan for fixing the economy was driving the country into incredible debt while shouting "look at me, look at me!" Then democrats say the economy is bad...right up to the first of August, then Obama goes out and tries to take credit for what the democrats said was so bad only days earlier. Taxes are lower for the middle class. Employment is at an all-time high for everyone in all groups. The stock market is cooking along. Foreign leaders once again respect our President (no matter how much mud the opposition throws on him and embarrasses all of us). The president meets with the leader of North Korea and gets him to drop his nuclear program, so what do Dems do? They say "it was a good meeting for Kim, but a bad one for Trump." Hypocrites. Then there's the whole FISA deal, which we know was democrats rigging the system with the help of their deep-staters, but when Trump calls for transparency (you know, the thing Obama promised but never delivered) and wants the whole thing declassified and shown to the American people, what happens? Democrats and the Deep State plan to defy him to save their own necks. Pathetic. Now you have Jerry Brown, a three-times failed politician, not-so-covertly urging someone, anyone, to "take out" the president. The term "take-out" in this context is clearly a call for violence, not for Chinese food. But alas, nothing will ever happen to him. Democrats and the Deep State control the DoJ, the DoS, the FBI, and the liberal news media. If Trump said the same about Jerry Brown, they would be calling for his head. 

No One Seems To Have Had A Problem With Trump Before...

Kirsten Gillibrand Can Officially Shut Up Now

September 20, 2018

The Government, Politicians, The Deep State, and Mainstream Media in a Meme

Need I say more?

Democrats and the Deep State are the Constitutional Crisis

To see what I mean, click here.

This is not my rant of the day. This is too important. There are politicians in government, forces in the media, and fascist non-elected bureaucrats in Washington hell-bent on subverting our constitution and controlling our government, the press, and the public. Let me run it down:

  • Democrats pay for a dossier on the Trump Campaign's involvement with Russia
  • The dossier is proved to be a work of political fiction, worthless as an intelligence tool
  • That dossier is used to obtain a FISA warrant allowing the government to spy on Carter Page
  • Democrats and the Liberal Media turned the "fruit of the "poison tree" investigation in a Special Counsel Investigation with the President as their target
  • Clinton donors and supporters were appointed to the stacked special counsel
  • The Attorney General astonishingly recuses himself from involvement in the Russia probe. Some call him a member of the Deep-State
  • The dossier is proven a fraud and the FISA warrant illegally obtained, yet still used. No one at DOJ questions it. The Liberal media and ACLU stay silent. Who had the juice to submit a piece of political propaganda to the FISA court and get away with it?  
  • Special Counsel investigation expands to include Trump's personal attorney, a failed porno actress, his children, an aid's work outside his campaign, and a retired general talking to a foreign government that was authorized to do so
  • Any memory of Hillary Clinton's numerous crimes against the American people are quickly covered-up by the corrupt liberal press, never to be mentioned again 
  • A Deep-State White House employee and the New York Times conspire to slander the President
  • The President calls for public release of the FISA warrant so light can be shed on the corruption and political bias
  • Deep-State Bureaucrats in State, DOJ, and NSA conspire to disobey the President and redact relevant information (info that could be detrimental to democrats or deep-state bureaucrats and shine the light on their fascist sedition and corruption) from the FISA documents
  • Career ruling-class politicians conspire to enable the Deep-State bureaucrats to disobey and defy the freely-elected President of the United States
  • Democrats supported by the corrupt Mainstream Media falsely call releasing the documents a "threat to national security," call for restricting information released to the American people, and once-again place false blame on the President, saying he's abusing his power. Nothing can be further from the truth
  • Democrats demagogue the President, calling him paranoid and power hungry. The press supports them
  • Two years and millions of dollars later and the President is still in the clear
  • Two years later and the corrupt press is still calling for Trump's head 
So here we are, with Schumer and Pelosi saying the president's actions create a "constitutional crisis." How shamefully absurd! How corrupt. How incredibly dishonest! We the people want to know the truth! We the people want to see it for ourselves. We no longer trust the media that dances for politicians or the politicians that pull those strings. This is incredible!!! It's like a bad movie. "Evil forces behind the scenes together with corrupt politicians and the biased media work to undermine the sitting President of the United States." Well, in the parlance of such a movie, "the corrupt politicians, the deep-state, and the corrupt media conspiring against the President are a Clear and Present Danger to the United States. If their corruption helps them regain control of Congress in 2018, we are all screwed. They've already vowed to do nothing while Trump is in office. You know all they will do is work to get him out. The people elected him. Political "elites" and the deep-state in the DOS, DOJ, and intelligence community are operating a fascist shadow government bent on destroying him.  They don't want to be "outed." They don't want their charade to be exposed. They don't want to give up their power and control. This is the true "constitutional crisis." It makes me embarrassed to be an American. It makes me stock up on ammo to one cay protect myself from the fascist tyrants the democrats will send our way. You know, as the Constitution intended. The Constitution...that document the Democrats and Deep-State despise.