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March 26, 2021

Dominion Rep Who Scanned Ballots in Georgia County Where Thousands of Trump Votes Were Uncounted Also Worked for Kamala Harris 

Still think they won fair and square?


For years, the democrats claimed they were the party of black Americans. Usually every four years. They showered them with free money and welfare programs designed to enslave them and guarantee they were dependent on the party, thus guaranteeing their votes. It worked. 

Then came BLM, a Marxist political organization that purported "black lives matter," really more for their own political purposes aligned with the democratic party and to line their own pockets. It worked. Twitter alone gave them $10,000,000 dollars. But did they believe their own hype? From all outward appearances, the answer is no. Here are a few reasons why.
  • While burning and pillaging with false outrage over the death of George Floyd, how many black Americans did they really help besides their own organization? Very few.
  • Were their efforts an extension of the civil rights movement calling for equality among all people? No. Their claim was unless the 14% of the population that is black is put first, no one matters. Instead, they called for equity. Definition? Handouts to people they are proclaiming by their own actions can't compete with 86% of the rest of America. Was that their intention? Probably not, but their ham-fisted attempt at dominance over everyone else made it happen.
  • Critical race theory. This is nothing more than wrongfully proclaiming black people have been perpetually persecuted in this country, race is the most important feature in society, and the foundation of America was built on racial oppression. These things are not only absurd, but completely in opposition to civil and human rights. Once again, this pushes the narrative that blacks can't compete with everyone else unless we condone racism, accept violence, and label all others sub-human. We know this is all untrue, but now with societal norms being turned on their heads, if you oppose this idea, you're a racist. Critical race theory teaches people to hate their country, and hate each other.
  • Woke culture. This is simply an extension of critical race theory and capitulation to BLM. Some woke culture is due to non-blacks feeling intimidated by BLM violence, while more is due to the misplaced guilt of others. The large majority of woke culture is a veiled push by leftist political groups to segregate people into racial groups, and label any opposition to their leftist political agenda racist. There is nothing "woke" about racism. Now BLM has free reign in "woke culture" to label everything and everyone a racist and white supremacist, no matter how wrong they are.
  • BLM's complete disregard for Black-on-Black violence.
  • BLM's morbid fascination with "White Supremacy." They find it where it doesn't exist. They freely spout it in the halls of congress. They label anyone who disagrees with them as such.
  • The claim of "systemic racism." What's more racist, someone who claims everyone is a racist that disagrees with their point of view, or someone who believes when given the chance to get to know each other as people, we can all live together peacefully?
Now the democrats and BLM are selling out black America by changing the way kids go to school, and allowing millions of illegal aliens to pour across the border. 

BLM is inserting racist curriculums into the nation's school systems with the support of democrats and the globalist leftist that control them. In New York, parents are asked to examine their level of "whiteness." If there was actual justice in this country, this practice would be stopped immediately and the perpetrators punished for racism and violating civil rights laws, but woke culture allows it to happen.

Now, as millions of poor blacks are out of work, Democrats are allowing illegal immigrants to pour over the border. 


When Biden said he didn't know if there would be a Republican party in 2024, he wasn't joking. That's the plan. They intend to seize control of this country and create a leftist totalitarian state. Want proof? Ending the Filibuster Democrats themselves used 311 times in 2020. Now if you support the Filibuster, you're racist. If you oppose HR-1, you're racist. If you oppose ballot harvesting, you're racist. If you oppose mail-in ballots you're racist. If you support voter ID you're racist. If you don't believe the lap dog globalist-owned leftist propaganda media, you're racist. If you believe in gun rights you're racist, although gun control overwhelmingly harms minorities. If you support police, you're racist, although defunding police overwhelmingly harms minorities. If you oppose illegal immigration you're racist. If you oppose human trafficking, drug cartels, and the rape of children, you're racist. If you support the military, you're racist. If you support kids learning math in school, you're racist. If you support school uniforms, you're racist. If you're a conservative, you're racist. If you were born white, you're racist. If you oppose censorship, you're racist. If you oppose racist critical race theory, you're racist. If you have your own opinion, you're racist. If you believe in God, you're racist. If you believe in work instead of handouts, you're racist. If you read Dr. Seuss, you're racist. If you don't support boys playing on women's sports teams, you're racist. If you support Trump, the most successful president in history, you're racist. If you oppose the BLM curriculum being forced into schools, you're a racist. IF you don't agree with sex being taught to your four year old, you're a racist. If you don't obey in lock-step the edicts of the current government, you're racist. If you believe in the Constitution, you're racist. 

Where does it end? When the leftists have rigged the senate, rigged the voting process, removed power from the states, crushed the oil and gas industry, and taken control over every aspect of American life. This whole illegal alien crisis is deliberate, designed to overwhelm the system so they can change it to one that guarantees people a basic income from the government. They will raise your taxes to keep you in control, confiscate your ability to defend yourself from the tyrannical government, control your speech, health care, your very movement inside the country, and sit back as they create a Venezuelan-style society of a wealthy ruling class and a servant peasant population. 

When it happens, I told you so. Don't blame me, I voted for Trump. 

March 21, 2021


Congressman plans to take Pelosi to court over her abuse of the House Rules and 2nd Amendment


President Cloward and Vice President Piven. THE REAL REASON FOR THE BORDER CRISIS

Want to know what this border crisis is really about? Democrats believe they're the saviors of the world, and in that belief, they follow a strategy crated in the 60's by activists named Richard Cloward and Frances Piven. The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system. Basically, by exploiting the gap between welfare law and practice that would ultimately bring about its collapse and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income. They hoped to accomplish this end by informing the poor of their rights to welfare assistance, encouraging them to apply for benefits and, in effect, overloading an already overburdened bureaucracy." Don't believe it? Google it. You'll find pictures of presidents back to Clinton signing major pieces of legislation with the two individuals standing behind them.