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February 25, 2006

Bush Admin. Won't Reconsider Ports Deal

You know, no one is asking the most obvious question: What would our country gain from having a foreign company operate our ports in the first place? What do we stand to lose? Why is this such an issue if we never even secured the borders or changed the immigration laws to keep out the 40 year-old "students?"

Maybe we should wonder how we went from Americans running American ports to foreigners running them? Remember, these people from Dubai aren't the first people to do it.

Do we not have the skill? Do we create bureaucracies that hinder our ability to run our ports? Do the labor unions have too much of a strangle-hold on port operators and to get away from that we went to foreign operators? Who thought this was a good idea years ago? Are our screwed-up admiralty laws so broad they affected the port operators? After all, try finding an American-flagged ship nowadays.

Are environmental requirements at the ports different for American or foreign operators? Do the foreign companies just have that much more money than American port operators? Were past Senators and Congressmen wined and dined and given money to make that happen? Who lobbied whom? What was it? How did this situation start?

On the other hand, denying the help or refusing to pay a country that has shown loyalty to us may be a win for our enemies.

I smell a rat. I bet if someone dug deeper, they'd find that corruption, greed, and ignorance led us into this situation, and it was somebody in government that did it. That would start a crap-storm I would love to see.

China's media censorship rattling world image

World image? Do you really think censorship in China is "rattling" China's world image?

I have a news flash for everyone who needs a dose of reality...nobody cares, not even China.

As long as people can buy their lingerie, Dockers, sneakers, housewares and other worthless shit at a rock-bottom price, they don't care. As long as China can destroy us economically, they don't care either. They sell it, we buy it, and no one gives a damn that to speak out is to get put in jail. No one cares that little kids ate slaving away so you can have your precious Nike's while they miss out on an education. No one cares that they kill and eat endangered species and every other thing on the face of the earth with impunity, and if your favorite little bear or shark goes extinct, they say "so what?" They believe everything and everyone on earth was put here for their use, including their own citizens. You don't like it? Buy a Budweiser beer huggie made somewhere else. Guess can't!

Read through any kind of catalog and notice how about 75% of all the crap sold in it comes from China. Walmart is a monument to Chinese manufacturing. In fact, it was created to put middle America as close as possible to cheap Chinese shit. Don't listen to all the knuckleheads that say it's good for the U.S. to keep buying stuff from China and get our heads kicked-in economically ...they're stupid, and get paid to say ridiculous things like that. If you look at America as a family, it's never, ever good to spend all your money but claim "well, at least we got a good deal on all the stuff we didn't have the money to buy."

So now we're supposed to care about oppression and governmental control in China? As long as we blow every last dollar on Chinese goods, China will lock up every last protestor and blow sunshine up your ass that they're a democracy. Do you think they could even fathom a labor union? Why do you think all our stuff comes from China in the first place? I might be concerned about Chinese repression, but if it makes those jumper cables or beach balls at K-Mart any more expensive, I'll have to reconsider. Go one day without the little Chinese-made Evergreen tree car air freshener or the Ronco Rotissierie? Perish the thought. I even have an American flag made in China!!!

Fat chick lingerie at the lowest possible price. Yep, that's what we need...

"Brokeback" rides into popular culture...on the saddlehorn

This news article is typical bullshit.

"Paul Levinson, professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University, said there was already a growing interest in gay relationships in mainstream heterosexual culture. " I say bullshit. There's a "growing interest in gay relationships?" By who? All those people who wish they were Liberace? I think you mistake the youth culture's fascination with androgeny for something it's not. Nice try Paul, but I don't think so. I see more pro-gay propaganda, nothing else, but nice try there, sweet pea.

I do agree with his statement "'Brokeback' came along at the right time. It was a popular culture success waiting to happen." That's true. There was far too little humor at the expense of gays, and this movie got that going again. Of course, the gay spin on it is it's "pop culture." Right. It's about as pop culture as a dog terd is a tootsie roll (the real tootsie roll, not the gay slang version).
Besides, how could there not be a growing interest in gay relationships? Every day, gays are pushing their lifestyle in your face and Ellen Degeneres has another girlfriend she's dragging around?

Of course, how could this misguided movie not be a success? An obviously liberal Hollywood that loves to push the envelope of political correctness is making sure this movie is a success, even though it's not one at the actual box office. They force the issue of homosexuality on a population that demonstrates they don't want to hear it, then spout nonsense about how the American mainstream is so ready for it and how everyone is so overjoyed at the success of the movie. I say bullshit. I don't buy it. It's like going back for another colonoscopy because you enjoyed the first one so much.

They further try to link the macho image of a cowboy with homosexuality, which is again a nice try, but as disingenuous as all their other motives for this movie. People that herd sheep are shepherds. People who tend cattle are cowboys. Was the Marlboro man shearing a sheep in his spare time? I don't think so. Plus, try linking gays with tough guys like construction workers and all you'll think of is the Village People. Think of Indians and what happens? Village People.

So the actors are "amazed" at the buzz over the movie? Guess's manufactured, fake buzz. Hollywood could never live with itself if it couldn't say it didn't help the gay cause.

Then you have a pro-gay reporter in Los Angeles write a piece of crap article like this, and we're all supposed to hug-up on each other and sing Kumbaya. Sorry, I'm not feeling it.

Contrary to what Hollywood and the gay activists are saying, people are just not that concerned. They have more important things to think about than how homosexuals are portrayed in the movies, and everyone can see how the gay activists are pushing this movie along. No way they would ever let a movie like this stand on it's own. It's obvious it was earmarked for an Oscar before it was even made. Why don't the actors realize they're the stooges that they are? They're part of the bullshit political correctness.

Of course, no one was watching out for gay stereotypes, and without fail, every time you link Hollywood and gays, someone mentions the Wizard of Oz.


February 23, 2006

Finger-Pointing Follows Americans' Loss

The U.S. Men's Hockey team losing makes me think so many things, like:

-Why do all those NHL players work for teams in the States, and then go play for teams from other countries? Wait. I know that one. Because there is no loyalty to their team or the country where they actually live. That was plain to see when they all went on strike.

-Whatever happened to "amateur" athletes in the Olympics? I don't like watching professionals play in the Olympic games. Besides, where's the stacked hundred-million-dollar "dream team" like we get for basketball?

-Are any of those players supposed to be playing organized hockey that isn't governed by their "labor" union? Doesn't violating their contract invalidate the player's association?

-If American network TV doesn't care about the National Hockey League, why do they think Americans would give a damn about Olympic hockey? After all, we're a long way down the road from the 1980 team.

-If American hockey players don't give a shit about American hockey fans, why do they think we'd give a shit about the Olympic hockey team? After the strike, I decided to never watch hockey again, but you know what was great? The US Women's team! They skated their hearts out and it was great to watch them. Besides, the two King girls kicked a good amount of the other team's asses. From the looks of it, their teamwork was such that they probably would have beaten the men's team.

-Why was the men's team so disorganized. I'd imagine a group of frogs trying to get "freaky" with a football would be more organized. They call it a "power play" because there's actually a coordinated play involved, not just everybody hacking at the puck. Hey fellas, only in the world of artillery are you rewarded for "indirect fire." Remember, a team is a group of people all helping each other reach a common goal, not a bunch of individuals doing their own thing while in relative proximity to one another.

-My last question is why do I care, and the answer is easy...I don't. In fact, with all the finger pointing going on, I have a finger to point also...the middle finger.

Hedrick calls Davis "a little bitch" as the Olympic soap opera continues

In a startling revelation, Olympic skating fans find out the Davis/Hedrick confrontation started back in the states after the couple couldn't reach an agreement on the color to paint the dining room back in their South Beach apartment. After disagreement led to one of them uttering "well, you sleep on the couch tonight," pretty-boy Chad called the younger and obviously more effeminate Shani (girl's name) a "little bitch." Insiders say tensions are high as Hedrick decided to room in Torino with Joey Cheek, sparking a "lover's triangle" where the term "turning the other cheek" took on an all-new meaning.

The trouble between the two ice queens gained intensity Tuesday as Shani complained Chad was spending too much time looking at the other speed-skating competitors, a sport where grown men spend inordinate amounts of time bent-over while wearing tights. Word has it that the two were so busy with their little domestic feud they forgot there were actually other people in the race, causing both of them to lose to the Italian skater. The fact Shani uttered the phrase "you go girl" as the two were passed by the Italian just seemed to be the straw that broke the back of the already "flaming" situation.

Actually, the two kids are probably good guys who are still a bit immature and don't understand what impression they give to an international audience. Yes, they also demonstrated the poor sportsmanship evident in so many Americans. Unfortunately, they didn't understand the news media concentrated every effort on a pathetic attempt to stir racial emotions in order to draw viewers to the Olympics, and Davis' own racist comments were the act of a child. The media then concentrated so much on the two Americans, it was hysterical when the Italian won!

Anyway, I'm glad irony stepped in and made everybody look like fools. I'm glad the Americans lost. Neither of them deserved to win.

Dog Bill is a "Dog" of a Bill

I'm glad Florida has taken care of all the other issues and now they are addressing the monumental issue of people taking their dogs out to eat.

Yes, I'm glad we took care of the following problems:

Government waste
Government corruption
Child welfare
Criminal justice
Penal system
Destruction of the Everglades
Destruction of Lake Okeechobee
Red Tide
Hurricane recovery
Completely biased marital laws
Air pollution
Water pollution
Drug abuse know, all those other little things...

February 22, 2006

Calif. Execution Postponed Indefinitely...Bullshit flag!!!!!

Man, this is way wrong...

How do stinking lawyers know if an execution process "causes pain?"

Why are they arguing for the Eighth Amendment rights of a man who killed a girl with a claw hammer and stabbed her over 25 times? Where were her rights?

Two anesthesiologists backed out because of ethical concerns that they might have to advise the executioner if the inmate woke up or appeared to suffer pain. I say wake his ass up and make sure he suffers some pain. The attorneys said a prisoner could feel excruciating pain from the last two chemicals if he were not fully sedated. Again, who gives a shit if the condemned feels pain? He admitted his crime, and shouldn't be "put to sleep" like an innocent little puppy.

One of Morales' attorneys, Ben Weston, said the decision "goes a long way toward demonstrating the state doesn't have its ducks in a row for humanely killing a human being. They haven't figured out how to do it." Humanely killing a human being? Humanely killing some shithead that murdered someone with a knife and a claw hammer, and the despicable lawyers are worried
about humane execution? Tell you what...I'll administer the injections, as long as the lawyers get theirs too!

Morales was condemned in 1983 for killing 17-year-old Terri Winchell, who was attacked with a hammer, stabbed and left to die half-naked in a vineyard. Nice...this is the asshole they feel bad for. Leave it to California liberals to misplace their sympathies.

Tell you what. Maybe the lawyers or the busy-body judge, or the activist bleeding-hearted doctors should introduce Morales to their daughters? Hey, they're worried about his needs, right? They want him to be comfy, so how about some conjugal visits by their own daughters? Morales is a nice guy, come'on...he only stabbed his victim over 25 times. They'll be okay. He has the right to some booty! Get off your asses you sniveling liberals and make it happen! Tell the girls to bring their own claw hammers just in case he needs to get out some rage.

The victim's mother, who has been denied the presence of her daughter since 1983, and who had to endure a horrific experience in the brutal destruction of her child, said "I'm totally disillusioned with the justice system. We've been waiting 25 years with the expectancy that he is gonna pay for his crimes," she said. "It feels like we just got punched in the stomach." Again, California liberals are more concerned with the rights and comfort of killers than they are the victims and their families.

I would say the justice for Terri Winchell and her family, as well as for the tax payers, and even for the killer for having to wait so long to be executed is cruel and unusual.

Maybe we should go back to hanging, and maybe it shouldn't take 23 years to do it.

February 21, 2006

Bombed Church Gets Landmark Designation

Yep, in these days of religious and racial division and hatred, making landmarks to our problems is exactly what we need.

Yep, I say we should put all the rubble back at ground zero, rebuild the Oklahoma City Federal building so it would look exactly as it did after it was bombed, put some lynching victims in the wax museum, build a re-enactment of the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King so we can all see it (over a beer or two), and build a Watt"s riots amusement park.

Maybe everything should be a monument? Washington D.C. can be a monument to corruption, greed, political correctness and stupidity; 7-11 can be a monument to Freedom of Choice; Chuck-e-Cheese can be a monument to Freedom of Expression; Karaoke Friday at Clancy's Bar and Grill can be a monument to the freedom of speech (and to sing poorly) as well as a celebration of the twenty-first Amendment (it's not just a holiday for the Kennedys anymore).

Why are we proud of places that remind us of our hatred and animosity for each other. It's morbid and not constructive, like watching those old "faces of death" movies. I want those places erased from memory.

Here's my cure for race relations...everybody GET OVER IT! ARRRRGHHHHH. Enough already! How long are we going to piss and moan and say every time we bring up the subject we're bringing some "healing." That's PC bullshit.

Bullshit Flag! Watch it wave...

Race relations is like a scab. It won't heal unless you stop picking at it. So stop it.

Haiti election chief flees country

His neighbors said even the expression "Feet don't fail me now!" sounded faggy in French, and smelled of goat cheese...

So the election chief, in fear for his life, while being called everything from a professional to a megalomaniac, flees for his life, "gettin while the gettin was good" and more than likely going to Miami. Well where else would a non-English speaking unemployed immigrant go? Now he can claim to be a refugee and start getting social security checks, courtesy of Bill Clinton.

Want to know something even more sad? The United Nations actually had the guts to publicly approve the new Haitian government. I guess nobody at the UN told anyone else at the UN their opinion and their organization mean the same thing...absolutely jack shit.

The news also reports Preval faces some of the same problems he faced before? Well no shit Sherlock! I wonder which brain surgeon at the AP thought that one up while taking a crap over lunch? Ya think? Do you want to know why he's facing some of the same challenges? Because HE CREATED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU MORONS!

Did you hear that?

I think it was more important that Wyclef voted. Hey, if he took the time away from waxing his million-dollar McClaren F1 to go vote, every Haitian should kiss his ass. Funny how he still thinks he's one of them. They live in a sewer and steal clothing from each other, or chop down every last tree to make charcoal to cook the food they don't have, while he has a million dollar car and lives in a mansion. Yep, he's just like them.

Sorry to say, but Haiti (which is another successful French colony), is doomed. What was once the richest country in the Western Hemisphere, has both feet in its grave. It's too far gone to save, but no one will admit it. Well, I just did, but my opinion doesn't mean anything...

U.S. freezes assets of group, cites Hamas

I wonder why...

Do you think the fact that one of their board members, who is also a lawyer, is named Jihad?

Do you think being called "Holy War" has anything to do with it? Maybe he should just go outside and burn an American flag (although according to the Clintons he has the right to), piss on the bible, kick a dog and scream "fuck you, United States!"

Yep, maybe we didn't catch it the first time...

The difference between Bono and Lenny Kravitz

Bono is going to donate one of his guitars to raise money for Brazil's Zero hunger Campaign...and auction it off after a concert there... Yep... and then? Expecting some 17 year-old Brazilian kid to come up with 100K? Maybe you should stick to Suddaby's.

So what is this guitar made of? Gold? Or is it just that it's yours? Now there's a fairly pretentious move there, Bone-oh. Wait. I just're NOT the guitar player in the band! Oops! Nothing like crapping on good old Edge's head, eh?

Maybe you should sell something you don't want to part with, like those stupid, cheesy orange sunglasses. You know the ones...the same ones you hid behind when you went to the White House. Look Dipshit, show some respect. Here's a hint...if it's nighttime, the sunglasses can come of (unless your stardom and ego don't allow that). Come'on sweety pants, it'll be okay...unless Edge's head really is the Bono bathroom.

As for the difference between Lenny and Bono, that's easy. Besides being known for cutting his dreads, banging Nicole Kidman, and yanking Ricky Williams away from the Miami Dolphins (something I could care less about), Lenny is known for playing the guitar. In fact, he's known for rocking on the guitar, where Bono is known for the "hey look at me. Aren't I cool" routine and being the singer.

By the way...isn't Bono filthy rich? You have to be in order to have so much free time, right? Even if he gets 100K for the guitar, isn't that like John Q. Citizen donating ten bucks? Bone-oh, if you're so committed, put your money (not your guitar) where your mouth is and fork it over. Oh, I almost forgot, Lenny also has a last name instead of just a pretentious single name. I have a new single name for Bono... "Dork."

What's next? Get Eddie Van Halen to donate a set of drums? Pete Townsend give up one of his prized harps? Elton John will part with his flying-v heavy metal guitar! Fred Durst hands over his pan flute? You know how famous they are for those...

Oh, and take off the %&*!@ sunglasses. I'll give you $500 dollars if you can do it for a week. Apparently that's a lot of money for you.

Supporting the rights of geriatric smokers!!!

Disregard the proven hazard of second-hand smoke on non-smokers. Disregard the fire hazard. Disregard the smoking ban! Whatever happened to "smoking takes years off your life?" Apparently not.

Don't make granny push her walker through the ice and snow to go to the sequestered area where smokers are exiled! Papaw doesn't need to bust a hip walking over to "burn one." After all, how far away from the bar do you want to send these people? No facilities in the smoking area? Hey, don't make someone with a nervous bladder use a porta-potty. That's just cruel...

This would even create jobs. Hey, who would stock each room with ashtrays and make sure they're emptied? You would need someone to sell the smokes because forcing a senior citizen committed to a home to then have to deal with a cigarette machine may be good entertainment, but it's not that friendly of a gesture. You need more bartenders, someone to do the cigar cutting and whatever you smack the pack of cigarettes against your hand for, which no one can explain but seem to do before opening up a new pack. Making geriatrics do that could just spell lawsuit or increased insurance. Whatever happens, I don't think a 90 year-old nursing home resident with a stogie is too worried about catching cancer. Just make sure the bar stools are lower.

Nope, I say encourage them. Once they come down for breakfast, light the smoking lamp. Mid-morning Marlboro breaks; afternoon tea and Tareytons; evening cocktails and Camels. Cigar time goes from 0600 to 0559 daily. Any orderly or employee who isn't "Johnny-on-the-spot" with a Zippo when Yaya pulls out a lucky gets the big heave-ho! In fact, better to issue all the smokers their own lighters. Yep, senior smokers, some a bit whacky, and all with the ability to burn the place down if they can't smoke where they want! How's that for motivating the staff, eh?

If they made it this far and want to smoke, I say let'em!