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December 19, 2012

Assault Weapons Ban is Ineffective Political Bullshit

I'm a gun owner and NRA member, but I don't believe anyone needs an assault weapon. I say ban them, but doing so now is just a political ploy, a nonsensical knee-jerk to the real issue. The problem is that we have a pile of crazy people in this country that snap like, well, the crazy people they are, and apparantly also being cowards, they decide to go pick on schoolchildren instead of someone that would fight back or at least offer a moderate amount of resistance. Or flee. Or do something besides stand there bewildered because they're children, but I digress. We need to figure out why people snap and then grab weapons and go kill masses of Americans. Why do people "go postal," a term derived from the constant shootings of postal workers by other postal workers. We have to figure that out. We also need to eliminate the gun show loophole in the background check process. If you NEED a gun that day, you probably shouldn't have it. If you're at a gun show to purposely get around the background check, you shouldn't be allowed to buy a gun. Do it like in New Jersey: a citizen buys one permit to buy one gun, which takes 7 days to get. Once they have the permit, they have 30 days to buy the gun or the purchasing permit expires. If they want to buy another gun, they have to get another permit. It makes sense. Also, this second amendment argument is a bunch of crap. I don't think while Jefferson was loading his single-shot musket that took him over a minute to reload, that he was referring to 800-round per-minute assault rifles people have the guts to say they're buying for hunting purposes or home defense. Yep. Go buy a double-barrel shotgun to do that and leave the weapons of war in the hands of the military. I would, however, like to have a World War II M-1 for the collection. By the way...if any politician thinks they look smart or serious or compassionate or caring as they vote for the weapon's ban, guess don't! You look like a clown-shoe wearing dolt that's a day late, and a dollar short. You go for the low-hanging political fruit because doing the hard, honest work is too big a leap for you. It's too hard to establish a budget, cut spending, shore-up medicare and social security by raising the age, or protect citizens by figuring out why we have so many depressed, prozac-taking hair-trigger lunatics in this country, so let's jump on the assault weapons issue that's as easy as falling on a slip-and-slide. After all, someone already did that. All you have to do is...well...nothing, and that's what you're used to doing.