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July 8, 2021

Teacher's Union makes best case for eliminating teacher's unions 

Since when do we allow unions to threaten citizens? When did it become okay for leftists to indoctrinate our kids using public funding? How long will democrats use public money for their leftist teacher's union? When did they decide our kids need to learn Marxist ideology? When did teaching a six year old about sex become acceptable and stop being sexual abuse and pedophilia? Why are democrat-funded unions teaching anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism? Now they teach racism and hate and disturbingly call it "anti-racist." Co-opting and reversing the true meaning of words doesn't change the fact this is evil and wrong. The fact leftist news media supports this effort is even more sickening. When did they decide they determined curriculum? Do steel worker unions decide how the steel is made? No. Do longshoreman unions determine how the ships run? No. Unions should stick to their actual purpose and not try to produce leftist racist drones. 

Time to end the Teacher's unions.

The "Soros effect" rears it's ugly head...again. 

Everything Soros does is evil and designed to destroy our country. When does it end? How many people across the country suffer because of him?

July 7, 2021

The only Insurrection we had in DC was democrats on January 20th.

 Do insurgents normally storm buildings unarmed? Do insurgents normally suffer the only losses save for a police officer that died of a stroke? Do insurgents normally come in and shake hands with police, take pictures, sing songs, and leave? Do insurgents normally include grandmothers and shaman with horns on their heads?

Now look at the democrats. Biden came in and ended the livelihoods of 11000 people and their families. Then they destroyed the fossil fuel industry, the middle class, the military, botched a vaccine rollout they were handed, destroyed our border and with it our national sovereignty, and declared war. That war is on civil rights, children, American citizens, legal gun owners, dignity, the nation, and the truth. Democrats opened the flood gates to illegal aliens, some with a pandemic disease, and changed laws in order to look the other way on crime. Biden the destroyer ruined our energy independency, and now he panders to OPEC and Russia. He supports racism and the leftist program of turning the country on its head, where everything once considered racist is called "equity." Democrats enslave blacks in America and lie to them in pursuit of their goal of 14% of the country tearing down the rest. They support attacks on your children with racist theories and false narratives about our form of economy and our founding. How is a union forcing racist, Communist curriculum on Americans? How do they have that power? 

Now these corrupt political insurgents hold the January 6th people in jail in total violation of their civil and human rights. No charges, no court dates, no nothing, all while their bail reforms allow murderers back out on the street. They martyred a criminal and supported insurgent riots across the country as citizens that tried to defend their property were punished. Speak ill of these democrat insurgents and they attack, calling you racist. They are the insurgents. They are the true enemy of this nation. They are lawless, racist, fascist criminals. It's organized crime. They are all guilty, especially the one calling for an investigation. Where is the justice in this country? They control it. Where are your rights in this country? They suspended them.

Trump would have been impeached for less. In fact, he was. Democrats are the true insurgents. The globalist-owned leftist media supports them. Our country has been seized by people who hate it, and push for it's destruction. They've taken control of DC, and they are destroying this nation.

Biden actively destroys US energy independence, then gets in bed with OPEC. 

Is he mad, or just anti-American?

Leftists are admitting they're okay with fossil fuels, just not with American fossil fuels. Total, complete anti-American insanity. He ended the pipeline two hours into his first day, then fracking. Then he approved a Russian pipeline and now he wants OPEC to pump more oil, but not us. Ended our energy independence and is getting in bed with the people we worked so hard to be independent from. Globalism. Incompetence. I'm not sure what this is, but Trump would have been impeached for it.

July 6, 2021

GOV Cuomo puts foot in mouth over guns

Cuomo said "I want to do with guns what we just did with COVID-19." What is that? Killing 10,000 senior citizens in nursing homes and getting away with it? Sexually harassing about ten women and getting away with it? How is he getting away with these things anyway? Leftist corruption, that's how.

What does the emergency declaration do? It frees up money for police in his "defund the police" state. It puts emphasis on law enforcement. Ironic, eh? Now he can go after those magic guns democrats think commit crimes all by themselves. Moron.

Guns are NOT the problem.

 I have a gun in a drawer close to my front door. No kids in the house. My wife is more proficient with firearms than most men. Never once has Mr. Glock jumped out of the drawer, left the house, and committed an act of "gun violence." He doesn't hang out with a bad crowd. He isn't racist. He doesn't riot or loot or shoot police. That's because he is an inanimate object. I control him. I am responsible for the use of my gun just like every criminal is responsible for theirs. Democrats want you to believe guns commit crimes. Wrong. People commit crimes. A gun is as useless as a doorknob unless operated by a human being. It's those criminal humans we should be worried about. 

WestExec outs itself as a leftist cabal 

And you thought Homeland was just a TV series. When one firm's deep state supply chain provides 23 of the highest ranking Biden drones, you can see the corruption plain as day. 

Extensive New Report Reveals Why There’s Been A Major Increase in LGBTQ Programming Aimed at Kids 

Want to know the real reason? Because leftists have no qualms about mentally abusing your children in pursuit of their agenda. Just like the NEA, LGBTQ types have no problems with attacking your children in their goal to indoctrinate them. Leftists...they aren't brave enough to speak rationally to adults. They have to attack children while spewing misinformation, disinformation, lies and hate to all. I for one have no issue with those who are LGBTQ...until they incorrectly and oppressively label me the bad guy.