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October 25, 2011

This country has gone insane!!!

CNN has lost it's mind: They all have nothing else to talk about than Herman Cain's smoking Chief of Staff. Who gives a shit? Their boy smokes, but they conveniently forget about that.

Headline News has nothing else to talk about but the Michael Jackson trial. Who gives a shit!

Jane Velasquez-Mitchell...same same.

Our President has become a persona non-Grata joke. He's a pair of clown shoes. The country is circling the bowl and he's out at fund raisers with the astonishingly absurd belief he needs four more years to finish flushing the country. He's going on the Tonight Show. He's on a bus tour like a sad Blues musician touting his lack of vision and complete mental blank when it comes to governing.

Our politicians are squabbling like children! Do they really think we want them to act worse than a bunch of first graders on the playground? You people suck.

Democrats want to spend even more money we don't have. Tell you what, give up the limousines and airplanes and go to the supermarket and ask them to give you a cart full of groceries for free...see how long it takes for them to throw you out. In fact, throw yourselves out. You suck too.

The liberals are mourning Gaddafi. What? The president says he wants to support the new leadership who just instituted Sharia law. Okay, so no Easter dinner at the white house, but an Eid dinner during Ramadan?

Where is he? Where is the President? Why isn't he at work? If he's still taking a paycheck, why isn't he at work?

The people protesting Wall Street should be protesting the White House. That's who's really taking your money.

Democrats want to make the 1% of the people in this country that pay 20% of all the taxes to pay their "fair share." What's fair about that? Get all the lazy welfare taking bastards to get off their asses. Tell people out of work there is dignity in working, and to stop taking their unemployment welfare.

The government won't secure the borders. They won't follow the law, and they punish states that take it upon themselves to do what the federal government won't do.

"Clean coal." There is no damned thing, so shut up about it.

The government gives my money to green energy companies that go broke, and they don't admit it! Why should anyone pay taxes if this is how they spend them?

The first stimulus didn't work! Why do people think another one will?

The President already paid off the teacher's union, and now he says his new bill will put teachers back to work? Come again? This is insanity.

People have gone from seeing a rich man and asking themselves how they can make money like he does, to asking himself how they can take what he has. We have a society full of sniveling welfare-addicted maggots. Make your own damned money.

The trade bill with Korea and Panama would have been done a year ago, but the President wanted to get them to unionize in their own countries. Insanity! They laughed at him and sent him packing. Yes, they laughed at the President.

We're spending more per week on the security of Afghanistan's border than we paid for our own border last year! Incredible.

I'd like to go on, but I have to go spew. Throw all of them out! It's a do-over.



January 7, 2011

Just read a great book called Unnecessary Evils!

Great stuff! It kept going and changing and keeping me interested. Action, adventure, no waxing philosophical on anything for more than half a page, good versus evil, ass-kicking, mystery, twists and turns and now I want the next one, which the author is apparently working on. Check it out!