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December 24, 2020

The Olympics finally became absurd.

 THe latest in Absurd Olympic games

I know game popularity comes and goes. I got it. But now they will let break dancing in as an Olympic sport? I already have a problem with so many Olympic sports, it seems adding more is just dumb. Surfing? trampoline? Sport climbing? Arrghh.  Here are the ones I have issues with


Beach Volleyball

Break Dancing

BMX cycling




Sport climbing




Now I don't have problems with the competition, but with the appeal. Aren't Olympic sports supposed to have an appeal across age groups? Is anyone over 25 watching trampoline or BMX? Will they watch break dancing or skateboarding? Not me. If break dancing is being added, are they reconsidering pole dancing?

I also have issue with professional athletes coming to the games. They are for amateur athletes. No need to send NBA players or pro Tennis players. Besides, i think we've all had enough of the top 5 tennis players, and every NBA player in the league. Why is baseball coming back only because professionals will be allowed to play? This is dumb.

Needless to say, I won't be watching.