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April 27, 2019

Thanks for Letting the PC Agenda Ruin the Avengers

There we go, another reason to NOT see the movie. If Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo being sniveling liberal fucks wasn't enough, now this. Do we have to think aggressive, activist PC every damned time a movie comes out? Do they train these idiots to buzzkill everything they can? The Avenger series is already cheesy and sophomoric enough (if you saw any of that POS Age of Ultron you know what I mean), but give me a freaking break. This girl is the first female Captain Marvel, and the movie wasn't bad (yes, all the praise I can muster), but okay little Miss MeToo, not happy with that, let's just crap on the whole Marvel series because you let some gay liberal Variety magazine writer snivel about not seeing an LGBT Marvel character "in his lifetime" and trick you into buying into it and adding your worthless two cents. Please. Why can't superheroes and cartoons and movies just be entertaining? Does every G** da****d thing have to have some PC agenda? Shut the f*** up about it for once. Oh, and thanks for saving me the $50 bucks I would have have dropped at the movie.

April 23, 2019

Right Back at Ya!!!

Do You See The Writing on The Wall Yet?

Obama actually hated America. Still does. So did his entire administration. So does Hillary, Podesta, Soros, Steyer, Romney, Flake, Holder, Sanders, O'Rourke, Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and the list of anti-American shitheads goes on and on. We have an FBI, DOJ, and CIA that are corrupted by politics and politicians who are clearly, blatantly, disgustingly above-the-law. We are powerless to do anything against these corrupt, immoral globalist parasites that are hell-bent on destroying this country. Hillary Clinton got away with a number of felonies that would have landed anyone else in jail. Thousands of classified emails? Petreus had three confidential hardcopy memos in a locked desk drawer and he got prosecuted. Why? He was a republican and democrats saw him as a threat to Hillary. After that, she was not eligible for a security clearance but they ignored that so she could run for president. I say it's anarchy. I say it's a coup. If you want to see manipulation of the system, look no further than the Somali refugee program. This program needs to end. The United Nations needs to piss-off. The mainstream media needs to stop supporting lawlessness and subversion. Maybe we need a civil war. Maybe then we can set the scales back to even.

JFK was Right: Today he would be a Republican

I can see him spinning in his grave over the state of today's sniveling, anti-American democratic party. As a war hero they would hate him. As a lover of freedom, same, same. They would really hate his love for this country and the belief in personal freedoms and the Constitution. He would piss on Steyer, Soros, and all the other billionaire liberals trying to destroy us.

Liberal Privilege