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September 6, 2005

Mayor Ray "Please Go Away" Nagin

Did Rudy cry? Are big city mayors like the Mayor of New Orleansupposed to cry like little girls in the face of disaster? Does it help? Is it to get the sympathy vote? Is it for the chicks? Is it so people will think he's a nice guy? Is it because he was being screwed over by "the man?"

No. It was because he failed. Mayor Nagin could no longer live the lie that the federal government or even the state were to blame for the crisis in his city. Say again...his city. He lived there, knew the issues with the levee's, and had an emergency management department, city engineer, city manager, police and fire departments, as well as others right there in the city available to him. He should have planned for this. He could have planned for this. He didn't plan for this.

He failed. He demonstrated incompetence. He stood by while the governor, the congressional black caucus, and the democrats in Washington deflected the blame. Trouble is, he could only do it for so long. That's the problem with being a only last in that glass house until a crisis comes along that you should have been ready for, or at least planned for help to come to you "just in case." Your new claim to fame is being on air Force One, advising the governor and the president to "be on the same sheet of music." Well, I have some music for's called Taps...and it's playing for your political career...

Don't let the door hit you in the ass, or better still - don't drown...on the way out of town.

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