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December 17, 2008

Americans still don't get it...

Remember when I said people will pay $10 a gallon, they don't care? It's true. I walk to the metro every morning and look at the traffic on the street, and there's still only one person in every car. It's because of those people that gas prices will go back up. Vanity. Pride. Idiots. Brainclogger calls it like he sees it.

I wonder...

Why it is that most diabetics are also fat bastards. I know a guy that's a diabetic, and he's wheelchair bound. Yep, he's a fat bastard, but uses one hand for the wheelchair control and the other to stuff his craw. what's up with that? I have an answer to his issue...STOP EATING!

The NHL sucks too!

Who cares about Hockey? I mean really? For the Dallas Stars to fire a player just shows how PC they are. Hey, he gets you publicity. He makes people think about hockey. Players really are getting his "Sloppy Seconds" if the girls are going through the league like a fat kid through a bag of Oreos. Pull your dresses back down from over your heads. Yep, you too, Brett Hull. Your father should bitch slap you for being such a wuss.

The Saudi's Suck!

When will they learn? Hey, how many Saudi's does it take to hijack an airplane? All of them! Knuckleheads. For a Saudi to offer 10 million dollars for the shoe the guy threw at our president shows they still haven't learned. It also shows they have far too much money...our money. To call it the "Shoe of Dignity" shows how stupid they are! Hey! You rag-headed jackass, I have something for you! It's called the "Finger of Dignity!"

November 28, 2008

Dead Man Causes Stock Market Drop

Now this is pathetic. People so terrified of the economic news they panic and make it bad for the rest of us. People to stupid to understand a 1% loan is a fraud. People too greedy to realize they can't afford a 5-bedroom house but buy it anyway. People more concerned with American Idol than the fact there are Soldiers being killed for their dumb asses. People so consumed with greed, vanity, and pride that they storm into a Walmart and trample a store employee to death. Sad, sad, sad. No wonder why people hate Americans. Look at the examples of how we act. Of course, the greedy bastards on Wall Street will probably use this incident to manipulate the market like they do. Anything for a crooked dollar. Good thing I'm not a postal employee.

And soldiers gives their lives for idiots like these...

40K a month isn't enough dough for this beeyotch. A 7-million dollar house isn't enough. A boyfriend half her age isn't enough. She probably doesn't even have a job. Fat whore.

October 26, 2008

Thomas Jefferson was right!!!

Looking back at quotes from Thomas Jefferson reveal how intuitive, brilliant, and unfortunately correct he was. Our government has degenerated into a vile political machine with people who care more for power and privilege than for the people they are supposed to serve. They forgot about why they were elected.

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

He who knows best knows how little he knows.

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.

All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.

Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Think I'm negative on our current political crowd? Don't listen to me...listen to Karl Marx, a fan favorite everywhere. "In the due course of history, there will be an inevitable breakdown of capitalism for economic reasons, to be replaced by communism." What do you think the politicians are doing right now? Terrifying...

October 25, 2008

Obama is a BABY KILLER

Is this what women want? Is this really what feminism is all about? Click on the title...please...

October 19, 2008

My God is McCain paying attention?

For God's sake, is anyone listening??!!! What about the last two years of the Pelosi Congress that spent its time doing nothing but worrying about getting a dem in the white house and nothing else? What about their doing nothing that would jeopardize their staying in office? Are Americans so dumb they don't realize that doing nothing to hurt their political careers means doing nothing!!! Are we so stupid we don't understand their actions are exactly why they should all be fired? Do people really believe only what they see on TV between portions of American Idol? Please, tell me we don't go spill our blood for people that don't understand that a 9% approval rating is 4 times lower than the presidents? Why doesn't McCain talk about the failure of the pelosi congress? Remember the infamous "First Hundred Day" promise? They didn't do any of it, and Obama was one of them! Now we're going to make him and Biden the two top guys? Guess what they'll end up doing!!! Stop talking about Ayers, no one is listening. Start talking about the failed congress of the last two years.

October 15, 2008

Politicians are apparently stupid

You would think when someone contacts your campaign and tells you how big of a jerk you are, it would be a BAD THING. Well, according to the Obama campaign, I'm a loyal dem. Sure I am. I emailed and told him he did some stupid crap a few weeks ago, now I'm on the mailing list, and today someone actually called me to ask me to make phone calls! You know what they say when you ASSUME things. Maybe they should actually read their email. It just shows how politicians really don't give a crap about you or me, they're just in it for themselves

October 13, 2008

Columbo didn't discover anything.

Okay, Columbus "discovered" the new world...or really, he didn't! No, he didn't discover jack squat. First, how do you "discover" a place where people already live? Did he work for Discovery Channel or something? Then, unless your world view is one seen through the eyes of a European, and your "world" revolves around the ego centrism associated with the view that Europe is the center of the universe, Columbus is just a privateer searching for gold, which is what he was. I bet all the people he killed by spreading new diseases around really appreciated his "discovering" them. Here you go, nice to see you, give us some gold while we infect your village and oppress you with our apparently "superior" religion. Yep, that's how it starts. There's always someone out there thinking he's better than you, telling you how to think and showing you how wrong you are. Hmmm, seems oddly familar, doesn't it?

I approved this message

I hate that crap. Who said they have to say that? Who forgot that a lie by omission is still a lie? If Obama says McCain voted against alternative energy and McCain did that because it was a bad bill full of pork, the omission by No-Bama is still a lie. Yes, he's a liar. Oops...Brainclogger called the Messiah a liar! Yep, sure did. How did we ever get in this country where we elect the slickest salesman, the shadiest character, the guy that talks good but has no real record so in essence is talking out his ass? When did war heroes become taboo? Tell you what...I'm going to be selling the "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for McCain" bumper stickers at a discount very soon. You see, I'm not PC. I won't vote for the Half-African-American candidate out of fear or guilt or any other reason, and will vote against him because he is an unknown, untested, and untrusted choice. If it were Biden-Obama then maybe, because Joe Biden seems to be a normal person, but in the current format, nope, never, not gonna do it. As President Bush Senior used to say, "wouldn't be prudent." I'm Brainclogger and I approved this message.

Drop Baby drop!!! Here's how we fix our country.

I say let the stock market crash. I say let all those people that think social security is a retirement plan piss and moan till doomsday. I say take oil and gas off the commodities exchange so "anticipation" can't be a criteria for increased oil prices. I say jail the people that have half-million dollar parties the day before their company gets bailed out by the government. I say flog CEO's that get paid millions of dollars after leaving failed financial institutions. I say fire any congressman with an approval rating lower than the president's (that would be about half of them). I say throw out political parties once you're elected. I say take foreign car companies off the American financial markets. I say take money out of circulation and let the trade deficit drop with the price of oil. I say the Saudis are our enemy more than North Korea. I say let old Braincloggeer pick out the liars in government and throw them out on their ears.

Leave that kid alone!!!

The liberal media bastards are still at it, trying to uncover any dirt they can and proving their bias as well as their overt sexism as they throw as much dirt on Sarah Palin as possible. When are families off limits? When they're democrats? When their half-black and political correctness says vote for the black man so you can sleep at night guilt free? If people really want to be PC they would throw that ridiculous housewife Pelosi out on her ear. Liberals in congress have been so consumed by the upcoming election they've concentrated on nothing else to our detriment for the last two years. How anyone can vote for these idiots I just don't understand.

September 26, 2008

Don't spend the 700 Billion!!!

Okay so do we really want to reward greed? Do we want to bail out crooked developers and mortgage lenders after they bulldozed the landscape, sold property that didn't exist, sold 1% mortgages, and built shitty houses? Do we want to save people who bought way more than they could afford, with greed, ignorance, and vanity fueling their efforts? Do we save the knuckleheads that bought those 1% mortgages thinking there wasn't a catch? There's always a catch. What about the people that got into interest-only loans? Dipshits. I say let them swing. If I can suck it up, tighten my belt, and make sacrifices to pay my debts, I say they should do the same. Why do I have to be subjected to this socialist scheme where i have to suffer for the ignorance and greed of others. Besides, i see these miserable bastards every day commuting to work. Ever ride the DC Metro? If you say good morning to someone they look at you like you're an asshole. Non-smiling, unfriendly, less-than-civil drones that can't even muster the dignity or the neighborly attitude to go out of their way to say good morning. Until we're civil to each other, I don't want to pay my debts...and theirs, or yours. No thanks. Come on, say hi to old Brainclogger...I may be paying your mortgage. Now how's that for neighborly...

Never debate a lawyer

It's one of those things you learn as a kid, like "don't pee into the wind," or "never hit a chick," or "go on green, stop on red." Obama was slick, he was poised, he sounded great...but he's a suit, a lawyer, a stinking liberal, and a paper tiger with no experience or substance when compared to McCain. After all, you know what Shakespeare said about lawyers

Harry Reid has to go!!!

To take the opportunity when briefing about the financial crisis to pull a sickening, despicable political stunt like he did is over the line and he deserves to get fired. He insinuated the negotiations were going well until John McCain came back to Washington. That was low, even for a politician. He sucks. Yes Harry, the most miserable man on the face of the earth, you indeed suck. The pictures of the politicians sitting at the table with the President had one great one could see your miserable puss in any of them.

September 17, 2008

It's a shitty job...

My imagination goes in all different directions with this one...

World's Smallest Gay

If you find yourself under a woman in a skirt BAM!!! get a kick in the face. Then you visit with a guy dressed in blue with a stick and a gun. Here he is, apparently put there by the woman standing over him. All I can say is "Dude, Look Up!" Come on Pingpong, look up for Brainclogger...

In Israel, Fido hires the OJ attorneys!

Get Barry Schek! Dig up Johnnie Cochran because they're using DNA from dog poo to find the dog that dropped it! I'm amazed we didn't think of this first! Now all those crime lab technicians can be glad they took out those college loans, eh? Sorry, CSI Miami isn't for you! No fancy Hummer, here's a pooper scooper. And this is the country we give the most aid? They actually have to reward people in order for them to clean up after their dogs? More self-absorbed people.

Beware of Blue Plastic Cows

The "illuminati" sent their best agent to retrieve the nuke housed in the dreaded blue cow...but this ninja stealth assassin got the airshaft...and called the cops on himself. His defense? Oops! This might be the wrong museum! This kid should be called the "bathwater bandit" because it's clear he's been drinking his fare share.

Somebody's lying to me!!!

If the per-barrel price of oil came down 36% from the all-time high, why did the price at the pump only drop 5%? I used to be dead-set against taxing the oil companies, but it's clear they're keeping 30% for themselves. A 36% drop means we'd be back around $2.65. Now it's not that Americans really care about gas prices, just look at the commuters. One person in each car? If they really cared, they would fill the other three seats and drop the demand in half, but greed, pride, and good old American need for convenience keeps the prices high and the traffic gridlocked.

September 7, 2008

You're the people my parents warned me about!

He's changing his mind again!

Now who is he trying to appeal to this time? Either you're going to recind the tax cuts or you aren't, you like taxes or you don't, you believe in the military or not, you're black, or half black, or American, or African American, or whatever? It makes me wonder if you can be half african american? This man is trying to be a metro-sexual (remember that term), racially situationally dependent, one-size fits-all guy and it just pisses me off. Who will you be tomorrow Mr. Obama?

Obama my butt!!!

How many days did you go to work last year? How about in the last six months? Well, the "Big O" was a Sentator who went to work for 140 some-odd days before going out and running for president. Basically four and a half months in my book, and now he wants to be my president. I don't think so. Calling him Senator is probably an insult to other senators that actually come to work, although they all need a kick in the ass. Oh, and how was your last performance review? Obama hasn't worked long enough to have one, but I'll tell you what it would be. Blank. There's nothing to say. Now he wants a promotion? Please...

Back after 2 years, 4 months

...and if you think I had things to say before, look out! People and things are more screwed up than ever, and blogs have more impact now. Besides, I have two years worth of stuff to get off my chest. I hope to link back up with my old blogger links soon.