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November 28, 2008

Dead Man Causes Stock Market Drop

Now this is pathetic. People so terrified of the economic news they panic and make it bad for the rest of us. People to stupid to understand a 1% loan is a fraud. People too greedy to realize they can't afford a 5-bedroom house but buy it anyway. People more concerned with American Idol than the fact there are Soldiers being killed for their dumb asses. People so consumed with greed, vanity, and pride that they storm into a Walmart and trample a store employee to death. Sad, sad, sad. No wonder why people hate Americans. Look at the examples of how we act. Of course, the greedy bastards on Wall Street will probably use this incident to manipulate the market like they do. Anything for a crooked dollar. Good thing I'm not a postal employee.

And soldiers gives their lives for idiots like these...

40K a month isn't enough dough for this beeyotch. A 7-million dollar house isn't enough. A boyfriend half her age isn't enough. She probably doesn't even have a job. Fat whore.