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August 27, 2018

Gun Nerds Listen Here!!! Rules to Live By...

Look, I'm a gun owner. I shoot. In fact. I shoot a lot. I own guns. In fact, I own lots of guns. Liberals would think I was a nut. Liberals would be wrong. I'm not. Some people spend thousands of dollars on things they like; shoes, clothes, fishing gear, hats, figurines, baseball cards, antiques, Pez dispensers, video games, booze, model trains, and on and on. No one bats an eye at a woman with 50 pairs of shoes she'll never wear, but find disgust with a man who has 15 guns and shoots them all. This isn't even counting the shotguns. However, there is one thing I still don't get, and that's gun nerds. They seem to be gamers that take their tricked-out AR-style rifle from their virtual video game world into reality. I see these guys at the range. They scare me. Oh, and annoy me. Some dress like wanna-be military contractors complete with keffiyeh around their necks and everything from the 5.11 tactical catalog. The others are just gadget goons. Mostly overweight. Usually around 22-25 years old. They trick out their weapons with every sort of sight and grip and accessory imaginable... then go shoot on the 10-meter range. Yep, it's sad. The maximum effective range for a 5.56 caliber M16A2 is 550 meters, and these nitwits shoot at targets close enough to throw the gun and hit. They're not alone. At a range near Naples (which I won't mention so I don't piss off a bunch of people with guns) there is a group of Mexicans who shoot at these same 10 meter targets basically without even aiming. It's like a bad Eastwood movie. One day they'll just point their guns at the sky and pull the trigger and shout Ayeee!!! in which case I'll hit the deck and then never go back there because someones going to get shot. I think they do it for the whole testosterone-laden nature of just slinging some lead and making some noise, but these guys need to listen-up too. I want the gun nerds and everyone else to hear me. These are basic rules for gun ownership. It goes far beyond the "I bought it for protection" bullshit and gives the post video-gamer a little perspective. T

When the ACLU Jumps in on the Right Side, You Can Finally See Libs Out of Control.

This still doesn't excuse them for years and years (and years and years and years) of wrong-headed anti-American liberal political activities. It does, however, demonstrate how absurdly anti-American and freedom-hating some politicians and political groups have become in this country. Is it their love for Saul Alinsky and everything he espouses? Maybe it's liberal politicians love for being nothing more than stealing our air. You know, like Peter in the movie Office Space, with his dream of doing nothing. Certain politicians live that dream right now. You know who they are. Yak, yak, yak and little else. But I digress. How bad does it have to get for the ACLU to back the NRA, or any rational constitutional idea? It makes me both happy and suspicious when the ACLU finally supports freedom for regular Americans. After all, you normally have to be in one of their pet groups to hear anything at all. Muslims, LGBT, illegal alien, criminal, rinse, repeat. When they finally support a group who defends the Constitution of the United States (having to say "finally" is a bit sad), a group that is absent any other political motivation and is color, race, gender, and religion blind (but not blind to criminals), all I want to say is "it took you long enough." Welcome aboard. Fight that good fight, with us. But remember, it still doesn't absolve you for your silence on the Trump Lawyer attorney-client privilege thing.