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February 18, 2006

Alec Baldwin's Predictions For 2006.

Well Alec, you may be a nutcase, but you have a couple good points in your predictions. Of course, you put too much faith in democrats, but that's understandable.

First, no big surprise our government is dominated by hacks, corruption, in-fighting, liars, warmongers, ass-kissers, and the like. This is on both sides of "the aisle," and it's been that way for years. Wasn't it Eisenhower that coined the phrase "the military-industrial complex?" Also no surprise the big corporations and their special interest groups run our country. Greed and the lust for power is to blame, and our country suffers because of it.

Sadly, you've let the liberal's distorted view of reality affect you as well. Do you attack the republicans because you want to make positive change, or because it's the easiest thing to do, and the real purpose of it playing to the press for your own good. In this light, you can be just like Mrs. Clinton, Senators Schumer, Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, Gephardt, Feinstein, etc. Notice all the rich people on that list. Yes, I can name an equally large list of republicans, but you hold these democrats up as your heroes, so why make the effort. You have no objectivity, and therefore, taint any issue you stump for with the stink of partisan politics for personal gain. Sorry, it's the truth. There are just as many republicans that deserve a bitch-slapping, but that's just being redundant.

If your liberal buddies are so effective, why didn't any meaningful energy reform come out of eight years of the Clinton administration? Also, if using the NSA is so wrong, why did your buddy Bill Clinton do it too? Also, dems hold former president Carter up as one of their heroes. Well, news flash...his presidency was a miserable failure, all the way from giving back the Panama Canal and our military bases there, to the oil embargo and interest rates. Do you really want to get lumped into that group?

I actually agree with a couple of your points, but it's also excruciatingly clear you have a personal hatred for the vice president that invalidates your opinions on issues dealing with him. Calm down there Sweety-pants. Remember, you were the one that whined like a 9-year old that if you didn't get your way in the last election you were leaving. Just like a kid fighting on the on the playground, ten minutes after you did that, you forgot all about it. What's your explanation now? Nuh-uh, wasn't me? That sounds about right.

On a side note, you support PETA, a group of whack-jobs who think that in the course of protesting for animal rights, they have the further right to assault people and destroy personal property. Is that a viewpoint the liberals encourage? It shouldn't be.

Actors and politicians- two groups of people who get paid to pretend to be someone else or something they are not. No wonder why you like it so much. Neither group has to pay much attention to reality either.

You were great in Glen Garry- Glen Ross, and you made a better Dr. Ryan than Harrison Ford, but you're no Roosevelt. Maybe it's better to just shut your face than it is to lie and spew hate and discontent.

Alec Baldwin-Private Detective at-Large...

I saw his post on the Ariana Huffington web page and just had to react.

First, there actually are people out there who have friends. Not straphangers or ass-kissers like what you have, but people who are actual friends. It doesn't surprise me that a liberal puke like you asks how someone can turn down an opportunity to sue someone.

You say Schwarzenegger's election is the low point in American political life. Sounds like sour grapes to me. By the way, playing a politician in a movie doesn't make you qualified to be one. Besides, the low point in American political life was when you lied to everyone by not leaving the country after GW Bush got elected. A lying liberal. Again, I'm not surprised.

So a guy in a hunting accident is going to get the VP into court to ask him questions about the CIA and Enron? How much did you have to drink today Alec?

Calling Mr. Cheney a liar may just be appropriate in your case. It takes one to know one.

Yep, Alec Baldwin...Private Detective. Or maybe we should just use the more appropriate slang term- Dick.

February 17, 2006

We only hurt ourselves. America better wake up!

We see two of our historic enemies, Ruassia and China make alliances. Two countries we have fought before, who now have war games together. We will fight them again.

We let China crap all over us with cheap imports and piracy of intellectual property.

We let Clinton sell them banned technology and we did nothing.

We let them preempt us on the UN Security Council (notice no punctuation. The UN is the UN-world body, like 7up is the UN-cola).

We let American companies move their businesses to China in order to take advantage of cheap labor, while we act like hypocrits and talk about how bad cheap labor is in every other country but there.

We let the unions force companies overseas while whining we need to support the unions.

We watch the trade deficit pile up and we sit around with our thumbs up our collective asses.

We watch China cozy up to Iran, a country which is bent on our destruction, yet we do nothing. Now China will have all the oil they could ever need, and we won't.

How blind are we to seeing a Russia-China alliance for world domination? Are we all so f-ing blind and stupid? Or is it just the politically-correct idiot politicians?

We pour our taxpayer money into lost causes like peace in the Middle East, United Nations dues, Haiti, and throw all our money into foreign cars, cheap clothing and worthless bling because we're greedy assholes. It's like cutting our own throats, and we act surprised when other countries offer to hold the knife. Now we're at the mercy of the oil companies as the country we're at the mercy of makes a deal for all the oil they'll ever need. Hello!

We're cutting off our own oxygen supply. We're setting ourselves up to being ruled by China and Russia.

Here's a question: If we're addicted to oil, and run by the oil companies, and Russia and China have oil and we don't, then who has the upper hand?

People need to wake up. Unless the path we're on changes, this country will cease to exist in my lifetime.

So-long Sammy, see ya in Miami...

Where the hell else do you think he would go?

Well, in the words of another one of Miami's famous residents, Antonio Montana, a.k.a. Scarface, "I never liked that f-ing Sosa." Yep, that's true. Him and that dipshit Mark McGwire with their kissing their fingers and tapping their hearts and all that grab-asstic bullshit. It's not enough they were making millions playing a kids game...they had to cheat.

That's right, they're both liars and cheats. They lied about taking steroids, and they cheated the rest of their fellow players and the fans by using performance enhancing drugs, corking their bats, lying about it to congress, and then acting like they were some sort of movie stars. At least the movie stars they put in baseball movies look like baseball players...Kevin Costner, Redford, Ray Liotta, etc. You don't see Schwarzenegger in baseball movies do you? Take a guess why...

So you made millions Sammy, however so inappropriately, to play a game I played for free as a kid, and you have to use lawyers, drugs, money, corked bats, and lies to do it. You helped make baseball the national joke. It hasn't been the national pastime for years. That title changed years ago. Now the national pastime is suing people.

So take your millions Sammy, and go away. You made enough money in a few short years to retire as a rich man, while 99% of your fans have to save money to watch a major league game. No one should feel bad for you. People ask if the game treated you fairly? I say it treated you too well, and you kicked dirt on it for its trouble. Be gone.

Now you can make yourself feel special by putting on the speedo and signing autographs on South Beach. I'll send you a corked pencil to make it easier for you...

New Uniform Exempt from "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy...

Need I say more?

The weapon of religious warfare...baked goods...

In a surprise move reminiscent of when the Americans renamed French fries to "Freedom Fries" , on Friday the Iranians changed the name of "Danish" pastries to "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad."

In an apparent frenzy that followed, numerous religious groups rushed to add their moniker to their favorite comestible. These are the results so far:

Banana-Nut Muffins changed to "Muslim Muffins."
Cinnamon rolls changed to "Catholic cakes."
Pancakes changed to "Protestant pastries."
Biscuits and gravy and grits changed to "Baptist Blessings."
Donuts became "Lamentations of the Lutherans."

The Methodists tried to claim Sticky Buns for themselves, but GLAD filed an injunction lawsuit against them. Get it?

Well, I'm going overboard, but you get the point. This is all so stupid it makes all of us look dumb. Besides, does it make sense that you can name baked goods after the Prophet but you can't draw a cartoon about him? Kooky. They say drawing a cartoon would lead to "idol worship." I say anyone that would commence idol worship of a cartoon is a total idiot, and I have a picture of Bugs Bunny for you. Of course, after that, eating carrots would probably cause a Muslim to strap on a bomb and defend the almighty Bugs. "The path to the great and powerful Bunny would be through his chosen one...Porky Pig."

May the blessings of Looney Toons be upon you...

Inappropriate American Behavior at the Olympics

I don't know what you see, but I think it's different than most people. Remember, I'm sworn to defend my country and understand the possibility I could die for it.

Most people probably see an Olympic dream in action...effort, determination, American athlete competing for her nation against the world's it her all...

I see a young girl representing our nation...with the acronym of our country stamped on her ass.

...she was the only one with her country name or flag on her rear. In this case, it's not's crass, and disrespectful. Like I said...the American was the only one that did that. I'm not surprised.

February 16, 2006

Wrong on a number of levels...

More proof the Army does the following:

-doesn't demand character or educate soldiers in character. In most cases, the Army Values are lip service bullshit.

-Allows pop-culture idiotic behavior to go unchecked and allows more and more street hoods looking for a job to join up. When you lower the standards in the hopes of attracting more recruits, it's like combining a Beagle and a Yorkie in the hopes of creating a Doberman. This isn't a rap's the Army in a conservative (let me repeat...conservative) Asian country.

-doesn't hammer troops publicly in order to make an example out of them. The system obviously protects these young kids from getting the "straightening-out" they obviously need from their NCO leadership.

-treats obviously homosexual conduct as normal misconduct. Sorry fellas, but pulling out your wanker on a public train while your buddies cheer you on is faggoty nonsense and you deserve to get your asses kicked. If you consider public exposure of your private parts while in the company of your male friends as something you do for fun...guess're gay.

-has a problem with homosexual conduct as a result of the politically-correct "don't ask, don't tell policy. "

-Still doesn't care about us being the "Ugly Americans." Yep, the look down your nose, no sense of shame, rap music, McDonald's, tattoos, sex-obsessed, pants around your thighs, fuck-you attitude we show everybody just makes me so proud...

-the Army still hasn't learned from the Marine Corps...when you raise the standard and challenge people to do something hard, you attract all the quality people you need.


Military spending millions on gays

In a surprising admission, the gay community admitted the military is being forced to spend millions of dollars on homosexuals who just can't keep their mouths shut or their pants on.

Actually, what this article doesn't say is the survey group was made up of professors mostly from California universities, and conducted in California. No big surprise they're as pro-gay as Hollywood.

What the article also omits, is content by another official (printed in other news publications in it's entirety) stating the cost of allowing gays to openly serve would be greater than the benefit to the gays. More people would decline enlistment because they wouldn't want to be forced to live and work in such close proximity to homosexuals, and more conflict would arise between straight troops and gays.

What no one talks about is the fact the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is not a failure that shows we need to make it okay for openly gay people to serve. Quite the contrary. It shows that political correctness and pandering to a special interest group to the detriment of the majority is detrimental to the services, and we need, rather must go back to excluding homosexuals from service. Sometimes the truth is a painful thing. Deal with it.

The policy is a failure, as political correctness is a failure. Let's not compound things by forcing change for the benefit of special interest. It's simple...when the gay groups get the law to tell other people they have to accept them, they're infringing on other people's rights to live the way they want. It's because gays think they should have more rights than others, and if someone doesn't like that, the government should either force gay rights on people, or punish them for not pandering to gays. Gays don't understand their violating other people's constitutional rights when they force their agenda on them. This is also the truth, be it ever so politically incorrect.

The survey was done by an obvious special interest group, which makes the findings suspect in the first place. Follow that with the voodoo accounting done to make the cost of discharging gays ridiculously and erroneously high, and I can smell the stink of a PC agenda. No thanks, I'm not buying it. Training someone to be a truck driver or supply clerk doesn't cost millions, and using a cost per soldier figure in regard to situations where training would be conducted if twenty people or two people were present doesn't make sense. Sorry, voodoo math makes you look stupid...try again. Besides, we train some people incorrectly anyway. Need an example?

In today's modern Air Force and Navy, we have aircraft that can pull massive amounts of G-forces. So when do we test people for their individual ability to tolerate "G?" Common sense would tell you to do it before you spend a million dollars on their flight educations. Well, this is the military, where common sense means little, so they get tested for G tolerance after all their training is over, and all the money has been spent. Silly, eh?

Well, the homosexual policy is the same thing. Why spend the money on training them if the possibility exists they will be subject to discharge later? Better to weed them out before hand. Even better still is to not bother having them join in the first place...think of the money we'd save!!!

Of course, this is my opinion. I'm politically incorrect, and I like it that way.