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December 17, 2008

Americans still don't get it...

Remember when I said people will pay $10 a gallon, they don't care? It's true. I walk to the metro every morning and look at the traffic on the street, and there's still only one person in every car. It's because of those people that gas prices will go back up. Vanity. Pride. Idiots. Brainclogger calls it like he sees it.

I wonder...

Why it is that most diabetics are also fat bastards. I know a guy that's a diabetic, and he's wheelchair bound. Yep, he's a fat bastard, but uses one hand for the wheelchair control and the other to stuff his craw. what's up with that? I have an answer to his issue...STOP EATING!

The NHL sucks too!

Who cares about Hockey? I mean really? For the Dallas Stars to fire a player just shows how PC they are. Hey, he gets you publicity. He makes people think about hockey. Players really are getting his "Sloppy Seconds" if the girls are going through the league like a fat kid through a bag of Oreos. Pull your dresses back down from over your heads. Yep, you too, Brett Hull. Your father should bitch slap you for being such a wuss.

The Saudi's Suck!

When will they learn? Hey, how many Saudi's does it take to hijack an airplane? All of them! Knuckleheads. For a Saudi to offer 10 million dollars for the shoe the guy threw at our president shows they still haven't learned. It also shows they have far too much money...our money. To call it the "Shoe of Dignity" shows how stupid they are! Hey! You rag-headed jackass, I have something for you! It's called the "Finger of Dignity!"