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September 10, 2005

Sandy Burger-Meister Meister Burger

I gotta tell you, this one stinks! Yep, no doubt. The dude admits that while acting as "National Security Advisor" to President What's His Name, that he stole documents from the National Archives and then destroying some of them. Admitted to it! So what happens? He's a political guy, with a network, so he gets a fine and can't hold a government clearanace for three years. Man! He got the book thrown at him!

Oooooh! Buuuurn. Somebody save him! Yeah right. If that was me, or you, well, especially me in my job, I'd get "conduct unbecoming, larceny, grand theft, destruction of property, etcetera, all stuck on me...lose my job and then end up in jail. Not this asshole, noooooo.

This is one of the reasons why other countries hate us!!! Will we ever learn? The rich criminals get away with murder (no O.J., you don't need to go anywhere) while others get hammered. Senators kill women and "oops, guess I can't be Senator anymore," or the now famous "what? That wasn't me" (yes Senator Kennedy, I'm talking about you), or "some of the documents fell out of my suit into the fireplace by accident, " or "no, I didn't have sex with that woman." Liar, Liar, classified documents on fire! Have vs Have-not strikes again. Book-em Dan-O!!!

There's a general officer right now that's getting hammered for having a relationship with a woman after separating from his wife, while the President of the United States can do it IN the White House, lie about it, get away with it, still be president, and let everyone still say "what a great guy!" We live in a house of hypocrits.

What's really ironic is that even in light of all these crooked sum-beeyotches, I still worry about saying too much, going overboard, and getting slapped. Man! If I committed a felony, I think I'd be okay, but get a little too non-PC, and I'm screwed...I guess.

Everybody run! Sean Penn's got a Gun!!!'re the man!!! To go from bailing out a boat with a beer cup a couple days after it was all over, to patrolling the streets a couple days after everyone is outta! Talk about cajones! Danger man! Living on the wild side! Strapped! Forget the kevlar vest you wore on the boat, you're Danger Man!!!

Wait!!! Aren't you the same Sean Penn with anger management issues? Aren't you the same guy I saw a picture of serving a knuckle sandwich to a photographer? Are you supposed to be within 500 feet of a firearm? The paparrazzi better watch out or you'll murdelize' em, see! Yeah! Hopefuly they can't chase Sean down in New Orleans because he's packin some heat and ready to bust a cap in someone's ass! When does the movie come out Sean? Will you send free copies to deployed military?

Actually, it's nice to see a liberal come to his senses, realize that people's rights are protected by people with guns, that the cops and troops aren't the only people that can grab a "shootin iron" and go out and maintain order, then actually going out and doing it. I never actually thought I'd say it, but Sean Penn is doing an admirable thing. Sean, you're still not forgiven for going over and hanging with your buddy Saddam, but it's a start. Go grab Tim Robbins! You know he's just dying to pitch-in. Here's your chance Tim! Ever hear the expression "put up or shut up?"

Really, carrying a shotgun and treading through that water...I would actually like to join him...well...except for this little deployment to the Middle East thing I have going on right now...

Some helpful hints for you Sean, since you are an actor and all...
1. The pointy end goes away from you.
2. Using a gun to lean on is strictly a movie thing...don't do it for real.
3. Loaded guns work better than unloaded guns.
4. Don't let anyone take it from you.
5. Extra ammo is a good thing.
6. Shotgun shells really don't like the water for too long
7. Pulling the trigger makes it go "bang" really loud...just thought you should know.
8. If you have to "waste" anybody, make it George Clooney or Jane Fonda

Wow...Sean's got a gun! Nice! He may just be more normal than I thought, since I saw him on "Bam" and now he's totin a gat! Hey! Are you the legal owner of that thing? Now let's go get two more for Rosie and Springsteen!

By the way...I have an NRA application and hat for you!!!

September 9, 2005

Ace and Gary...tail gunners...

I figure while I'm spreading hate and discontent for the races, the genders, etc. etc., I may as well hit on gays. You know, there's nothing more odd than a flamer. You know? A dude that acts like a chick. It's weird, and it's not trendy or fashionable, it's just weird. Now I have no qualms on how someone lives their life, as long as they're not hurting anyone, but it's strange to see two dudes hugged-up on each other and I just don't dig it. As your typical guy from Jersey, I can handle lesbians, but two guys just creeps me out. Sorry. Good thing I don't have to deal with it much. I'm thinking though, the terms used should change, since so many negative connotations have come on the current ones.

Take for example the term homo-sexual. It just sounds bad, like you're having sex with yourself or something. Get rid of it. Also, the term "gay." It just makes people think of pink tutu's and all that Dorothy and Wizard of Oz shit, so scrap that one too... Fag? Gone... Lesbian? Outta here. Queen? Well, that makes people think of Freddie Mercury as well as guys who are wanna-be chics, and the cranial conflict often leads to vapor lock with Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in your head for days, so out the window it goes!

Now, I like the classics, you see... Fairy? It still has merit when discussing the masculinity of the individual. "Bull-dike." Wow! That's clear enough for even the most clueless individual to understand. "Poof." British in origin, but I'm still tracking. It's where the slang turns graphic where I get all misty-eyed for the days of old, where you could talk about such things without being branded a "hate-monger," homophobe, or some such thing and have a bunch of protestors show up at your door or get forced into "sensitivity" training. You know, things like "rump-wrangler," etc... Truth is, I think this country is now way beyond the pale of sensitivity and into a politically correct hell! Here's my solution...

As I've said on previous occasions, non-heterosexuals need to demonstrate how much they are just like everyone else, not different, and all will be well. I believe in equal protection under the law, and that gays in the US already have the rights they want, but all the protesting and bitching just pisses people off. Also, if you're a guy and you're into other guys, at least be a manly guy. Don't try to be a girl. Same applies for the women. If you're a broad, don't try to be a dude. (Yep, I bet the word broad is getting under someone's collar). Then you can be "ambiguously gay," and use the term "Metrosexual." It has a "queer about town" kind of ring to it, with no negative side effects. Kind of like non-alcoholic beer...

Hey...don't ask, don't tell...right?

I didn't quite think that, but...

I tried to log onto a website given to me in a comment by Anonymous called and it was blocked by a "ratings" filter on my network.

Now that's funny, I don't care who you are...

Hello Mr Lightfoot!!

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down,
Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
When the skies of November turn gloomy.

Well, it's not the Gitche Gumee, but Lake Pontchetrain. Big Lake, in the heart of an area where some very evil shit was done in the 50's and 60's when people were pushing for equal rights. Where were the three civil rights workers killed while they were registering to vote? In Mississippi, fairly close by. Where were they buried? ...a levee... Creepy, eh?

Now we see dead people floating around after the levee broke. Maybe it didn't break. What if it "gave up it's dead?" What if the lake did that when the skies of September turned gloomy? What happens if they identify the bodies and find someone who went missing years ago?

Could this mean the lake actually pulled the storm to New Orleans? Was it divine justice? Was the place getting so wicked it had to be cleansed? Was giving up the dead part of the process of the lake repairing itself like it was? Or were the "Ghosts of Mississippi" pulling the storm over across the river? After all, it hit on the Mississippi coast, not directly on New Orleans...

Who knows...maybe we'll find Jimmy Hoffa floating by...

Da Goddess told me so...

I see her comment that there are still some American women who have values and know what loyalty is...

I don't know about that...thinking about that makes me dizzy and I think I hear a clicking noise...

Just kidding. Actually, there probably are some quality American women out there with good values and are honorable people...but I just don't have that kind of money and don't want to live in Alaska... :) Besides, if you watch "Desperate Housewives," you're out! If you are a single mother or divorcee and you let strange men in your house around your small're out! If you own any women's self-help"'re out! If you know what time Oprah comes on...same thing. If you can explain to yourself the difference between loving someone and being "in-love," hit the doors! If you can pull off a disgusting round of adulterous behavior and then pin the blame on your husband, not only are you all jacked up, but you're gone! If you can look your husband in the face and invite him to come hang out with you and your boyfriend...well, then you're my ex, but you're also gone! If you believe you still have to make sure you don't "miss" any part of your youth after you have kids, and your kids are not your all-enthralling mission, not only do you suck, but you're gone!

...oops...talking about the ex again. Basically, after taking a marriage vow, you should at least demonstrate loyalty and respect for the other least until the divorce is final. Running out and banging someone else and catching a disease and blaming it on your husband while he's home reading with your 3 1/2 year old ...oops, there I go again...but at least the carpet cleaning shithead she had got his commuppance when she pulled the same crap on him she did on me, not six months later...after he was living in my house and...much to my surprise...I was supporting him. Pathetic...but some women love to see how low they can go...

But now there are no worries!!! I have an absolutely amazing chica, I wouldn't walk across the street to pee on the ex if she was on fire, and hey...Acidman still talks to Da Goddess...

Blame and Shame. Are we as weak as we look?

Hate to say it, but it looks like my predictions for after the storm, posted on 2 SEP, are going to come true, and do so in spades. (no, that wasn't a racial reference) . I'm actually listening to some Spanish guitar music which always mellows me out, so the real edge is off. Too bad...

The democrats are purposely trying to divide this country in the hopes of gearing-up for the next election. Despicable yes, but not surprising if you think about the dickheads we put in office nowadays (that's a term for both genders in this situation). No one wants those jobs, since you have to hang out with back-stabbers, brown-nosers, apple-polishers, liars and ass-kissers, who are basically reprehensible and annoying. So look who takes them... Are we a country of people who can't step up and say "yep, we fucked that up" and then try to fix what they did wrong? Nooooooooo. Of course not. It's much easier to blame someone else. Weak-minded knuckleheads, all of them. We look like France on this one...which is ironic in the light of the fact New Orleans is another failed French idea...not surprising, right? People are laughing around the world!

I think the next person in Washington DC that lays blame on someone else for the theoretically poor (but actually as good as you could expect) reaction to the hurricane should be required to take his or her cronies down and bail out New Orleans with a bucket.

You know, protesting for the hurricane victims in front of the White House is real effective. Yep, so is trying to shove a pillow up your own butt! Go to New Orleans and help out, or go back to work and send the extra money over to the Red Cross. Those people make about as much sense as that goofy professor from Colorado. Again, we look like fools overseas, where I happen to be, watching all this crap on foreign news channels. No wonder why people hate us so much...

We bicker, we insult each other, we continue racial stereotypes and racist tension, it's like a'll never heal unless you stop picking at it. I'd love to tell all the politicians and ex-politicians to shut-the-hell up.

Oh, read the article called Two Americas, One White, One Black, on the website "" and see if that retard doesn't have a political bias and a warped sense of reality.

You know what, I'm just tired of talking about it.

September 7, 2005

How did I get so lucky?

I'll tell you what...fortune comes in many forms. Where once I was married to a skanky little fake blonde fragile ego Florida cracker who could best be described as a manmilk guzzling gutter-slut, I'm now blessed by a woman who is old school, good family, loyal as a guard dog, and smoking hot in the classic sense. Want something better? She's from Spain, and grew-up in Panama, so there's no American girl chip on her shoulder. I'm actually her biggest fan, since after devoting the 12 years after her goofy husband left her for that faggoty game called golf, she devoted her life to nothing but her kids, and she has the best attitude of anyone I know. Hopefully some of it rubs off...

A friend of mine, who used to be a Catholic priest and an Army Chaplain (but that's a story for another day) now finds himself equally fortunate. While going on a chaplain's retreat during his service in Korea a few years ago, he met the love of his life waiting to go to Hawaii in the Inchon airport! She was actually the niece of another chaplain, and fast forward to today, he has two beautiful kids, and his wife is ready to have the third any day. I have to say I'm envious of him, as I was only able to have one kid with my ex before she turned into a porcupine (you know..if she poked-out as many times as she's been poked-in).

What's the key ingredient here? The similarity? My friend's girl is from the Philippines, and has no American girl chip on her shoulder either. In fact, she's not upset at all about being a woman, unlike my ex. There's no foul language coming from either of them. They were taught that men and women should live harmoniously, not be in competition with one another. They understand that just like lions and tigers, we're both members of the same species, but we're different, so no need to compare. All those typically American phenomenon like "the battle of the sexes" are seen as ridiculous by such women, and should be. Moral of the story? In 99% of cases, marrying a foreign woman will give you a higher chance at a successful marriage and a happy life.

To add to my assertions, here's what my friend recently said:

American chicks will constantly put stress on their husbands about not having enough money.

On my way back to Iraq, a soldier had left an FHM magazine lying around and having never seen one, I decided to take a look. What a stupid magazine. Do men really read this? The women are total skanks, hussies, sluts and hos. These are the exact women that men should avoid at all costs (except, perhaps, for the occasional sport fuck.) Is this what American women aspire to be? Do men realize that if one of these skanks is able to snag him, his life will become a living hell? (For the time it lasts and she no longer needs him and she has found something better (read: richer). My perception was that this magazine (and probably those like it) actually mock men, ridiculing him and blinding him from seeing that there is so much better out there.

These people hate the traditional, conservative values of real women, the foreign ones. Maybe Acidman needs a vacation in the Philippines or Panama.

I've read Acidman's comments on women, and agree with him.


Bob Denver's Doomsday

Man! Just when you think things are chugging along, good old Bob Denver up and dies on you! Rats! He'll never know that he's one of the reasons why I don't believe we ever landed on the moon. Yep, you heard me right.

Riddle me this...Gilligan's Island in black and white, but color movies from the MOON? Yeah, right! Next thing you'll tell me is that's Tang powder in the hula hoop instead of sand! What's more is, in one episode the space capsule landed on Gilligan's Island and there was way too much room inside it and way too little shit that should be in a space capsule. Not serious about that last thing.

He also taught me about women (believe it or not). Sadly, I must have stopped watching the show entirely too soon, which probably explains the ex. He showed me there are two types of women (mostly, with exceptions). There are those you marry, and those you F (word beginning in F, rhymes with Firetruck) . Ginger was the plaything, the one whose looks wouldn't last and you got the idea she had taken a few trips around the block. Besides that, she was egocentric, insecure, and a giant tease, just the kind of chick you don't want. Maryanne was the girl from back home, not worldly in her ways and old fashioned (which means she was nobody's college f (same word as before) doll, but who just so happened to be smoking hot with looks you could tell would last longer than Gingers. She was insecure also, but in a naiive, young girl getting compared to an unfair example of another woman sort of way. Ginger was the one you screwed, Maryanne was the one you married. Through all this, Gilligan maintained an obvious vow of abstinence as did the other castaways, because unless they had a boat full of condoms, no one was having sex on the island! Just a TV show? No way was the first reality series just like Survivor!!! There are STILL things you don't show on TV...

Well Bob, I'm not done my lesson, but what can I do? I still wonder how after all that time, the Skipper was as fat the day you were rescued as the day you were marooned. Also, would you have stood a better chance of surviving the storm if you didn't let people pack so much shit for a three-hour tour? Also, why does the show have one picture of the boat on the beach, and in another, it seems to be half-way up a hill? Okay, in the episode with Reb Brown as the surfer, how could you be up in the tree and see him surfing in a wave at the beach after he decided to paddle back to Hawaii, but not realize you were close enough to swim there yourself? Oh well, secrets Bob will take with him to the great island in the sky...

Fair-thee-well Gilligan... Fair-thee-well...

The term "that's to die for"

You know, I think the term "to die for" is really situationally dependent, and if used in a non-combat or not in a "protection of your family" reference, it's actually pretty f-ing stupid. Take for instance your basic 18-year old know-nothing-fashion-immersed twit, who eyes a new pair of low-rise jeans where they've finally figured out how to expose a girl's vagina while keeping them up. she looks longingly at them and breathlessly utters that rediculous comment "those are to die for." Oh yeah? Excellent! I was just thinking the same thing! If you're offering to push that teen suicide rate even higher, I'm all for that! There you go genius, here's a toaster to take in the tub with you! Mak sure you push the pretty little bar on the side all the way down once you're in the water, it's really fun!

Then we have your basic overweight, self-proclaimed "gourmet," which in most cases is just that person's excuse for having a body that looks like 200 pounds of chewed bubble gum. As they hoist a spoon full (a spoon the size of a kids beach shovel) of some type of crap no regular person whould eat based on the unusual looks of the chow alone, they trap the contents of the shovel in their mouth like snapping a rat trap, close their eyes, pull their head back revealing the third chin, and there we go again...out comes the phrase "that's to die for." Again, if said individual would like to die for that, I'd be more than happy to cram the rest of it down his or her craw, along with any other food item, utensil, or object within reach at that moment. What a silly thing to say! BrainClogger strikes again!

Some other things not worthy of dying for: clothing, vehicles, properties; the "shit" you have in your pockets; anything that has that stupid f-ing "Starter" logo or a sports entertainment "team" on it; food; the money in your wallet; in response to something stupid someone said to you; cheerleading (yep, in Texas they kill each other over cheerleading), any kind of sports contest; someone else's girlfriend or spouse; parking spots, pets (you can buy a new cat for less than 20 bucks), someone else's fight, traffic jams, bling-bling...well, you get the picture.

If you need to know what is worthwhile in case that life and death decision actually comes, here is the short list. Your family and friends, most human life...and Slurpees. Yes, Slurpees. Hey, I'm in the desert. What did you expect for me to say? for the dying for your God or your country thing, the jury is still out on that. Your God isn't everybody's god, and until he actually shows-up and tells you to give it up, I'd hold back a while. As for countries, if you think it's your fight, have at it, but remember, your country is made up of a bunch of lying politicians who can very easily get you into a world of shit that isn't your fight, and it's not your time to die for those dipshits. If you think it is, that's fine too...

Austin Powers meets Blacula!

I betcha Mike Meyers won't ever do another telethon! Imagine that...forced to stand there while Kanye West blurts out "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Wow! Kanye, it took you that long to think that up between shopping trips for "bling-bling?" Mike must have had a shiznit! Flash! Austin Powers ambushed at politically-correct guilt-laden charity event."

So Kanye, how long did it take you to think that one up? No worries, you'll probably boost your album sales with an idiotic comment like that anyway! One problem though...there are no black people. Nope. Sorry. You have to call all "formerly" black people "African Americans." didn't you get the memo? So you see, Mr. Bush can't possibly hate "black people" because there aren't any. I thought you knew that?

You see...political correctness just bit old Kanye in the ass... Scroll down for my earlier moment of racism. There's a message about standing on your own two feet and taking personal responsibility Kanye may want to read. After all, weren't YOU supposed to have the disaster plan for New Orleans? No? Then why was it Mr. Bush's job instead of the guy that runs the actual city? Hmmm. I wonder who's being a racist now, Kanye?

You know, I'm trying real hard to stick to my personal philosophy that only two types of people exist in the world...regular people, and assholes. Problem is, people all over the place are doing their level best to get me to change my mind.

Hey! Isn't that a United Nations symbol on his shirt? That's all we need... I don't want to hate you Kanye, and luckily, I don't have to. Why? Because you're an asshole. Just ask Mike Meyers...

September 6, 2005

Evacuate England!!!

Do you think Mr. Blair has a plan to evacuate all of Great Britain in case of disaster? Does he expect to have to do that?

Well, New Orleans is bigger than that! Was the President really supposed to have that plan ready? Was he really expected to react with perfect timing and evacuate an entire city's worth of people somewhere else? Come on...whatever these politicians are smoking, I don't think it's legal!

The news is no better. I'm suprised and saddened by Fox, who seem to be on the "Bash Bush Bandwagon," and don't even get me started on CNN World. Things take time...

My racial moment...Sorry

Well, if Farrakhan was here, what would he say? Who knows, because he is BLINDINGLY absent! Tell you what I say...if people in New Orleans want to bitch and complain about how they're treated, they need to ask themselves some questions, then look at their situation.

-they're no longer residents of anywhere.
-they were living on hand-outs from the government they apparently have such a dislike for
-they're a burden on the rest of us.
-they're on the road...some of them were actually on airplanes!
-they claim to be "African-American, not Americans or Black Americans.

What does this add up to? If you're disgruntled with the U.S., you think you're getting screwed, you have no home, and you claim to be from somewhere is the perfect time to go back to Africa, or forever SHUT THE FUCK UP. Get off your ass, grab a broom, a shovel, or whatever, and help yourself and your neighbors get themselves out of the crap they're in! Stop waiting for a handout! You be the one that gives out the food. You be the one that carries the old ladies. You be the one that picks up the trash. Maybe somewhere along the way you'll find your self-respect? Maybe somewhere along the way you'll understand what it is to help someone else for a change. Maybe then you'll understand how frigging weak you look and how much you embarrass yourself and those around you by actually trying to be helpless and worthless and having a "slave" mentality. Your dignity is only a step away! Take the step! You'll be glad you did! It's not even that big a step, but it can make all the difference in the world! Take it...take the chance you're given, or take it on your heels and piss off!

Still waiting...

...for all those people who said they were leaving the country if GW won the presidency to finally leave. Problem is, they're liberals, with skewed senses of reality, altered states of consciousness, a flair for the dramatic, and a penchant for lying...

Hey! They sound just like the ex!

She won't go away either...

Puddle, ditch, big city, whatever...

Another successful French experiment, on the same list of successes as Sierra Leone, Haiti, their response to World War 2, French Indo-China, Le Car, Pugeot sales in America, their help with 9-11, etc. Okay, instead of a house on stilts, they build an entire city below sea level next to an ocean! A house on stilts in parts of New orleans would still be underwater!!! Yep, another bright idea, about as pleasant as goat cheese. Storm water run-off? Not in New orleans. It's storm water pump-out. Did any of these people ever dig a hole on the beach? You reach water really fast people, really fast! How the hell did ANYONE get flood insurance in this "accident waiting to happen?" My old house in Florida was 8 feet above flood level, not just sea level, and I still had to get flood insurance!!! Maybe New Orleans just wants to be the next Atlantis. Hey! Who are we to screw with that, eh? Let it go, it was a shithole anyway. When the place is in the middle of the divine "smiting" process, best to not interfere!

I have an idea! We'll go down to the beach, wait for low tide, get as close to the water as we can, and bury ourselves up to our necks in the sand. Nothing will me...


Mayor Ray "Please Go Away" Nagin

Did Rudy cry? Are big city mayors like the Mayor of New Orleansupposed to cry like little girls in the face of disaster? Does it help? Is it to get the sympathy vote? Is it for the chicks? Is it so people will think he's a nice guy? Is it because he was being screwed over by "the man?"

No. It was because he failed. Mayor Nagin could no longer live the lie that the federal government or even the state were to blame for the crisis in his city. Say again...his city. He lived there, knew the issues with the levee's, and had an emergency management department, city engineer, city manager, police and fire departments, as well as others right there in the city available to him. He should have planned for this. He could have planned for this. He didn't plan for this.

He failed. He demonstrated incompetence. He stood by while the governor, the congressional black caucus, and the democrats in Washington deflected the blame. Trouble is, he could only do it for so long. That's the problem with being a only last in that glass house until a crisis comes along that you should have been ready for, or at least planned for help to come to you "just in case." Your new claim to fame is being on air Force One, advising the governor and the president to "be on the same sheet of music." Well, I have some music for's called Taps...and it's playing for your political career...

Don't let the door hit you in the ass, or better still - don't drown...on the way out of town.

Kevin Bacon to Blame for Flood in New Orleans

That's right! I saw that bastard down at the levee with a shovel! Or did I?
Hey! When your career starts to flag or people hate you like Sean Penn, what can you do? You can either go on a drunken bender, kick someone's ass, check into rehab, come out and have a comeback, or create the biggest UNNATURAL disaster in history and then "ACT" like you came over to help with the relief effort!!! Plus, the ass-kicking part is a "been-there, done-that" for old Sean. What a great guy that Sean Penn, he showed up and rescued one person, while simultaneously wearing body armor to protect himself from all those FRIENDLY people, while making sure his personal photographer, (who was on the boat), got lots of "money shots." Now there's humanitarian relief in action!!! Problem was, his "entourage," (and only assholes have entourages) took up too many spots on the boat, and if you've seen the TV, you obviously noticed the size of some of these New Orleans residents, so fat chance of Sean helping out unless you're a 10-year old. But he's a liberal and can't possibly be to blame. I know, it's Kevin Bacon's fault! He gave Sean Penn the idea when they did the movie "Mystic River" together, with that other hateful liberal Tim Robbins!
Want more proof? "A Streetcar Named Desire" was based in New Orleans. That movie featured Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando was in Apocalypse Now with Lawrence Fishburne, and Lawrence Fishburne was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon! Did Kevin feel left out? I wonder?
It may just be a democratic plot. Hillary Rodham Clinton was in Last Party 2000 with Tim Robbins, and Tim Robbins was in Mystic River with guess who??? Need more?
Ted Kennedy's brother was president Kennedy, who was in the Zapruder film of the Kennedy Assasination with Jean Hill. Jean Hill was in Beyond 'JFK', The Question of Conspiracy with Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman was in Murder in the First with Kevin Bacon. More?
James Carville (the evil one) was in The People Versus Larry Flint with Courtney Love. Courtney Love was in Trapped with Kevin Bacon.
Democrat liberal Bryant Gumbel is from Louisiana, and was in the movie The Hard Way with Mos Def. Mos Def was in the Woodsman with Kevin Bacon.
New Orleans native Harry Connick Jr. helped pitch the new movie Beauty Shop with Kevin Bacon. He was also in My Dog Skip with Kevin Bacon
Bayou LaBatrie Louisiana was devestated by Katrina and also by hurricane Camille. Bayou LaBatrie was in the movie Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon!
The actor John Larroquette always seemed like he could be either really cool, or a complete ass. He's from Louisiana. He was in JFK with Kevin Bacon.
Arthur Franz was in The Young Lions in 1958 with Maxamillian Schell. Maxamillian Schell was in Telling Lies in America in 1977 with Kevin Bacon. Arthur Franz did a movie called what? guessed it...New Orleans!
Louis Armstrong, the most beloved man in New Orleans, was in Hello Dolly in 1969 with Walter Matthau. Walter Matthau was in JFK with Kevin Bacon!
Kevin Bacon also has a history of tragic movies involving water, including The WildRiver, Wild Things, White Water Summer, and Mystic River.
James Earl Jones is from Mississippi. James Earl Jones was in A Clear and Present Danger with Benjamin Bratt. Benjamin Bratt was in The Woodsman with Kevin Bacon.
Gerald McRaney is from Mississippi. He was in Hansel & Gretel with Dakota Fanning. Dakota Fanning was in Trapped with Kevin Bacon.
Sela Ward is from Mississippi. She was in The Day After Tomorrow with Emily Rossum. Emily Rossum was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon.
Oprah's from Mississippi and we all know how irritating she is. She was in The Color Purple with Lawrence Fishburne, who was in Mystic River with old Kevin!
Truman Capote was a weirdo from New Orleans. He was in Murder By Death with James Coco. James Coco was in Only When I Laugh with Kevin Bacon.
Kevin's always seemed like a guy frustrated with not quite breaking out and achieving the stardom he expected. I think he was tired of living in people's shadows, and broke the levee to settle some scores.
...or is Sean Penn the genious actor and self serving knucklehead he appears to be?

Democrats Hate Black People

The Democrats are absolutely overjoyed that Katrina caused the damage it did! They're ecstatic! Why? To them, Katrina's wrath and the resulting situation is yet another chance for them to do their favorite thing...ABSOLUTELY GODDAMNED NOTHING!!! Why work when you can sit and bitch all day about how bad the Republican administration's response was! When asked what they would do, all you get is "not what the republicans did," but when asked for specifics, they freeze-up like deer caught in the headlights. That's because they're a political party on life-support, one that is a regime of hate bigger than any movement in modern history, bar none. but they are expert in covering up their own incompetence, and there's lots of examples of that. The difference with them is, they're sneaky, like a bunch of cats coming to tip over your trash cans at night, but not brave enough to be there in the morning and let you see who did it. They want to rule by turning you off to others, yet offer no plan of their own. Want proof? It's all around you. Here it is:
-Hilary Clinton: She wants to be president one day, and while her sickly "husband" is off trying to apparently help out, she wants to form another beaurocracy to "study" the problem. People should understand this means in order to not have to do any other work that may impact badly on her chances for election. After all, lame ducks are still ducks. She also wants to form another cabinet position for the FEMA chief, apparently expecting more disasters of this kind. Truth is, she wants the black vote in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and would stoop this low to get it.
-Senator Reid. Do I even need to comment on this dipshit? Whenever they need an example of a hateful, vile obstructionist with no agenda than to trash others, they wheel out this relic. Just thinking about him makes me feel the chunks rising up in my throat. Truth is, he wants a democrat in the white house, is in-step with Mrs. Clinton, and could care less about the hurricane victims.
-The Congressional Racist(Black) Caucus. Hey, any chance they get to trash the president they take. Why did they take this one? Easy! The blame for lack of preparedness lies with the Mayor of New Orleans, who is a democrat and a black man, and the governor of Louisiana, who is a democrat and a female. Why take the blame when you can pin it on "the Man ... Whitey ... White Devil" George Bush? That's a no brainer, so they wheel out perpetually hateful and useless Senator Cummings to shamelessly bash the president and further the democrat's dream of doing nothing and pin it on the republican administration before anyone catches onto their fiendish plan! How do they cement the notion of wanting to be worthless and inept? Another no-brainer...wheel out Jessie Jackson's kid, who got elected on the color of his skin and uses it as his only qualification. Again, shamelessly pushing the "no responsibility means no accountability" democratic agenda. Deep down, they hate blacks too, because they never want to help any out, but just yell at others for not doing it and point out how evil everyone else is. Get off your own asses before you blame someone else for sitting on theirs. Do you realize you're being televised around the world and not everyone is mesmerized by your dog-and-pony show?
Brain Clogger