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September 6, 2005

Democrats Hate Black People

The Democrats are absolutely overjoyed that Katrina caused the damage it did! They're ecstatic! Why? To them, Katrina's wrath and the resulting situation is yet another chance for them to do their favorite thing...ABSOLUTELY GODDAMNED NOTHING!!! Why work when you can sit and bitch all day about how bad the Republican administration's response was! When asked what they would do, all you get is "not what the republicans did," but when asked for specifics, they freeze-up like deer caught in the headlights. That's because they're a political party on life-support, one that is a regime of hate bigger than any movement in modern history, bar none. but they are expert in covering up their own incompetence, and there's lots of examples of that. The difference with them is, they're sneaky, like a bunch of cats coming to tip over your trash cans at night, but not brave enough to be there in the morning and let you see who did it. They want to rule by turning you off to others, yet offer no plan of their own. Want proof? It's all around you. Here it is:
-Hilary Clinton: She wants to be president one day, and while her sickly "husband" is off trying to apparently help out, she wants to form another beaurocracy to "study" the problem. People should understand this means in order to not have to do any other work that may impact badly on her chances for election. After all, lame ducks are still ducks. She also wants to form another cabinet position for the FEMA chief, apparently expecting more disasters of this kind. Truth is, she wants the black vote in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and would stoop this low to get it.
-Senator Reid. Do I even need to comment on this dipshit? Whenever they need an example of a hateful, vile obstructionist with no agenda than to trash others, they wheel out this relic. Just thinking about him makes me feel the chunks rising up in my throat. Truth is, he wants a democrat in the white house, is in-step with Mrs. Clinton, and could care less about the hurricane victims.
-The Congressional Racist(Black) Caucus. Hey, any chance they get to trash the president they take. Why did they take this one? Easy! The blame for lack of preparedness lies with the Mayor of New Orleans, who is a democrat and a black man, and the governor of Louisiana, who is a democrat and a female. Why take the blame when you can pin it on "the Man ... Whitey ... White Devil" George Bush? That's a no brainer, so they wheel out perpetually hateful and useless Senator Cummings to shamelessly bash the president and further the democrat's dream of doing nothing and pin it on the republican administration before anyone catches onto their fiendish plan! How do they cement the notion of wanting to be worthless and inept? Another no-brainer...wheel out Jessie Jackson's kid, who got elected on the color of his skin and uses it as his only qualification. Again, shamelessly pushing the "no responsibility means no accountability" democratic agenda. Deep down, they hate blacks too, because they never want to help any out, but just yell at others for not doing it and point out how evil everyone else is. Get off your own asses before you blame someone else for sitting on theirs. Do you realize you're being televised around the world and not everyone is mesmerized by your dog-and-pony show?
Brain Clogger

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