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July 16, 2018

Do Other Companies Fix Their Own Errors? Not COMCAST!!!

My father has been dead for three years. We tell Comcast over and over that he is no longer with us, therefore he is no longer the account holder at the service address.  They say they need a copy of the death certificate. Well, fuck you. Give me a copy of your father's death certificate, dipshit. Here we are offering to take the bill...asking to take the bill, practically begging, and Comcast is belligerent to us. Then there's the bill. New customer? Here are all the discounts in the world. Old customer? Yep, here's your new higher rate. Bang! For all the money you give us, eat shit, give us more. Loyalty be damned, we have a monopoly so bend over and take it!!! Seems upside-down to me. Oh, and they send the bill to the wrong address and won't change it. They made the mistake. Instead of an R2 on the bill (meaning Rear building, 2nd floor, and the identity of the mailbox), some careless philistine typed F2, which means nothing. But they won't make the change without the account holder's approval!!. You know, the guy that's been dead three years. Arrghh.


Onomatopoeia. Sounds like a bullshit word, doesn't it? Like some blue-blood high-brow canape-taking a-hole should say it with a deviated septum. Ahh-Nho-Mahh-To-Peee-Yaa." Say it while holding your nostrils closed. It seems like an unnecessary word. It means the naming of a thing or action by a vocal imitation of the sound associated with it (such as buzz, hiss); alsoa word formed by onomatopoeia (Miriam Webster). That last part makes it sound like the definition of "it is what it is." Like Slap. Douche. Barf. Why does naming a word after what it sounds like have to have it's own definition? It takes just as long to say "onomatopoeia" as it does "word spelled like it sounds." It's like someone saying "I dig your prose." No one except a pompous d-bag would say that. Or a wanna-be literary poser. Or any one of the numerous "I always wanted to be a critic. I just have to go trash every author I meet at Bookcon on Amazon." They suck. Wait! Is that Onomatopoeia? No. But it's the truth. And what explains "boink?"

Obamacare is the Boondoggle of all Boondoggles.

Boondoggle is defined as "work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value." I just read that the current total cost of the Affordable Care Act is $200,000 per insured recipient! How much more wasteful can you get? How can any politician look you in the eye with a straight face and tell you it's a good thing? Wait! I know the answer to that one. If private insurance would cost each person $50k, the government could buy every uninsured person a policy and save the rest of us $150,000 per person! My military pension is a shade over $40k a year and we spend $200,000 on each person for government health care no one voted for? Really? I know I ended in a preposition but what the hell! How do they get away with such politically-motivated and completely irresponsible spending? I'll tell you how; they use the construct of our nation against us. If we were a democracy, Obamacare would never have been implemented. Citizens would see the price tag. Then after a healthy dose of Pepto and some vilifying of the liberals, they would have voted it down. Not so in a representative republic. Crazies like Nancy "we have to vote on it to know what's in it" Pelosi and her socialist cohorts just rammed it down all our throats. They obviously have zero concern for spending our money. You know, the money we actually work to make. Then Big Brother made it a crime to not have the plan. Then they said "keep your doctor," and that was a lie. Then the other side took the whole thing to court. People jumped ship. Insurance companies did the same, yet liberals kept on shouting how great the program was and how it will save the world. The young people they thought were so stupid and gullible who would fund the whole debacle found insurance somewhere else, and the whole bad idea tilted over like a certain tower in Italy. Surprise! Young people are smart, much to the chagrin of liberals. Then politicians talk out of both sides of their devious heads. On one side it's "this way we can be like Canada and Cuba," while from the other it's "this way we don't have to be embarrassed by Canada and Cuba." Then they tell everyone republicans want to take away their health insurance. Too bad they fail to mention they were referring to people they believe might one day sign-up, not those already insured, and the part that was determined unconstitutional (not the tax; liberal judges got that left in).  Then they deflect. They try to shame us into taking from defense or another program to shovel more dollars into the Obamacare democrat money furnace. Then they deflect again; "the average premium under the program is only $367 dollars" they say with straight faces. So how does a family earning $2000 a month afford $1200 a month in premiums? They don't. It's a good thing the people earning below the poverty line don't know how much the program costs, or care. Democrats bought their vote on the backs of the rest of us and guaranteed their dependence on the government for generations to come. If someone explained the real situation to them, I think they'd rather just have the $50k. We should require every politician favoring the program to get their insurance through the so-called "Affordable Care Act." Didn't anyone get suspicious when the first thing democrats did was make sure they were exempt from it? Normally that would be an alarm bell (for normal people), but the corrupt liberal media decided to skip over that little tid-bit, successfully making it a republican canard rather than the fact it remains. But there is a bright spot; Obamacare funds a ton of lawyers, some enterprising internet entrepreneurs, and even more government bureaucrats. It allows drug and insurance companies to pump their prices up to skyrocketing levels, fuels malfeasance and fraud in medicare, pushes good doctors into general practice instead of their chosen specialty, allows big insurance providers to monopolize the market,  allows people that make just enough to be ineligible for Obamacare to go bankrupt paying for their families health insurance, and gives all of us a polarizing issue to fight over. So what's changed? Nothing. The biggest boondoggle of them all charges right along. Democrats pat each other on the back as they shovel our money into the fire. They think we're stupid. We're not stupid. We're just powerless.