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September 11, 2005

It's easy to be a lefty when you're loaded...

What do all these leftist, subversive, mentally deluded, insecure and emotionally needy hollywood (small H is intentional) people have in common? What do the likes of Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Martin Sheen (the evil one), Sean Penn, Rosie O'Donnel, Kirsten Dunst, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Danny Glover, Micheal Moore, Barbara Streisand, Springsteen, Mellencamp, Bon Jovi (not his real name), and all the other loathsome liberals like them have in common? That's simple. Money. And little do they know, it's the worthless job they do that enables them to be liberals. But you can tell they don't feel all that good about it. After all, their job is meaningless to humanity.

Maybe they feel unfulfilled because deep down, in places that are suposed to matter, they're empty. Empty because pretending to be someone else for a living while they bring simulated sex and mayhem to the masses just isn't necessary. Maybe it's because inside, the money makes them feel like whores, or like zoo animals surrounded by people who lead equally sick livings getting pictures of them. You can tell they're insecure. What do you think the awards are all about. It's a bunch of falsely rich people with tremendous egos and frail emotional states getting together to validate each other. It's pathetic and sad, but what's worse, this is what our country is worried about. Being entertained is the most important pursuit of Americans, right after money. Forget about duty, respect, honor, love, or anything that means anything, those things are too hard to get. Just color your hair blonde like Brad Pitt, who said he did it because he craved attention...apparently he's also a broad underneath.

Ever been out with your drinking buddies where you got so ripped that you thought everything you said was the most important thing in the world? Ever see drunk people having a really passionate conversation about war and peace, love, marriage or whatever, but when you get closer, you realize their conversation is actually incoherent to anyone else but them? That's what the money does to celebrities. They get these weird ideas and philosophies that are fueled by money just like the drunks at the bar, and they only make sense to themselves!!! Why don't they realize that? Hey Celine...SHUT YOUR TRAP! No one cares what you think, and that goes for all the rest of those Hollywood idiots. I bet you that if you add up all the money they give, it would be less than the same amount of private citizens in their pay range. Oh, but I forget...these people make more than anyone else in our country, with a few exceptions. That speaks volumes about the state of our country, our values, and just how jacked up we really are. much did all you celebrities donate to the hurricane relief effort? No, personal appearances don't count. Put up or shut up. Oh, and who volunteered for the USO besides Gary Senise (thanks Gary)?

If only Springsteen didn't jump on the liberal bandwagon. Does he know what that does to a guy from Jersey? Yep, I almost cried when I threw the CD collection away. Hey Bruce, how's that factory in your hometown, eh? I heard they asked you for some help...and you told them to pack it up their collective asses... Yep, you really ARE a liberal...

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