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October 15, 2008

Politicians are apparently stupid

You would think when someone contacts your campaign and tells you how big of a jerk you are, it would be a BAD THING. Well, according to the Obama campaign, I'm a loyal dem. Sure I am. I emailed and told him he did some stupid crap a few weeks ago, now I'm on the mailing list, and today someone actually called me to ask me to make phone calls! You know what they say when you ASSUME things. Maybe they should actually read their email. It just shows how politicians really don't give a crap about you or me, they're just in it for themselves

October 13, 2008

Columbo didn't discover anything.

Okay, Columbus "discovered" the new world...or really, he didn't! No, he didn't discover jack squat. First, how do you "discover" a place where people already live? Did he work for Discovery Channel or something? Then, unless your world view is one seen through the eyes of a European, and your "world" revolves around the ego centrism associated with the view that Europe is the center of the universe, Columbus is just a privateer searching for gold, which is what he was. I bet all the people he killed by spreading new diseases around really appreciated his "discovering" them. Here you go, nice to see you, give us some gold while we infect your village and oppress you with our apparently "superior" religion. Yep, that's how it starts. There's always someone out there thinking he's better than you, telling you how to think and showing you how wrong you are. Hmmm, seems oddly familar, doesn't it?

I approved this message

I hate that crap. Who said they have to say that? Who forgot that a lie by omission is still a lie? If Obama says McCain voted against alternative energy and McCain did that because it was a bad bill full of pork, the omission by No-Bama is still a lie. Yes, he's a liar. Oops...Brainclogger called the Messiah a liar! Yep, sure did. How did we ever get in this country where we elect the slickest salesman, the shadiest character, the guy that talks good but has no real record so in essence is talking out his ass? When did war heroes become taboo? Tell you what...I'm going to be selling the "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for McCain" bumper stickers at a discount very soon. You see, I'm not PC. I won't vote for the Half-African-American candidate out of fear or guilt or any other reason, and will vote against him because he is an unknown, untested, and untrusted choice. If it were Biden-Obama then maybe, because Joe Biden seems to be a normal person, but in the current format, nope, never, not gonna do it. As President Bush Senior used to say, "wouldn't be prudent." I'm Brainclogger and I approved this message.

Drop Baby drop!!! Here's how we fix our country.

I say let the stock market crash. I say let all those people that think social security is a retirement plan piss and moan till doomsday. I say take oil and gas off the commodities exchange so "anticipation" can't be a criteria for increased oil prices. I say jail the people that have half-million dollar parties the day before their company gets bailed out by the government. I say flog CEO's that get paid millions of dollars after leaving failed financial institutions. I say fire any congressman with an approval rating lower than the president's (that would be about half of them). I say throw out political parties once you're elected. I say take foreign car companies off the American financial markets. I say take money out of circulation and let the trade deficit drop with the price of oil. I say the Saudis are our enemy more than North Korea. I say let old Braincloggeer pick out the liars in government and throw them out on their ears.

Leave that kid alone!!!

The liberal media bastards are still at it, trying to uncover any dirt they can and proving their bias as well as their overt sexism as they throw as much dirt on Sarah Palin as possible. When are families off limits? When they're democrats? When their half-black and political correctness says vote for the black man so you can sleep at night guilt free? If people really want to be PC they would throw that ridiculous housewife Pelosi out on her ear. Liberals in congress have been so consumed by the upcoming election they've concentrated on nothing else to our detriment for the last two years. How anyone can vote for these idiots I just don't understand.