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September 7, 2008

You're the people my parents warned me about!

He's changing his mind again!

Now who is he trying to appeal to this time? Either you're going to recind the tax cuts or you aren't, you like taxes or you don't, you believe in the military or not, you're black, or half black, or American, or African American, or whatever? It makes me wonder if you can be half african american? This man is trying to be a metro-sexual (remember that term), racially situationally dependent, one-size fits-all guy and it just pisses me off. Who will you be tomorrow Mr. Obama?

Obama my butt!!!

How many days did you go to work last year? How about in the last six months? Well, the "Big O" was a Sentator who went to work for 140 some-odd days before going out and running for president. Basically four and a half months in my book, and now he wants to be my president. I don't think so. Calling him Senator is probably an insult to other senators that actually come to work, although they all need a kick in the ass. Oh, and how was your last performance review? Obama hasn't worked long enough to have one, but I'll tell you what it would be. Blank. There's nothing to say. Now he wants a promotion? Please...

Back after 2 years, 4 months

...and if you think I had things to say before, look out! People and things are more screwed up than ever, and blogs have more impact now. Besides, I have two years worth of stuff to get off my chest. I hope to link back up with my old blogger links soon.