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September 26, 2008

Don't spend the 700 Billion!!!

Okay so do we really want to reward greed? Do we want to bail out crooked developers and mortgage lenders after they bulldozed the landscape, sold property that didn't exist, sold 1% mortgages, and built shitty houses? Do we want to save people who bought way more than they could afford, with greed, ignorance, and vanity fueling their efforts? Do we save the knuckleheads that bought those 1% mortgages thinking there wasn't a catch? There's always a catch. What about the people that got into interest-only loans? Dipshits. I say let them swing. If I can suck it up, tighten my belt, and make sacrifices to pay my debts, I say they should do the same. Why do I have to be subjected to this socialist scheme where i have to suffer for the ignorance and greed of others. Besides, i see these miserable bastards every day commuting to work. Ever ride the DC Metro? If you say good morning to someone they look at you like you're an asshole. Non-smiling, unfriendly, less-than-civil drones that can't even muster the dignity or the neighborly attitude to go out of their way to say good morning. Until we're civil to each other, I don't want to pay my debts...and theirs, or yours. No thanks. Come on, say hi to old Brainclogger...I may be paying your mortgage. Now how's that for neighborly...

Never debate a lawyer

It's one of those things you learn as a kid, like "don't pee into the wind," or "never hit a chick," or "go on green, stop on red." Obama was slick, he was poised, he sounded great...but he's a suit, a lawyer, a stinking liberal, and a paper tiger with no experience or substance when compared to McCain. After all, you know what Shakespeare said about lawyers

Harry Reid has to go!!!

To take the opportunity when briefing about the financial crisis to pull a sickening, despicable political stunt like he did is over the line and he deserves to get fired. He insinuated the negotiations were going well until John McCain came back to Washington. That was low, even for a politician. He sucks. Yes Harry, the most miserable man on the face of the earth, you indeed suck. The pictures of the politicians sitting at the table with the President had one great one could see your miserable puss in any of them.