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September 6, 2005

My racial moment...Sorry

Well, if Farrakhan was here, what would he say? Who knows, because he is BLINDINGLY absent! Tell you what I say...if people in New Orleans want to bitch and complain about how they're treated, they need to ask themselves some questions, then look at their situation.

-they're no longer residents of anywhere.
-they were living on hand-outs from the government they apparently have such a dislike for
-they're a burden on the rest of us.
-they're on the road...some of them were actually on airplanes!
-they claim to be "African-American, not Americans or Black Americans.

What does this add up to? If you're disgruntled with the U.S., you think you're getting screwed, you have no home, and you claim to be from somewhere is the perfect time to go back to Africa, or forever SHUT THE FUCK UP. Get off your ass, grab a broom, a shovel, or whatever, and help yourself and your neighbors get themselves out of the crap they're in! Stop waiting for a handout! You be the one that gives out the food. You be the one that carries the old ladies. You be the one that picks up the trash. Maybe somewhere along the way you'll find your self-respect? Maybe somewhere along the way you'll understand what it is to help someone else for a change. Maybe then you'll understand how frigging weak you look and how much you embarrass yourself and those around you by actually trying to be helpless and worthless and having a "slave" mentality. Your dignity is only a step away! Take the step! You'll be glad you did! It's not even that big a step, but it can make all the difference in the world! Take it...take the chance you're given, or take it on your heels and piss off!

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