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March 12, 2021




 I just can't wrap my head around the total disregard it takes to be a democrat and/or a member of the Biden administration. There are so many examples this post could take two days to read, but I'll give you just a couple.

Today, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse trotted out to the White House Rose Garden. Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, and Harris. The Destroyers. They were met by applause from the biased, sycophantic globalist-owned lap-dog leftist propaganda media. They in turn applauded. It was disgusting. I was embarrassed for my country. Sheer hubris.

They came out to stump for the "COVID Relief Bill." Why? He already signed it. But why? They know the thing was rigged. They knew only 10% of it was for COVID. The rest was for them. Again, sheer hubris.

Then Biden spoke, and things go worse. He referenced a rigged Pew poll as the reason "the American people overwhelmingly support this bill." I call bullshit. When the biased, sycophantic globalist-owned lap-dog leftist propaganda media makes sure they make Biden look like a God and throw shade on anything that might threaten the Messiah, any poll will be completely skewed. 

Then Biden said this bill was "timely," and gave people the "relief they need." What does that look like?

  • Mafia-style hand-in-the-cookie jar payoffs to union pension funds. The lefty media didn't tell people about that. It was as if Jimmy Hoffa worked in the Biden administration.
  • Payoffs to failed blue states who suffer under the incompetence of their leftist leadership, which by default means punishing red states who benefit from their competent conservative leadership. The lefty lap dog media didn't tell the American people that.
  • Blatantly racist payoffs to non-white farm owners to the tune of 20% above the value of the loan. That's both racist and a blatant payoff vote buying. It violates not only the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, but every loan, banking, equal opportunity, and civil rights law on the books. The lap dog media took their orders from their globalist owners and stayed silent on this one. 
  • How do Democrats vote for something that is openly, blatantly against the law? What happened to the oaths they swore, the ones they were so worried about in January? Sure, use the oath to beat Trump over the head with, but forget about it any other time, right? When politicians purposely violate the law and promote racism, they should be immediately fired. 
  • Expansion of the ill-named "Affordable Care Act," which, by any rational metric is an utter failure. Last year the program cost $52,000 per capita for every person in the program. Lots of money being spread around with Obamacare. Cloward and Piven must pat Biden on the head daily.
  • Payoffs to the two cities that the leaders of the democrats call home.
  • Taking credit for the vaccine program and blaming the previous administration for all their failures. Biden said there was no vaccine when he came in office on 20 January, but got a vaccine on 21 December. How does that work? I know Soros told them to never say Trump did anything good, but Operation Warp Speed is the reason there are vaccines today. Leftist politicians cant muster up the dignity to admit that.
  • Globalist billionaires at Big Tech make sure the truth about the COVID bill never comes out, and attack anyone that tries to tell it. 
  • It disconnected the welfare system from the work requirement in it. 
What does it take to stand in front of the nation and announce the passing of a "COVID" bill that was rigged? Biden called it a "great achievement," saying in "all his time in the Senate," he knows how hard it is to pass "tough bills." I call bullshit on this too. It's about as hard as a champion MMA fighter beating a third grader. There was no bi-partisan support. They know it. They didn't need or even want it. They had the numbers, so hailing this as such a great achievement is again, sheer hubris.

How do you declare this such a great achievement in the fight against "COVID" knowing you're carving out big money for the people standing directly behind you. What do bail outs for New York and San Francisco have to do with COVID? Other states don't need it. They were screwed-up before COVID. Truth is, standing behind Biden was the senator from New York, the Speaker of the House from San Francisco, and the Vice President from where? San Francisco. The balls it takes to know that and keep a straight face are unimaginable. 

Finally, how do you muster-up the unmitigated gall and put your dignity on hold to go travel around to stump for a bill you not only already signed, but rammed though without a single committee vote, knowing it was done by reconciliation?  To take a bill misnamed as "COVID relief," knowing it's a blatant money and power grab and go around telling people how great it is, is once again, sheer, unbridled, blatant, unapologetic hubris. 

The biased, sycophantic globalist-owned lap-dog leftist propaganda media will undoubtedly continue their misinformation and propaganda campaign in support of democrats, furthering the billionaire globalist agenda of unlimited power in perpetuity, as leftists in Washington will continue their assault on the rest of the Constitution. I guess things like truth, dignity, and honor aren't even part of the equation. Billionaires made out great with this bill. Soros must be so proud.

The worst part is they played the American people for idiots. They called it the COVID bill until they knew it would be signed, then called it the "American Rescue Plan. Then they dropped the pretense and declared it the "most progressive legislation in history." They're actually proud of their deception. Proud of their raw power grab. Proud of raiding the coffer for their political agenda. When only 9% of the bill was for COVID, the press had to work overtime to make sure the people didn't notice the Democrat scheme to fleece them. It worked. Shame on all of them and a pox on all their houses.

March 8, 2021


The New York Times is officially the propaganda rag for Globalist-owned "woke" corporate leftist media and their democrat puppets. In the article, the idiot author actually said "Some of the frustrations voiced by Hispanic Republican men are stoked by misinformation, including conspiracy theories claiming that the “deep state” took over during the Trump administration and a belief that Black Lives Matter protests caused widespread violence."

What? A Deep State bureaucrat sent the NYT a letter last year trying to smear Trump and the paper protected him. We saw the violence with our own eyes. Stop lying to people. This California nitwit thinks she can lie to people and they believe it. I have word for her. Latinos are smarter than she thinks they are. By pushing the denial that the riots last summer got violent, the NYT is proving their bias, their corruption, and their submission to the SJW woke mob. Trump is gone. Now you can try telling the truth every once in a while.

The Gray Lady just shit the bed.

March 7, 2021


Attached is an article from 2019. A quick check today and the "Occupy Democrats" Facebook page is still alive and well. The article is even more valid today in light of recent Facebook censor events and their own admission of political bias. Funny how two immigrants from Mexico and a computer nerd that made it rich don't understand the freedoms that made them successful and embrace it, rather than tear it down. Shame on them.


Texas is doing just that. The globalist-billionaire puppet in the white house is carrying out their leftist campaign to destroy the nation, so Texas just stepped-in to stop it on their turf. Thank goodness for state sovereignty. Personally, I think the leftists are using illegal aliens and a border crisis to divert attention from their HR-1 total destruction of the United States while overloading the system in order to purposely destroy it (Cloward-Piven Strategy), but that's me. Its never about what they say it is...


 Biden Signs Election Executive Order to Increase Voting by Criminals (

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of the leftists putting law-abiding citizens last. What do I mean?

  • priority on attacking free speech (you said what? You're racist)
  • priority to illegal aliens
  • priority to amnesty for illegals
  • priority for teacher's unions
  • priority to environmentalists
  • priority to globalist billionaires
  • priority to failed blue state governments
  • priority to "critical race theory" (which is blatantly, overtly racist)
  • priority to the "1619 project" (a New York Times opinion piece that's become leftist dogma)
  • priority to Black Lives Matter
  • priority to denying Antifa
  • priority to leftist payback in the form of pork in the "COVID" bill
  • priority to change voter laws to entrench leftists in government
  • priority to removing government accountability and transparency by executive order
  • priority to political elites
  • priority to the double-standard
  • priority to leftist district attorneys funded by billionaire leftists
  • priority to abortionists
  • priority to China
  • priority to tech billionaires while coordinating to censor conservative voices
  • priority to gun control groups and attacking the constitution 
  • priority on attacking legal gun ownership while criminal violence is ignored.
  • priority on sacrificing children for the sake of politics
  • priority on ignoring human trafficking for the sake of politics
  • priority on harming women and girls for the sake of politics
And now...
  • priority on criminal voters.
That's typical lefty lawlessness. After Democrat fraud in the last election, why stop? After all, they won. Anyone with half a brain could see as soon as mail-in voting came in, the fix was in. No way that stumbling, impaired "president by executive order" embarrassment won in a fair election. Watching him is like watching the movie "Weekend at Bernies." This is the democrat "best and brightest?" Then the hypocrites in the Congress talk about "bipartisanship." Charles Schumer must have a required amount of lies he needs to spew daily like a drunk needs booze. Duplicity is their watchword. It's blatantly obvious none of them are thinking for themselves. How is destroying a nation "progressive?"