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May 30, 2021


I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. He comes from a country in the Middle East. His exact words to me were "wow, my friend, it seems your president and his party hate your country. He allows his party to call the majority all racists."
I wanted to disagree with him, but I couldn't. 

The democratic party in the United States is hell bent on dividing us, destroying us, and turning us into a third-world nation where the political class are rich, and everyone else is too poor and dependent on the government to do anything but suffer through it.

I spoke to another friend of mine from Europe. He said the newspapers there say our country is no longer great, that internal divisions have turned us into an irrelevant former superpower. 

He actually said "the left in your country are determined to ruin it for their own ends." He noted that billionaire globalists are partially to blame, that the democrats lied about COVID and used it to their advantage, how big tech billionaires manipulated the people, how democrats manipulated the electoral system and Biden is an illegitimate president who is obviously of diminished capacity. He told me he sold his house here, and that he felt bad for me knowing I served this nation for a long time, only to have corrupt influences ruin it. He said European countries are starting to turn away from the U.S. and look toward Russia and China. He also said Biden was successful in uniting historic allies, China and Russia. He also called the free run on the border and destruction of law enforcement an embarrassment. 

I wanted to disagree with him, but I couldn't. 

I spoke to a family member who comes from Central America. She said if we are all as "systemically racist" as leftists say, why aren't any of the people telling us how bad our country is leaving it? Then she said if it really was as bad as they say, then why are so many people trying to get in it? She asked why the leftists would accept that 30% of the women trafficked into the U.S. are raped? Didn't they say they were the "party of women?" She told me that worrying only about the ability to get an abortion is not a pro-female perspective. She said Biden eliminating the border and dividing our country is the sort of evil democrats do, just like how 95% of Panamanians didn't want Carter to give back the Panama Canal and U.S. forces to leave the country, and 95% of Americans didn't want him to give the zone back, but he did it anyway. Then she said Democrat globalists have been destroying our country for a long time. She said Panama has been dealing with the Chinese trying to force their way in so they could establish a military base there and also control the canal. She said China tried to trick their way in by promising COVID vaccines for a virus they created. 

I wanted to disagree with her, but I couldn't.