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January 30, 2021

When advertisers openly portray people as stupid

 Nothing like watching TV and seeing an advertisement for something like "Balance of Nature" fruit and vegetable supplements, or Goli, the apple cider vinegar gummies. You know, no one can take a pill anymore unless they get in touch with their inner child. These commercials show people taking their supplements to the gym. Yes, take a pill between sets. That'll help. You'll digest that pill in 3.5 seconds and feel the surge of energy. Can't do bicep curls before I stuff down a handful of broccoli supplements. Come on. These things won't do anything for you in that short a time, if at all. What's worse, physical activity after ingesting a shot of vinegar probably isn't what you want to do. 

Then there's the blatantly racist Popeye's commercial portraying a black man who is so moved by his delivery of fried chicken he's compelled to sing. What? How is reinforcing negative stereotypes not racist? Or the ill-advised commercials touting drugs to lower your A1C level. They sneak-in "and you could lose some weight," which makes people stop thinking about their blood sugar and think of their bodyfat. Nothing like going from something serious like diabetes to your vanity level over weight loss. 

Then there's Joe Namath and his Medicare ad. He says "get all you're entitled to," followed by some senior citizen droning "I'm getting all I'm entitled to." Arrghh.

We can do better. Much better.

Best Biden Metaphor of the Day


January 28, 2021

Brainclogger's "Hypocrite of the Day" is Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Here are the reasons in no particular order:

- She applauds oil industry people getting fired, but gets limo'd to work. Take the Metro. Ride your bike. That limo runs on gasoline there, Congressperson...

- She pushes her green new deal but flies from DC to NYC. Take the train. Buy a Prius.

- She takes far too much taxpayer money as she laughs at American citizens getting fired by Biden with no jobs to replace the ones they lost. Who made her the authority on who suffers in this country for their cause? Why isn't it them?

- She calls people "White Supremacists" with no notion that activity is also racist.

- She wants to remove republicans from congress for doing something democrats have done at least three previous times. Something in keeping with the constitution and completely legal.

- She knows nothing about guns but insists on having control over them. You fire them, not "set them off."

- She actively seeks to destroy the Constitution she apparently swore to "support, protect, and defend.

- She claims to have feared for her life during the intrusion at the Capitol. She is too pampered and immature to hold office. No one was out to murder anyone. 

- She says only what the Justice Democrats tell her to say. Not having her own opinion disqualifies her from holding office. 

- There is no way she went from broke bartender to luxury apartment, designer clothes and limo without a benefactor like the Justice Democrats, Zack Exley, and George Soros.

- She celebrated running Amazon out of NYC and losing 25,000 jobs, thinking tax relief breaks were dollar-for-dollar. This from an apparent "economics" major.

- Every American getting laid-off right now for her "Green New Deal" will hate the very air democrats breathe as they struggle to provide for families, parents, sick relatives, college funds, food, insurance, etc. as she lives in her luxury apartment and rakes in taxpayer money. This is how you breed radicals. Desperate people will do desperate things. 

- How about doing like the only government person to ever forego their pay, Donald Trump, and skip yours? Why don't all you liberal hypocrites do it? For every person you lay off, you have to give some of your pay to them.

- She doesn't like the military but she's happy to have them surrounding DC. 

- She doesn't like police but is happy having them surrounding the capitol.

- Her "Rules for Thee, but not for Me" attitude is sickening and hypocritical. 

Today's "Don't I feel like a Jackass" Award winner is---New Mexico


Apparently New Mexicans voted for Biden. Not sure why. Then "Mr. Honest and Loyal" Biden cancelled oil drilling on federal lands. That blows a hole in the New Mexico budget, which depends on oil operations on federal land to the tune of 35% of their economy. Remember the phrase "be careful what you wish for?" Knuckleheads. If the globalists really didn't manipulate the election and the people there actually voted for our new dictator, then New Mexicans scare me.

How do you like Biden now. 

January 27, 2021

I found people that don't want a border wall


Biden commits impeachable offense during first week in office.

 Biden Broke Federal immigration law, read here.

With his executive order halting all deportations, Biden broke federal immigration law. A president who openly, brazenly broke the law created by the Congress of the United States. A president who also violated the sanctity of a state and placed the people of that state in what Democrats love to say, "clear and present danger." A president who overlooked illegal immigration, rape, murder, crimes against children, illegal employment, human trafficking, overburdened health care system, hospitals, etc. etc. A president who should be impeached.

January 26, 2021



Biden just crapped on every patriotic American Citizen and violated his office in the same breath.

He said our history regarding 1776 was false. If so, the Constitution we hold so dear, he just claimed was fake, and if so, he isn't sworn to support, protect, and defend anything. He supports the "woke" racist victim culture of the 1619 project. He violated every EEO rule on the books and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

January 25, 2021

If we were a true democracy, democrats wouldn't exist

If we were a true democracy rather than a representative republic, there would be less ability for democrats to act unilaterally. Executive orders wouldn't exist. The will of the people would guide every decision rather than the will of globalists controlling people who believe they were elected king or queen (or diverse hypothetical gender of their choice). Everything would be voted on by citizens. The government would no longer be able to buy us with OUR OWN MONEY, hold our own money over our head, threaten to take our own money away, or spend it any way we didn't say. Democrats know the people want secure borders, a strong military, a strong economy, the rights granted in the Constitution, freedom, low fuel prices, a job, and not feel like a tyrannical government hates them. Democrats know without the globalist funding of the mail-in election, they wouldn't be in power anyway.

Chosen "representatives" should act like exactly that...Representatives

January 24, 2021

Welcome to Animal Farm

Read the plan to create the racist state here

Welcome to Animal Farm, where we are all equal, yet some are more equal than others. This is not equality. This is "equity." Forced equity is totalitarian institutionalized racism. This is discriminating against people based on demographics currently illegal to use as discriminating criteria. This is racism 101. MLK is spinning in his grave. It seems none of them ready the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Democrats opposed it from the start.


 Mail in voting: Good for you, but not for them. Read here

Globalists like Jeff Bezos were all fine and dandy when the fraudulent mail-in scheme was used to usher in their puppet for president. It was what he wanted. Now he sees the process being used against him and he's asking for a ruling. Hypocrite. Good for the goose, but not for the gander. So your workers don't have the same rights as you because you're a globalist billionaire? Hey, in today's world full of sniveling shitheads and megalomaniacal billionaires, if you foster socialist ideas  and not treat your employees like fragile royalty, they get "triggered" and unionize. I've always heard working at Amazon sucks. Did you ask anyone? Now you get to show your true colors. 

How do these rich hypocrites continually demonstrate their duplicity, double-standard, dishonesty and deceit and keep getting away with it? Answer: they own the news. Wake up America.