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March 21, 2012

Dental tourism? Como.

I just saw an Internet for "dental tourism," where you travel to Guatemala to visit an American-trained dentist and pay one-tenth of the price for treatment because the insurance overhead is cut out. $38 for a cleaning. $38!!! Wow. While perplexed, stunned and amazed, I'm also intrigued. What's next? If they come up with proctological tourism, count me out.

Carbon-hating president burns millions in carbon to protest carbon

Anyone else think it's disingenuous and hypocritical to use Air Force One and the rest of the aerial armada to go stump for alternative energy? Hey Obama, next time take a convoy of Prius' you phony jackass!!! If carbon is the fuel of the past, why did you just spend a few million dollars on it? Maybe your solar buddies could have helped you out? Wait, one went tits-up, another does business in Mexico, and the other has their hand out for more. For shame. Punch yourself in the face...

White House coke machine replaced by smoking crack.

When you are so political you think searching for long- term energy solutions that don't exist is more important than lowering the price of gas when it's at an historic're smoking crack.

When you believe it's smart to fly around in a couple 747's and military jets carrying your limousines and burning millions of dollars in fuel to go talk about the cost of're smoking crack.

When you haven't granted any lew oil leases, decreased the amount of federal land available to drill, but tell everyone you increased're smoking crack...not to mention lying.

When you give half a billion dollars to a solar company that fails and keep thinking your energy policy has a point other than politics and your energy secretary has come thing other than shit for're smoking crack.