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April 28, 2006

The Mexican Space Program...

I looked at someone and said "If I said to you...the Mexican Space Program" and immediately got a laugh. Strangely enough, I wasn't joking. They really are planning a Mexican version of NASA. Really, I'm not making this up!

However, I do have a few questions:

-Will it be a benefit to landscaping in general?
-Will the Mexican Space Center be built illegally across the American border in, say maybe Arizona or California?
-Will there be any Mexicans left to go into space, or will you have to get them back from the U.S.?
-Will you design the space suits around the size of the indigenous Mexicans of Indian ancestry, or around the taller, white Mexican racist elites that run the place? (Still wonder why they don't mind if people leave?)
-Will the menu on the spacecraft be truly Mexican or Tex-Mex?
-Does this mean soon we'll have an immigration problem on the moon?
-Ai Caramba!
-Since most American astronauts come from the U.S. Air Force, where will Mexican astronauts come from? Most Mexicans talented enough to join the Air Force come join ours. Do you even have an air force?
-So will you spend the money on the Space Center that you already don't spend on education, medical care, poverty, welfare, the environment, or other measures to stop the millions of Mexican citizens fleeing the country like rats fleeing a sinking ship?
-Can you put it in Juarez? That way Americans can get a beer and a nice case of the crabs from a Mexican hooker, watch the launch, and be back home in time for wrestling on TV, and Mexicans won't have to stop while wading across the Rio Grande in order to see a launch.
-Do you want to put people in space, just benefit from space tech, or merely be one of those cheesy "shooting satellites into space" type of operations? There's enough shit floating around in space already...
-Does referring to a Mexican during atmospheric re-entry as a "refried bean" sound racist to you?

Latin Hollywood Actors Talk Out Their Collective Ass...

First, Salma Hayak made the mistake of thinking she was anything more than a nice piece of ass. She's about as loyal to Mexico as Nanook of the North. Here's some pampered Hollywood liberal giving a "go team go" comment on her way to a European promotional tour for a movie she made where she pretended to be someone else and got paid for it. Wow! Talk about your benefit to society. where did you make all your money there, Sweet Pea? Who's side are you on anyway?

Edward James Olmos said protests and boycotts will teach the US a lesson? Right. I love how everyone thinks people here illegally should tell the United States government how wrong the government is. By the way, Eddie, politicians don't learn anything, or didn't you learn that since you're born and raised in Los Angeles? Whose side are you on anyway?

John Leguizamo, who came to this country when he was 4, says it's "insulting" that the law would call an immigrant a criminal. Well John, apparently you're a talented actor, but you're just not that bright. Or maybe you're only hearing what you want to hear. Or possibly, in true Hollywood liberal fashion, you're spinning the truth for your own benefit. Hmmm. In case you haven't been listening, they're calling illegal immigrants criminals. By the way, what's your immigration status? Whose side are you on anyway?

I know. Since Mr. Leguizamo finds it so horrible to call immigrants criminals, I'm going to find out where he lives, barge in, raid his fridge, demand health care, move some of my family in, insist he teach me everything he knows in the language of my choice, and when he tries to throw me out, start a protest in his living room telling him how wrong he is.

Actually, I doubt if any of these Latin Hollywood-puke rich people would even let me in their door? After all, I'm only in the Middle East defending their rights to be hyphenated-Americans, and obviously not as important to society as people who make a living playing "let's pretend."

April 25, 2006

Bush Orders Probe Into Gas Price Cheating

Sure he is. That's like having a fat kid look into who's eating all the donuts.

The President, the Vice President, and all their cronies are oil men! Holy crap! The President even owned an oil company! That's why it irks me every time I see him doing that timid, disingenuous "I hope the oil companies are doing the right thing" act, it makes me want to spew lunch! Come on dude, you know exactly what they're doing.

They're the biggest corporations in the world, and just happen to be the most heavily subsidized by taxpayer money. We actually pay a ransom to the oil companies to keep the prices down, and the president gives us that bullshit act? Thanks, but I'm not that gullible.

Why not just say the oil companies play a huge part in our economy, we live in a capitalistic country where businesses are supposed to make money, and no one in government really gives a shit about the taxpayer. I could live with that. Or how about "you bought the big SUV's, now live with them." I can deal with that too, but treating people like they're stupid just pisses me off.