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November 14, 2005

So I took a poll... my section as to the pronunciation of the following words:


...and I still got the "eye-RACK" pronunciation. When I said it bothered me that a certain general officer pronounced it even worse than that, I heard "well, he's from the South."

Imagine my surprise... Not...


The Ugly American speaks, and sounds like a dolt.

Every day I hear people pronounce the word Iraq as "eye-RACK" and it sends a chill up my spine every time. It's clearly nowhere near the proper pronunciation, and I hear it from everybody, all the way up to people wearing multiple stars! Eek!

I think sometimes it's because of American arrogance. Yep, we're an arrogant lot. An attitude fostered by years of warfare abroad, and a "do and say whatever you want" attitude back home. Americans routinely "piss in other people's Wheaties" with wreckless abandon, all the while thinking we have a right to. We think we have a right to everything, and would never entertain even the slightest notion that maybe we don't. This gives rise to what I call the "American apologist," which is a person who is fairly well-traveled (for Americans, it's anyone who has ever stepped off the rock and gone somewhere other than just Cancun for spring break), and does his part to reverse the negative attitudes held by people of other countries toward us.

Arrogance and decadence go together, you know. If either of them were of a lesser degree in the US, I say 9-11 wouldn't have happened. I also think people just don't care about showing respect to others. Our moral values are down the proverbial "crapper."

Take for instance whenever I tell someone I'm from South Jersey. Without fail, someone will say "oh, you're from Joy-zee?" I didn't use the common "Joe Piscopo" pronunciation, yet I get it given back to me every time. Little do people know how big of a "jer-koff" they sound like when "dissin" me. The irony is, some of these people are the most hillbilly, sister-marrying, shit-kicking, backward-ass redneck retards you've ever seen. A lesson in how I pronounce my state by some dipshit spitting "cope" in a bottle is really valuable to me...

So then here we are with "eye-RACK." Can we try to pronounce countries correctly BEFORE we invade? Can we send out some damn memo or something? Come on people, you watch TV? Every once in a while you hear an Arab say Iraq, which sounds like "E-rock" or "ear-rock" but in no way, shape, or form is it "eye-RACK!"

I know, we should be saying "Eye-magination, Eye-diot, Eye-maginary, Eye-legitimate, and possible Eye-gnorant." At the very least, we sound "Eye-literate." Well, what do expect from the home of the "nuke-ya-ler" weapon?

You see, the Ugly American has no concern for his mispronunciation. He thinks his way of speaking is correct, while others would say "well, he's a good-old boy so whadda-ya expect," or something in deference to his heritage and section of the country, all the while thinking he or she was simply uneducated. However, in other countries, and for those immigrants in our own country, they take our blatant mispronunciation of their homeland as an insult, and a sign of disrespect and arrogance from Americans. But then again, we don't give a shit, right?

Yep, no worries about our arrogance. Nope. No one will attack people on our own soil, or strap bombs to themselves, or send biological agents through the mail, or anything like that. How dare they show such arrogance....such contempt for us...the Ugly American.