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October 25, 2008

Obama is a BABY KILLER

Is this what women want? Is this really what feminism is all about? Click on the title...please...

October 19, 2008

My God is McCain paying attention?

For God's sake, is anyone listening??!!! What about the last two years of the Pelosi Congress that spent its time doing nothing but worrying about getting a dem in the white house and nothing else? What about their doing nothing that would jeopardize their staying in office? Are Americans so dumb they don't realize that doing nothing to hurt their political careers means doing nothing!!! Are we so stupid we don't understand their actions are exactly why they should all be fired? Do people really believe only what they see on TV between portions of American Idol? Please, tell me we don't go spill our blood for people that don't understand that a 9% approval rating is 4 times lower than the presidents? Why doesn't McCain talk about the failure of the pelosi congress? Remember the infamous "First Hundred Day" promise? They didn't do any of it, and Obama was one of them! Now we're going to make him and Biden the two top guys? Guess what they'll end up doing!!! Stop talking about Ayers, no one is listening. Start talking about the failed congress of the last two years.