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May 3, 2021

The TRUTH about the problem with today's political class

 We all keep dancing around the truth. We know what it is, but we try to explain it away. Liberalism. "Systemic racism." Socialism. Term limits. Russians. All bullshit.

The problem with today's political class is a complete lack of responsibility and consequences for their actions. They act like consultants instead of elected officials. Want to gang up on the other side regardless of how morally depraved or destructive the idea? Go ahead. Want to completely ignore the obvious causes of issues and just trivialize them and call them racist? Why not. Feel like sliding a little "monetary consideration" your way? Yours for the taking. There are no consequences. You won't get in trouble. Want to incite a riot? Have at it. Influence the outcome of a court case or Supreme Court opinion. Feel free. No need to even question your motives, intentions, bias, corruption, or even the optics of such antics. Say what you want. No one will question you unless you're on the other side. Then your corrupted, budgeted media sycophants' will turn the truth on its head and smear whomever you want without question. 

The problem with no responsibility and no consequences is we get what we have today, politicians who think they're consultants who should be treated like royalty rather than elected officials. They figured out, when they don't have the answer, there's huge money in prolonging the problem. Some of those problems wouldn't exist without them. I'm not surprised. When globalists billionaires buy their politicians and pay their media drones to prop-up the corrupt and smear the honorable, it's no wonder politicians feel like their employees. I don't have to bother proving this assertion. Facebook admitted they manipulated the last election for democrats. Twitter paid a Marxist political group to go on a racism campaign. Microsoft co-opted the COVID pandemic as best possible. Soros bought political campaigns and their named political hacks. Soros' son came out after Kamala Harris was named as the pick for VP and said "we knew our pick would do well," with a picture of the two of them. These people were elected after "Big Tech" and corrupt politicians rigged the election system, all while claiming the other side was the one doing it.  Leftists shook down state politicians, corporations, and sports franchises with no repercussion. Leftists who historically never pay their taxes got even more rich while inciting riots and racial hatred. All without consequence. Typical.

So what happens when you have politicians acting like consultants beholden more to corporations and globalist billionaires than citizens? We have intolerance, corruption, hate, discontent, no confidence in the electoral system, billionaires and their politician drones with their hands in the cookie jar, politicians shoveling taxpayer dollars to their political allies and patrons, systemic corruption, double standards, blatant abusers, and what we ultimately have right now, a broken system sliding toward socialism.