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September 9, 2005

Blame and Shame. Are we as weak as we look?

Hate to say it, but it looks like my predictions for after the storm, posted on 2 SEP, are going to come true, and do so in spades. (no, that wasn't a racial reference) . I'm actually listening to some Spanish guitar music which always mellows me out, so the real edge is off. Too bad...

The democrats are purposely trying to divide this country in the hopes of gearing-up for the next election. Despicable yes, but not surprising if you think about the dickheads we put in office nowadays (that's a term for both genders in this situation). No one wants those jobs, since you have to hang out with back-stabbers, brown-nosers, apple-polishers, liars and ass-kissers, who are basically reprehensible and annoying. So look who takes them... Are we a country of people who can't step up and say "yep, we fucked that up" and then try to fix what they did wrong? Nooooooooo. Of course not. It's much easier to blame someone else. Weak-minded knuckleheads, all of them. We look like France on this one...which is ironic in the light of the fact New Orleans is another failed French idea...not surprising, right? People are laughing around the world!

I think the next person in Washington DC that lays blame on someone else for the theoretically poor (but actually as good as you could expect) reaction to the hurricane should be required to take his or her cronies down and bail out New Orleans with a bucket.

You know, protesting for the hurricane victims in front of the White House is real effective. Yep, so is trying to shove a pillow up your own butt! Go to New Orleans and help out, or go back to work and send the extra money over to the Red Cross. Those people make about as much sense as that goofy professor from Colorado. Again, we look like fools overseas, where I happen to be, watching all this crap on foreign news channels. No wonder why people hate us so much...

We bicker, we insult each other, we continue racial stereotypes and racist tension, it's like a'll never heal unless you stop picking at it. I'd love to tell all the politicians and ex-politicians to shut-the-hell up.

Oh, read the article called Two Americas, One White, One Black, on the website "" and see if that retard doesn't have a political bias and a warped sense of reality.

You know what, I'm just tired of talking about it.

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