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March 4, 2010

Wave hits cruise ship proving even the ocean hates the French!

"Louis" cruise lines? Really? Can we be more cliche? Why not Pierre Cruise Line or Jean Claude Cruises? Escargot Cruise Line? Hmm...1800 people piled into a big tin can eating goat thanks.

This eliminates the possibility of "voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir" becoming the motto of the cruise line, unless you want people to "sleep with the fishes" in the Godfather sense of the phrase.

I can see Cloris Leachman in the movie History of the World Part 1 saying "death to King Loooeeeeeeee."

Sacrebleu! Translation? What the F---...

March 2, 2010

Call it "Dancing with the Has-been's, Wanna-be's, and Infamous."

Calling it "Dancing with the Stars" is becoming a bigger and bigger stretch every time.

Kate Gosselin? What in the world makes her a "star?" Is it because she can't take care of her children in private? Can't hold onto a man? Needs attention in order to survive? Or is it Hollywood's distorted vision of what makes someone a "star?"

Shannon Dougherty? Does bad behavior and a flagging career suddenly make you a "Star?" I think it's because they hope she mouths-off and gives the show some controversy. Maybe call it "Dancing with the Inappropriate."

Chad Ochocinco? This is a guy that doesn't even know who he is, yet is somehow labeled a "star"

Who's next? Heidi Fleiss? Richard Grieco? Deion Sanders? Why not "Dancing with the ex-cons?" Put Gary Busey on the show. Now there's some controversy. Paris Hilton and Nick Nolte too. Why not O.J.?

Hey, Octomom's a "Star." Why not Octomom and Ochocinco? There's an odd-couple that would draw some unnecessary attention.

How about "Dancing with the ex-cast of Baywatch?" They could do it in the red swimsuits and we can all see if Hasselhoff can stay sober long enough to samba!

How about "Dancing with the old cast of Star Trek versus the less-old cast of Star Trek? In the end, Shatner could duke-it-out with Patrick Stewart for who was the better captain. Maybe battle of the old Battlestar Galactica versus new Battlestar Galactica?

Why not hold the event in Haiti? Give the people there a distraction. Problem is, even Haitians would stand there and say "look at this stupid shit."

How about "Dancing with the Politically Correct Stars?" You could have Rosie stomp her hoofs around the dance floor with Janine Garofalo and Perez Hilton dance with whatever gay guy he chooses. Now there's some entertainment.

I'd like "Dancing with the Most Screwed-up Ex-Child Star!" Mandatory drug tests are now required...

I know, let's skip the whole thing and put something on TV that's not sheer silliness. Tell Gosselin, Ochocinco, and Dougherty to go away, their 15-minutes are over. Better yet, change the name so we can finally take the title "Biggest Loser" literally.