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December 21, 2019

Virginia is Infected by the Liberal Disease and poisoned by Bloomberg money.

Troubled Virginian Speaks to Elected Representatives

Virginia is about to enact gun laws that would turn law-abiding citizens into felons overnight, simply for having purchased certain firearms when they were legal. All but two counties in the state declared themselves "2nd Amendment sanctuaries." Now the state is talking about using the national guard to enforce the proposed laws, and changing the law to allow people who disagree to be instantly fired if they work for the government. This is the tyranny the founding fathers warned us about. This is the result of Michael Bloomberg's flooding Virginia with millions of dollars, and corrupt Virginia politicians and uninformed Virginia voters turning the state on its head. This is the trail New Jersey has been going down and the cliff it will soon go over. Bloomberg claims to be for people's rights. I don't believe it. Spending millions to destroy the 2nd Amendment should scare the hell out of all of us. If you believe, as I do, that the 2nd Amendment was put in place to protect the 1st Amendment, then don't sit back and watch your rights get taken by liberals. Ask yourself if they want to take our guns away because they know they're trying to do something they know they should get shot over. Like the Socialist Adolf Hitler and Communist Mao did before them, disarming the citizens because they knew they were going to oppress all of them. The first thing they did was make sure the citizens couldn't do anything about it. You keep hearing about Socialists in the Democratic party. You hear some of them praising Venezuela. How much praise should there be when the president is the former president's limo driver, doctors are standing in bread lines, and people have been arrested for eating the grass around some government buildings? Hugo Chavez banned the personal ownership of firearms in 2012. Look how fast Venezuela went down the crapper. Venezuela was, at one time, the second largest economy in the Western Hemisphere. Now it's a third-world country run by a dictator that didn't even graduate high school.