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December 18, 2018

Christmas Rant of the Day

We all know "Baby it's cold Outside" is considered offensive to idiot sniveling snowflakes everywhere (while "my neck, my back, my pu**y and my crack" is not). Here are a few more: "White Christmas" just named racist. "Red Nosed" is considered racist. "Let it Snow" considered promoting drug abuse. "Silent Night" considered hate speech toward the hearing impaired. "Jingle Bells" considered white privilege. "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" hate speech against Muslims and Jews. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" considered offensive to other holidays. "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" offensive to LGBT's, "Merry Christmas Baby" considered offensive toward women, "Please Come Home for Christmas" offensive toward the homeless. We're left with "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer," because although deemed offensive to old people, was praised by PETA for the animal retribution against their abusive human masters, and Feliz Navidad, because Jose Feliciano is not only blind, but Hispanic (although there was some consternation regarding the fact he's a man). Besides, it's a great song. Happy YanaHamaKwansMas, ChrismaHanuKwanzika, or Festivus. Oh, and forget the Peanuts Christmas Special, it promotes Christianity. Or rather, do watch it, since it drives liberals mad.

November 8, 2018

The Problem with Florida Elections :Rant of the Day!

The problem with Florida elections (or any election) is old people, poor people, and immigrants vote for free shit regardless of how the state is doing or what the rest of us need. Yeah, retire and come here, or flee the so-called oppressive place you were from...and turn Florida into the places you came from. Yep. Real freaking smart. Fly that Venezuela flag there, a-hole. Leave the states with high taxes so you can vote for more taxes. Idiots. Then you have incompetent nitwits at polling places (after all, what sort of individual really volunteers for that nonsense), and in the so-called information age, here we are on Thursday still wondering WTF is the final word on the "Goober-natorial" and senate races. I've been so looking forward to the press and the liberals just shutting the F up about all this, and it just keeps going, and going and going. I mean, do i have to worry about that goof Gillum flushing the state down the crapper and Nelson stealing more oxygen from the stinkhole in DC, or are things okay? Do I have to consider my rights and buy up all the guns I can before they're outlawed, or am I good to go, just concentrate on ammo? Can I keep my cliche' and less-than-lucrative boat dealer retirement job, or will the economy tank, business and commercial taxes rise, and my job go the way of the Dodo? I hate politics, and politicians, and pollsters, and political commentators, and pseudo-intellectual liberals, and skimmer hat-wearing party-representing mega-nerds. Just f'ing shut up about it and tell me who in the hell won and who lost. Then let's have the winners claim victory and the losers accept defeat...maturely, with dignity and honor instead of the liberal's two years of sniveling cowardice I've endured since the 2016 elections. Arrghh.

October 29, 2018

Good thing these nitwits are above the law...

My Appeal to Democrats

Look outside. The sky isn't falling. Armed men aren't coming to your door to confiscate your medicare card. You have more money in your retirement account. You are paying fewer taxes. There is more money in your wallet. You are not being forced to pay a tax just because you don't have Obamacare. Unemployment is at a record low for everybody! Fair trade is coming. We will no longer suffer just because we want to be nice, but will do business with other countries the right way. The country is producing more. Crime is down. Respect for our nation overseas, and our police here at home is up. Things are good.

...or not. Think of what you are doing before you vote for a democrat. In Florida, the first thing the democrat candidate said he would do was spend your money. He wants to increase medicaid. Where does he think the money comes from? From us. He said he wants to tax businesses. Why? He wants more of our money to spend on his interests, not ours. What is the consequence of higher corporate taxes? Fewer jobs. Look, I know a lot of people vote one party or another because "I've always voted democrat," or you think you identify with one party over another along ethnic or racial lines. Well, stop doing that. If you think about which party lowered your taxes, created that job, and is doing all the things they said they would do, you can't just go to the polls like a zombie and vote democrat.

Look at the desperation and dishonesty in the democratic party. After crapping on the current president regarding the economy, they rolled out the former president to take credit for it. All lies. People forget the last president said the Gross Domestic Product rate would never go over 2%, and we should accept that as the "new normal." Now it's just under 4% with the current president. I can stand here and say my taxes are lower, but democrats (Schumer and Pelosi) want to repeal the tax cut. They say it only benefits the rich. They lie. I'm not rich and it benefits me.

They say republicans are racist, yet it's them who throw the race card at every chance. (I'll tell you the true definition of racism at the end). They say republicans are violent, yet when the gunman attacked the congressional baseball field and shot republicans, the democrats and their lap-dog media didn't say a word. Eric Holder said kick them when their down. Maxine Waters said get in their faces and scare their wives and children; Hillary said they can't be civil to anyone that doesn't believe what they believe. Pelosi said if there were any "casualties," then so be it. Madonna said she wanted to "blow up the White House." Kathy Griffin displayed the severed head of our freely elected president. But it's republicans that are violent. I don't think so.

Democrats talk like socialism is a good thing. It's not. They want you to think it's like social media. It's not. Socialism means the government owns everything. No matter how hard you work, it all goes to the government. No matter if you want to give your family everything, or you lay around all day dependent on the government, it doesn't matter. They own everything, they control everything, they assign work to you based on what they think you're good for, they tell you where to live, what to do, how many kids you can have, and that you are not an individual. All you do is for the good of the state. Yep, look at Venezuela to see how well that's working. A former bus driver sits in a palace while people with masters and doctorate degrees stand in line for toilet paper and guards watch over the lawn at the palace because people were eating the grass. How does that look on Facebook?

Democrats are hateful, lawless keepers of the double standard. Don't be like them. Don't elect them and let them continue this horrible activity. They smear and slander Judge Kavanaugh using a woman that had absolutely no proof (and who got paid to testify), while Senator Booker and Congressman Ellison have provable sexual assault claims against them but democrats think that's okay, they're democrats, so it's fine. More than ten women accused President Clinton of sexual assault, so Hillary and her cronies slandered and destroyed them, but now, they say every woman should be believed. Senator Blumenthal lied about serving in Vietnam, but he sat in judgment over Justice Kavanaugh. Senator Feinstein outed that woman, plain and simple. She threw her to the wolves for her own political gain. Any consequences? Of course not, she's a democrat. Nancy Pelosi had no idea what was in Obamacare, saying "we have to pass it to know what's in it," but according to her, she knows what's best for the American people more so than they (we) do. A white woman insists she's a native American and benefits from her lies. They threw Bradley Manning in jail for divulging classified information, but they let Hillary run for president. By law she shouldn't have been able to run, but she is above the law. You aren't. I'm not. She is. Oh, and the fact Manning is LGBT is of no concern to them. They talk a good game, but it's all bullshit. They let a wife beater run for congress in South Carolina. They let the Grand Wizard of the KKK serve for 40 years in congress. They favored a known sponsor of terrorism over Israel. They speak ill of republicans as they pose for pictures with Harvey Weinstein. They dumped guns on the street in the southwest (operation fast and furious) but covered it up, then said the rest of us should be disarmed. They put a healthcare law in place where seniors got benefits paid for by a tax on the young. When Trump eliminated that tax, democrats started their lies about how republicans hate people with pre-existing conditions. It's just not true.

They want to take our guns away, like we're not adult enough to handle them. Sure, make them illegal, it worked so well for heroin and cocaine. Diane Feinstein says no one should own a gun. Hypocrite. She has a concealed carry permit and carried as a city councilwoman in San Francisco. How many others in government and Hollywood have armed guards and high fences?

Democrats say republicans are responsible for red tide and water pollution. Not true. The first reported case of red tide in Florida was in 1844. It was even earlier than that in other places.

So, to recap, a vote for democrats is a vote for less money, higher taxes, less freedom, a weaker economy, weaker country, and an overall bad life. Oh, and here's the true definition of racism; identifying an ethnic group and giving someone in need just enough money to survive. Not giving them the skills required for success or creating the conditions for that person to maybe start their own business and become a success, who can then turn and help the next needy person. No. It's giving them just enough to survive, and thus guaranteeing that person's dependence on them. That's what democrats do. They identify minorities, mostly African Americans, and give them just enough to survive, guaranteeing they will always vote for democrats. This year, they added 300,000 Puerto Ricans who came from Puerto Rico to Florida to the long list of minorities they do this to. Well, brace yourself. In case you haven't figured it out. It's called slavery. There might not be any whips and chains, or cottn fields, but it's enslavement nonetheless. The trouble is, people don't realize it, especially the 300,000 Puerto Ricans voting here for the first time. It doesn't matter that it happens in places like Baltimore or Detroit instead of Alabama or Mississippi, it's slavery.

Please, this country is doing well. The lies the media tells you are just that...lies. Don't be a drone. Think for yourself. Ask yourself if you are better off now. You are. Vote republican. Keep the prosperity going. Keep freedom going. Stop democrat hate. Stop democrat lies. Please.

October 13, 2018

Here is the Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement Form for All to See

I am way, way past sick and tired of Hillary Clinton's "above the law" status. She violated every non-disclosure requirement we insist privates in the army adhere to, yet nothing happened to her. Fast forward to now and all the corrupt media outlets in this country are making sure to include the words "at her request" in all their "newzz" articles. THIS IS SOME CORRUPT BULLSHIT AND IT NEEDS TO STOP. Her clearance should have been revoked prior to the election. She shouldn't have even been authorized to run for president because SHE SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET A CLEARANCE. Well, read the nondisclosure agreement and maybe some of you will understand why this makes me so mad I could scream. Arrgghhh.

September 29, 2018

Welcome the Future Demise of the Florida Stone Crab Industry
Now there's greed, then there's commercial fisherman greed. First, take a resource that doesn't belong to them. Next, adopt the "I gotta get mine, screw everybody else" attitude. Follow that by installing some commercial-friendly scientists on the fish and wildlife council and Marine Fisheries service, and you set the conditions for ruination of a resource. What's my proof? I'll just go with the low-handing fruit. Two reasons. First, last year's harvest was terrible. Quality was low, prices were sky-high, and it just wasn't good. Second, the regulations for harvesting stone crab claws allow for the taking of both claws (if they are of legal size). Now maybe it's just me, but taking both claws off a crab seems like some seriously short-minded, "gotta get mine while I can get it," greedy ignorant shit. Crabs need their claws to defend themselves from predators and put food in their mouths. Seems kinda basic; no arms means no protection and no way to feet itself. We're not talking about little Harry shoving his face into his birthday cake. The stone crab is by nature a predator crab. Taking both claws is asking it to change it's very nature and become a scavenger. But don't just take my word for it. Look at the FWC website. Like this: "Both claws of a Stone Crab may be harvested if they are of legal size. Although it is currently lawful to harvest both of a stone crab's claws, this practice leaves the stone crab with few alternatives to defend itself from predators. Although the crab can still obtain minimal amounts of food with no claws, having one claw (if the other one is harvested) will help the crab obtain greater amounts of food in a shorter amount of time. Stone crabs (like other crustaceans) have the ability to grow back their claws, but this process requires a large amount of energy in the form of food. The quicker the crab can obtain the energy required to molt and grow its lost claw, the sooner this renewable delicacy will have another claw to replace the missing one." So I ask you, if they know the practice leaves the crabs undefended, why do they allow it? Answer? Because the short-sighted commercial fisherman are more concerned about getting theirs than protecting the resource so they make sure their lawmaker and scientist friends set things up their way. It's stupid, yes, but we're not dealing with brain surgeons. Sure, crabs regrow their claws, but it takes several molt cycles to do it, and guess what it takes; Yep, enough food to get the energy to molt! They know that, yet allow the harvest of both claws. It's dumb. Maybe they need a more literal example. Maybe something extreme. I tell you what, let's get a couple crabbers, lop one arm off one guy, and both off the other, set them down in front of a bowl of soup and see how they do. Better yet, add a guy with a rolled-up newspaper that wants to hit them while they eat and let them figure out why taking both claws is really freaking stupid. The outlook for this year by the scientists is a fairly rosy one. The outlook by people that live here and see the harvest year to year is far worse. Why not get some common sense and stop the double claw harvest. Why not try to sustain the resource instead of making it comparable to musical chairs. As the crabs go, so shall the fishermen. They know it. They just can't control themselves.

September 24, 2018

You can tell them by their heroes...

One hero had girls secretly sneaked into the White House where he would ask them to perform sexual favors on others. His brother let a woman drown in his car when he drunk-drove it off the road. Another hero raped numerous women but since he was their president, they ruined the lives of the female accusers instead. His wife led the charge. Fast forward to now, and the female accusers are the heroes and the guy they decided they don't like is the villain. Another one of their heroes was the Grand Wizard of the KKK, but they were all okay with it. Another, a former vice-president, is a known creeper and as grabby as Velcro, but they ignore that one too. A female hero who destroyed classified documents and lied worse than her husband, gets away with all of it because she's on their side. A professional whore making allegations about our president is one of their heroes. An anonymous non-elected bureaucrat making claims against the president is another. A former party planner who drove the country into debt and set race relations back 50 years is a hero of theirs. And the list goes on and on.

September 21, 2018

Remember the Congressional Sexual Assault Slush Fund?

Neither do democrats in their selective memory. They sit on their thrones and cast dispersion on lesser mortals all the while reveling in the untouchable nature of the hypocrite political class.

Democrat Jerry Brown's appeal to the lunatic fringe

Jerry Brown calls for violence against the President

There are crazy people out there. There are crazy people in government. There are people who lack respect, manners, common courtesy, and common sense. Jerry Brown is all that and more. He's a lunatic on a mission, hell-bent to cause bedlam and chaos in this country. As the country moves forward dragging comatose democrats behind with it, Brown makes California swing a u-turn. He speaks in twaddle, making just enough of an inference to violence against the president to possibly motivate the nutcases out there, yet not enough to be saddled with blame if something really happens. He knows the press and other democrats would quickly employ their usual subterfuge, misdirection, and overt propaganda. The problem is it works. The American people go through life like mindless drones, believing anything and everything the liberal media and political scum say. The Deep-State and democrat politicians all toe the same line, speak the same words, and understand if you say it enough times (no matter how false or ridiculous), the people will believe it. Foreign trade was a "bend-over America, here it comes again" operation until Trump called bullshit. The Paris Climate Accord was bad for the country, but sound-bite democrats and the environmental loons know people have limited attention spans and would believe their lies about bad old Donald ruining the planet. Not true. Democrats won't ever mention that Obama's plan for fixing the economy was driving the country into incredible debt while shouting "look at me, look at me!" Then democrats say the economy is bad...right up to the first of August, then Obama goes out and tries to take credit for what the democrats said was so bad only days earlier. Taxes are lower for the middle class. Employment is at an all-time high for everyone in all groups. The stock market is cooking along. Foreign leaders once again respect our President (no matter how much mud the opposition throws on him and embarrasses all of us). The president meets with the leader of North Korea and gets him to drop his nuclear program, so what do Dems do? They say "it was a good meeting for Kim, but a bad one for Trump." Hypocrites. Then there's the whole FISA deal, which we know was democrats rigging the system with the help of their deep-staters, but when Trump calls for transparency (you know, the thing Obama promised but never delivered) and wants the whole thing declassified and shown to the American people, what happens? Democrats and the Deep State plan to defy him to save their own necks. Pathetic. Now you have Jerry Brown, a three-times failed politician, not-so-covertly urging someone, anyone, to "take out" the president. The term "take-out" in this context is clearly a call for violence, not for Chinese food. But alas, nothing will ever happen to him. Democrats and the Deep State control the DoJ, the DoS, the FBI, and the liberal news media. If Trump said the same about Jerry Brown, they would be calling for his head. 

No One Seems To Have Had A Problem With Trump Before...

Kirsten Gillibrand Can Officially Shut Up Now

September 20, 2018

The Government, Politicians, The Deep State, and Mainstream Media in a Meme

Need I say more?

Democrats and the Deep State are the Constitutional Crisis

To see what I mean, click here.

This is not my rant of the day. This is too important. There are politicians in government, forces in the media, and fascist non-elected bureaucrats in Washington hell-bent on subverting our constitution and controlling our government, the press, and the public. Let me run it down:

  • Democrats pay for a dossier on the Trump Campaign's involvement with Russia
  • The dossier is proved to be a work of political fiction, worthless as an intelligence tool
  • That dossier is used to obtain a FISA warrant allowing the government to spy on Carter Page
  • Democrats and the Liberal Media turned the "fruit of the "poison tree" investigation in a Special Counsel Investigation with the President as their target
  • Clinton donors and supporters were appointed to the stacked special counsel
  • The Attorney General astonishingly recuses himself from involvement in the Russia probe. Some call him a member of the Deep-State
  • The dossier is proven a fraud and the FISA warrant illegally obtained, yet still used. No one at DOJ questions it. The Liberal media and ACLU stay silent. Who had the juice to submit a piece of political propaganda to the FISA court and get away with it?  
  • Special Counsel investigation expands to include Trump's personal attorney, a failed porno actress, his children, an aid's work outside his campaign, and a retired general talking to a foreign government that was authorized to do so
  • Any memory of Hillary Clinton's numerous crimes against the American people are quickly covered-up by the corrupt liberal press, never to be mentioned again 
  • A Deep-State White House employee and the New York Times conspire to slander the President
  • The President calls for public release of the FISA warrant so light can be shed on the corruption and political bias
  • Deep-State Bureaucrats in State, DOJ, and NSA conspire to disobey the President and redact relevant information (info that could be detrimental to democrats or deep-state bureaucrats and shine the light on their fascist sedition and corruption) from the FISA documents
  • Career ruling-class politicians conspire to enable the Deep-State bureaucrats to disobey and defy the freely-elected President of the United States
  • Democrats supported by the corrupt Mainstream Media falsely call releasing the documents a "threat to national security," call for restricting information released to the American people, and once-again place false blame on the President, saying he's abusing his power. Nothing can be further from the truth
  • Democrats demagogue the President, calling him paranoid and power hungry. The press supports them
  • Two years and millions of dollars later and the President is still in the clear
  • Two years later and the corrupt press is still calling for Trump's head 
So here we are, with Schumer and Pelosi saying the president's actions create a "constitutional crisis." How shamefully absurd! How corrupt. How incredibly dishonest! We the people want to know the truth! We the people want to see it for ourselves. We no longer trust the media that dances for politicians or the politicians that pull those strings. This is incredible!!! It's like a bad movie. "Evil forces behind the scenes together with corrupt politicians and the biased media work to undermine the sitting President of the United States." Well, in the parlance of such a movie, "the corrupt politicians, the deep-state, and the corrupt media conspiring against the President are a Clear and Present Danger to the United States. If their corruption helps them regain control of Congress in 2018, we are all screwed. They've already vowed to do nothing while Trump is in office. You know all they will do is work to get him out. The people elected him. Political "elites" and the deep-state in the DOS, DOJ, and intelligence community are operating a fascist shadow government bent on destroying him.  They don't want to be "outed." They don't want their charade to be exposed. They don't want to give up their power and control. This is the true "constitutional crisis." It makes me embarrassed to be an American. It makes me stock up on ammo to one cay protect myself from the fascist tyrants the democrats will send our way. You know, as the Constitution intended. The Constitution...that document the Democrats and Deep-State despise.

September 14, 2018

I Can't Believe Anyone Would Ever Vote Democrat

It amazes me that Americans actually vote for democrats. I can't understand it. Here are most of my reasons:

  • They hate our electoral system when it doesn't work in their favor: First they threw mud on Trump saying they didn't believe he would honor the results of the election (being sure Hillary would win). Then they lost and claimed Hillary should be president because she won the popular vote. Stop sniveling. Grow-up. Be aware of the example you set. It's that way for a reason and you know it.
  • When they don't get their way, they throw tantrums and decide to do nothing. Apologies for being redundant. They were already doing nothing. They just put a name on it. "Resist." It's when the spoiled brats decided to stay in their own sandbox with the rest of the democrats and do nothing since that big meany doo-doo head was in charge. People around the world then looked at the inhabitants of Dysfunction Junction (Washington DC) and said "look, half of the politicians just said they weren't going to do their jobs," followed by "yep, only in the U.S can you declare you're not going to work and keep that job." It's embarrassing. They're embarrassing. They're the example of what not to do. Sometimes democracy is 51% of the people denying the rights of the other 49%. Yeah, I get it. This isn't it. This is the spoiled rotten, arrogant, pedantic, professional political class not getting their way. During the State of the Union address (seen around the world), democrat leaders stopped other democrats from applauding patriotism, the military, or any other example of American success. It was sad...and disgusting. I won't even go into Maxine Waters. I think the people that vote for her scare me worse than she ever could. Plus, you can't talk to a democrat; the only opinion that matters to them is their own. If you opinion differs, to them, you're an idiot.
  • Democrat politicians think you're stupid: The queen herself, Hillary Clinton, said democrat voters were stupid. Yep, she did, no matter what Snopes or all the other sycophants tell you. And she's right. They are. They prove it every election. You have to be stupid to vote democrat. They convince young people Socialism is like a warm cup of cocoa at a Starbucks while you sit on Facebook, but they do it to make you forget they screwed you by forcing you to fund Obamacare. They scheme against their own voters. Barack Obama poured taxpayer money into the fire and ran up more debt than all the presidents before him combined, yet he will stand there and proudly proclaim he fixed the economy and created jobs. Yep, he did, millions of government jobs funded by citizens. That's not how an economy is fixed. It's how democrats lie and think you're so stupid you believe them. Diane Feinstein thinks the government should take away all our guns. She thinks we're too stupid to own them. Diane Feinstein carried a gun while she was on the city council in San Francisco. So it's okay for her to be armed, but not you. They convince you guns are the reason people kill, so when some teenager with the "thousand yard stare" of the obviously mentally ill shoots up a school, the solution is take everyone's guns away. In keeping with that, pens and pencils will now be taken away when someone misspells a word. Razors will be taken when someone cuts himself shaving. Dems don't heed the advice of Elanor Roosevelt, who said the party should be led by young people. These octogenarians just won't go away. 
  • They are the party of dumb ideas: Remember New York dems working on giving drug addicts safe places to shoot-up drugs? Can't shoot a gun anywhere, but go ahead and shoot-up that heroin. It doesn't matter that the gun is legal and the drugs are not. Wait! Democrats want to take that gun from you too. You can't handle it. How about "Net Neutrality?" Someone called that "Socialism for the internet" (Socialism is a bad thing. We'll get to that in a minute). How about Schumer's internet price controls? Dumb. Obamacare; Hey, when they all voted themselves exempt from it, you should have seen that coming. When Pelosi said "we have to pass it to know what's in it," should have been another clue. Dumb. If it was so good, why do democrats still run on health care? They told us it was the cure for what ails you. Dumb. It was just pulling the wool over the eyes of democrat voters. It's just a scheme to have the young pay for the old that were too lazy to save for their own health care. Plus, if it's such a great thing, why are all the democrats pledging to massively increase Medicare to deal with the health care "crisis? They never run out of someone else's money to spend. Like the $15 dollar minimum wage. Yep, that's working out great. Soon it will be all robots at fast food stores and none of those jobs will exist. Democrats believe that pointing out how different people are will somehow make the rest of us feel like including them. Muslims, LGBTQ, etc. I think pointing out our differences is counter to what we really want. I think the goal is really to point out our similarities. Then we will get along. Stop the "look, I'm different so give me preferential treatment" nonsense. Democrats also need to pick better heroes. Look at who ran for president last time; a corrupt old woman, a socialist, and the Prince of Baltimore. O'Malley screwed-up Baltimore so bad, in traditional democrat "reward cowardice and failure" style, they decided to make him the governor. Then he ran for president! Bad idea. Democrats keep pushing the idea that rich people are bad. People are smart enough to understand the top 1% of people in the U.S. pay 50% of the taxes, and only 50% of Americans pay any taxes at all, so pissing off the 1% is probably a bad idea. Democrat lack of vision pushes them to demonize the 1% and call for more of their money, instead of improving the lives of those that don't pay any, and reigning-in the huge amounts we simply waste. 
  • Democrats are the party of hypocrites. Bernie Sanders talks about socialism from behind the wheel of his $200,000 car. Charles Schumer talks about "regular Americans." After graduating from Harvard then Harvard law, he went immediately into politics. What would he know about a regular American?  Elizabeth Warren claims to be an American Indian. Since she's a democrat, no one in the liberal press calls bullshit on her. Hillary took millions from Saudi, Qatar, and Russia, Podesta had dealings with Russia, but the press only talks about a possible Trump-Russia connection. In 2006, Obama supported a secure border. Ten years later, he mocked republicans that wanted the same. He even said "good luck with that." Obama brow-beat Mitt Romney during the 2012 elections saying "the 1980's want their foreign policy back" after Romney said the Russians were the biggest threat to national security. Now look what the dems are doing about Russia. They tell you that Trump isn't doing anything good for the economy, yet have Barack Obama out trying to take credit for how well the economy is doing. They talk about how Trump shouldn't be talking to Russia, yet Obama is on video telling the Russian foreign minister on the "down-low" that he'd have more flexibility to kowtow to the Russians after the 2012 election. No evidence of collusion has been found by the Special Counsel, but they just won't give it up. All the people on the special counsel are Clinton donors. They determined the secret dossier was paid for by Hillary. They know it's fake. They used it to get a special warrant to spy against Americans. They know it's the fruit of the poison tree, but the government (FBI, DOJ, and the political class) are so corrupt and hypocritical they wouldn't dream of doing the right thing and dropping the case. No, they will use propaganda and false information until they get that they want, hoping the end justifies the means. Democrats could care less about immigrant families. They make an absurd case for open borders because they simply want more democrat voters. ANTIFA. Democrats are the definition of fascists (advocating an authoritarian government characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy) yet Antifa is a bunch of democrats claiming they're anti-fascist, attacking those that are actually anti-fascist. Democrats who claim to be "feminist" support the right to kill a fetus, but not the right to NOT kill a fetus as shown by their support for Roe v Wade, but not the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Dems hated John McCain until he voted with democrats against the repeal of the Affordable (misnomer) Care Act, then he was their hero and they gave him a presidential send-off. Hypocrites. 
  • Democrat politicians hate America. They never served (I know, some did, yeah, yeah) yet seem to feel the need to apologize for our patriotism, our pride, and our record of success. Don't do that. I didn't need some fascist apologizing for me to countries we helped in wars spilling American blood in the process. Obama never served. Schumer and Clinton and Pelosi and Warren and all those idiots NEVER SERVED. They don't have the right to speak for me. They don't have my permission.  Democrats hate veterans and favor illegal aliens. Twenty-one veterans commit suicide ever day, and do they care? No. If twenty-one illegals did, they would be screaming from the roof tops. Democrats don't want the U.S. to be a sovereign nation. We spend billions each year helping other nations defend their borders, but when it comes to ours, the dems want no part in it. Pelosi thinks it's violating a human right to not let illegals pour over the border. Bullcrap. Democrats argue for safe spaces for college kids where they can pet puppies and color instead of teaching them how to be mature adults. Regular Americans got a tax cut last year, but democrats hate that. Why? Because it wasn't them? Okay, take your tax cut and send it in to cover Obama's wild spending. The president is finally putting some fairness into international trade and dems hate it. Why? Would you rather have a pro-China trade policy? Why? Tell me why! The president finally told NATO to pay their fair share and dems hate it. Why? Do we have to pay all the bills and get nothing in return?
  • Democrats are the party of racism. Bold statement? I think not. Here's why. When you prefer giving welfare handouts to people (who are predominately in the minority) as democrats do, giving them only enough to survive but not enough to get out of poverty, you guarantee their dependence on you in perpetuity, and guarantee their vote. How is that not enslaving an entire group of people? Remember the "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" story? Democrats just want to hand out fishes. Republicans want to give people the skills and set the conditions for people on welfare to get themselves out of it. John Lewis is apparently a "civil rights icon." Well, if lying to citizens by telling them democrats freed the slaves (Lincoln was a republican) and getting beat-up on March 7, 1965 by other democrats makes you an icon, so be it. Ever see a conservative pull the "race card?"  No, you don't. Nor will you. That's reserved for feeble-minded liberals that have no character, integrity, vision, or clue. The president calls the Hispanic gang MS-13 thugs and murderers. Liberals call him racist. They are thugs and murderers. The president calls the NFL protesters "un-American." Democrats, noting that all the sniveling privileged millionaire pro-athletes inappropriately kneeling in disgraceful disrespect against the country, its veterans, law enforcement, and military members are black, call him racist. Sure, let's make it look like all the black men on the field want to infer they have problems breaking the law. Let's further the stereotype that blacks are lawless. It wasn't enough that Eric Holder said it was "our time now," meaning black Americans, and refused to prosecute crimes committed by blacks, thus setting civil rights back 50 years, but hey, "counter-productivity" is something completely unknown to democrats that don't even know what "productivity" means. I say democrats are racist, constantly throwing the race card at things that are obviously not racial. If a minority wakes-up to the nonsense in the democratic party and wants to become a republican, he or she is branded a racist. The president wants a secure border. Dems call him racist. Trump wants to make sure trade is fair; Trump's a racist. Hurricane response to Puerto Rico seems a bit slow; Trump's a racist. President tries to keep 9-11 from happening again, limiting people from known terrorist and anti-American countries from coming here; Trump's a racist. He calls a couple places "shithole countries;" he's a racist. Or not. Ever been there? I have. They are shit holes. Blades on Marine One turn clockwise; Trump's a racist. Is he a racist when he's in a picture with his arm over Al Sharpton's shoulder? Investors Business Daily says "Joe Biden, Dems, and the Race Card; they don't leave home without it." The New York Post said "democrats addiction to the race card is suicidal." USA Today said "The path to Trump 2020 is paved with Democrats racist allegations." The National Review said "Democrats play the race card against DeSantis," and further, "the Left speciously calls a common expression racist." So don't just take my word that dems are the party of racism.
  • Socialism in America is absurd. Any democrat advocating this is an ignorant jackass. It goes against the very idea of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." It goes directly against the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States for those of you who skipped that class). True socialists advocate a completely classless society, where the government controls all means of production and distribution of goods. Socialists believe this control is necessary to eliminate competition among the people and put everyone on a level playing field. Socialism is also characterized by the absence of private property. The idea is that if everyone works, everyone will reap the same benefits and prosper equally. Therefore, everyone receives equal earnings, medical care and other necessities. (from HowStuffWorks). Do you hear this? No private property. To me that means homes, land, boats, cars, businesses, intellectual  property, smart phones, inventions, patents, etc. Bernie Sanders is talking out his ass. You can't have your $200,000 Audi as a socialist, so go feel your own Bern. Jim Carrey needs to shut his face. It's easy for someone in the lap of luxury with no money issues to think of socialism with a "warm and fuzzy." Try going to Venezuela, where the government takes everything you own, makes you stand in line for a stick of butter, and while they live in palaces you're outside eating their lawn. Or Nazi Germany, where the socialist authoritarians decided who mattered and who didn't and crammed the unfortunate onto trains that led to their eventual mass murder. Yeah. Like I said, it is definitely not cocoa at the Starbucks. Socialism is such a bad idea only four countries on the planet are still officially socialist; China, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam, and the last one is in some serious denial about it's push into capitalism. Everybody earns the same? So where's the motivation to better yourself, or become a doctor as opposed to a ditch-digger? My son the doctor can't have a bigger house or a boat because the government says so? Screw that.  Socialism also means uniformity. If the four countries I mentioned are any indication, it's also uniformity in thought, word, and deed. No personal opinions. No non-conformity. No individuality. No dissent or disagreement. No right to free speech or protest. No right to advocate your own opinion or position. Yep. That'll work. Orwellian society. Dems can keep it. Not me. I like my freedoms. After serving for 25 years, I like to express myself. To say what I want. To go and do where and what I want. Besides, try and tell today's teens or twenty-somethings what to do. See what happens. No sir, Socialism is not for me. Democrats are not for me. Thomas Jefferson said: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." If only that was possible. Or legal. I definitely know some tyrants. 

September 11, 2018


Here I am looking for a student health plan for my son. Typical young adult, fit, non-smoker, no physical ailments, no medical issues. I apply as if I'm him. I plug in male, 24 years old, living where the school is, and I include he makes about $10k a year with his college job. They reply "Based on the information provided, members of this household don't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or other savings on health insurance. But you can use the Health Insurance "Marketplace" to shop for a health plan at full price." Gee, thanks, I can pay full price. So I look at the costs on their "marketplace." Lowest is $312 per month, highest is $716." Gee, thanks Mr. Obama, I only have to shell out thousands a year. Yep, great plan. These premiums are higher than other plans I've seen outside the government. Who's making millions off this fiasco? So I go back, change the $10,000 to $5,000 and guess what happened? "Based on the information provided, members of this household don't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or other savings on health insurance. But you can use the Health Insurance Marketplace to shop for a health plan at full price." Gee, thanks again. So I go to the "marketplace" and guess changes to the costs. I go back, put zero in the income amount. Yep, a big, fat $0. Guess what happened; "Based on the information provided, members of this household don't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or other savings on health insurance. But you can use the Health Insurance Marketplace to shop for a health plan at full price." Now how does a 24 year-old man, non-smoker, who goes on the website and says he has no income (which might be true of a college student) not qualify for a discount or any sort of benefit other than "go ahead and pay full price?" So I go back, change the info to say I'm a hypothetical 74 year-old man,and make 22,000 per year, and guess what it says; Based on the information you provided, it looks like your household qualifies for a premium tax credit of $953 per monthA premium tax credit is how much you can save on your premium each month. It's not the amount of your premium itself. When you view plans, the premiums will be reduced by this amount. So I go to the "marketplace" and what's the first plan I see? $0 per month but a $7500 deductible. What? No way is that good. I go forward to the first plan with a monthly payment and there it is...$197 per month and a $750 deductible. The plan my son should have, but no. Obamacare is based on putting the cost on the backs of the young. Or on their parents. At one point the "individual mandate" meant people were fined or taxed if they didn't pay their tribute to O-care. The republicans removed that, and what happened? The democrats shit all over them. Obamacare is a scam. It's made everything more expensive and and made insurance companies wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. It's a failure. Want proof? In Florida, the democrat for governor is running on the platform that he'll increase medicare by 750,000. Yep, he wants more of a welfare state than Obama made the country. There's also a Medicare-for-all bill from Sen. Bernie Sanders (thought up as he drove around in his $200,000 car), a Medicare buy-in bill from Sens. Tim Kaine and Michael Bennet, a Medicare buy-in bill from Sen. Brian Schatz, a Medicare "extra" proposal from the Center for American Progress (people strongly allies with all things Clintonian), and a number of other measures aimed at making Medicare the cure-all for the failures of the incredibly misnamed "Affordable Care Act. I heard a statistic on the radio the other day that the government spends $200,000 in overhead for every person enrolled in the program. That's ludicrous. It's waste, fraud, and abuse in epic, monumental, no-word-is-adequate proportions. Democrats don't believe they will ever run out of other people's money. But we had to "pass it to know what was in it"  Moron. Pelosi should jump off a bridge.

September 10, 2018

I Hate Hypocrites: Rant of the Day

So here we are, in the middle of the biggest MSM tirade, smear campaign, attempts at ousting, call it what you like, against any sitting US President in history. The media foams at the mouth in their efforts to destroy President Trump, all the while forgetting he was not only freely elected, but that is how our system is supposed to work. They can't comprehend the fact that sometimes, the deep-state, died-in-the-wool, professional politicians don't get elected. Every once in a while someone comes in and cleans out the slime. Get over it. Well, I said I hate hypocrites, and here is an example; Currently, the media and leftist politicians are seething over Mr. Trump's assertion that the press is the "enemy of the state." A Twitter shot that sent them into spasms. Well guess what; if they have an agenda to remove a sitting president because of corruption, bias, or their own political agenda, they are the enemy of the state. Here's the hypocrisy. The Lefties did this to the press first, yet they all play dumb. They want to make sure you don't remember that little tid-bit. Peccadillo. Whatever. But, in 2013 the Obama Justice Department launched an investigation into the Associated Press and named Fox News journalist James Rosen a "co-conspirator," claiming these actions were necessary as part of a terrorism investigation. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post stated: "The Rosen affair is as flagrant an assault on civil liberties...and it uses technology to silence critics. To treat a reporter as a criminal for doing his job, seeking out information the government doesn’t want made public, deprives Americans of the First Amendment freedom on which all other constitutional rights are based." Yep, the government wire tapped him, etc. etc. An editorial board of the New York Times (yes, the 'hoist on their own petard' New York Times) wrote: "With the decision to label a Fox News television reporter a possible 'co-conspirator' in a criminal investigation of a news leak, the Obama administration has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news. On May 23, 2013, NBC news confirmed with the Justice Department that Attorney General Holder had personally signed off on what had become known as the "Rosen Case."  This is a fact he denied. On May 15, 2013, Attorney General Holder testified under oath in front of the House Judiciary Committee that he recused himself from the leak investigations to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. That turned out to be a lie. He said he was out, but he wasn't. But you know lawyers. It wasn't a lie when he said it. So we have leftist news agencies upset with Trump, yet they will never mention how Obama did it first. To recap; the lefties did it first. It was more than a comment by the president, but an officially sanctioned Justice Department operation, and yet Obama remains the media's darling while the press continues their smear campaign on Trump. You will never see Holder in court for lying. But that's par for this rotten course. You will never hear a media company say they should be impartial. They use the constitution both ways, saying they can report on whatever they like, and then hiding behind the first amendment when it suits them. For a corrupt media, there is no check-and-balance. As soon as they endorse a candidate, all bets are off. We know where you stand. The motivation to pander to a political ideology and further the leftist agenda trumps (all pun intended) any idea of objectivity or fairness. If you look at the record of achievements without factoring in anything else, Mr. Trump is outperforming Mr. Obama in every category. This sort of objectivity however, will never be observed when the media is hell-bent on supporting the liberal cause. Just like how the media reported today that the state of Florida "will have a budget surplus for the next governor," without giving Governor Scott any credit for it. It's far easier for them to misdirect, impugn, throw the "race card," practice hero worship, and generally run afoul of the actual truth. Now here we are with an "anonymous" source in the White House, if that source even exists, and the New York Times is adamant about the credibility of their story, saying it's in the national interest. No, it's in their interest. The national interest is served by objectivity and truth, not bias and disinformation. If it was someone in the prior administration, they would never have run the article, and they would smear anyone that did. They support a 93% negative average on stories regarding the president, support blatantly anti-Trump books like the one coming out today called "Fear," and act like petulant children who forgot their manners. What's really in it for them? Thomas Jefferson said "I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." While I don't have that same level of fervor going, I am compelled to call it as I see it.

September 7, 2018

What if the New York Times is Orchestrating a #Coup?

Just think about it. Take a "Noos" organization that believes in the Saul Alinsky doctrine and the Orwellian utopia. Find a disloyal un-elected civil servant on the White House staff. Or don't. Make the person up. Why not? Who's gonna know? You'll hide behind the Constitution you hate so much anyway. Give that person or persons reward for turning on the president and backing your plan. You know, the plan all the "let me tell you how big a threat the president is to the country" corrupt hypocrite treasonous idiots tell you is "for the people." Yeah, right. Then that "newz" organization publishes a fake news story about how the White House is in turmoil and they're thinking of invoking the 25th Amendment. You know, the same anti-constitution haters using the constitution for their own ends. Well, at least the parts they like. The White House isn't actually in turmoil, but tell gullible Americans and yourselves something enough times and they'll believe it. So will you. Then, in order to counter all the people calling bullshit on you, put out how "respected" of a "neuzz" organization you are . Say "how dare you question us!" You know, that sort of arrogant shit. Disregard the fact that after insulting the president over his assertions that a deep-state exists in government and they are out to get him, YOU JUST PROVED HIM RIGHT! You also proved him right when it comes to the bias and complicity in anti-constitutional activities by the mainstream media. Yep. Congratulations! You just outed yourselves for the seditious tools of liberals you actually are!!! You just proved all of our assertions that the media is Anti-American, anti-Constitution, pro-liberal, and about as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Boom! Knuckleheads! For all your arrogant bloviating about the credibility of the "fourth Estate" and the value of a "free press," you just showed us how you are Bought and Paid-For. There might be a free press somewhere, but it sure as hell isn't around here. Acts of treason and sedition are now supported by the liberal press. Further evidence of this is in the following: Why the New York Times? Why not the Washington Post? Why not the Chicago Tribune? You know Obama's behind some of this so why not? Is it because Woodward and Bernstein are slinging their bullshit while the New Yorker is pushing Bernstein's new book and the Times is hocking Woodward's anti-Trump book on the best seller list? Again, why the New York Times? Trump's hometown newspaper, right? You corrupt, immoral, seditious fools. What do you get for ruining Trump and quite possibly the country? Still snake-bit after the election? Are you of such low character you can't accept the results of the election? Why are you such staunch supporters and such rabid defenders of Hillary Clinton?  Afraid she'll "suicide" you? I say one of your goals is the continued deflection of the spotlight off your liberal allies (who have something over you or promise you some reward I will never figure out). Obama interfered with the German elections, but you bury that along with John Podesta's dealings with the Russians. The deep-state democrats and the news media supported an illegal dossier leading to an illegal FISA warrant and fruit-of-the-poison-tree prosecutions of Paul Manafort and others for things they did that had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, then somehow managed to get that stink on the president. They know it's wrong. They know guilt by association is bad, but they let it happen. Then the democrat-led corrupt special counsel (supported by the corrupt media) does their dirty work on Trump's attorney, effectively ending attorney-client privilege, and the media keeps their mouths shut. If it was happening to a democrat, they would be screaming from the rooftops, but ironically, the ACLU ignored that one. The media was all over David Petraeus and supported his prosecution for three confidential emails found in a locked desk drawer, but thousands of secret and top-secret emails on a server in Hillary Clinton's bathroom and the media down-plays it and calls it a republican witch hunt. Corruption and graft. Someone was getting rewarded for their support. You know it. I know it. An army private doing such things would have gone straight to jail. The media ignores how democrats promise to rapidly expand medicare after the next election. What happened to Obamacare? Wasn't that the democrats great solution to all our problems? Wasn't it so vital we had to "vote it in so we could figure out what's in it" according to Nancy "I love illegals more than Americans" Pelosi? Isn't that why they suddenly loved John McCain? Where's the news on this one? Making sure they never cast any dirt on Barack Obama, that's where. I think the New York Times is complicit and actively engaged in a Coup against the President of the United States. Back in July, the publisher met with the President and later said  "I told the president directly that I thought that his language was not just divisive but increasingly dangerous. I warned that this inflammatory language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalists and will lead to violence." Maybe this is their further response?  He apparently never acknowledged the perpetual media  animus directed at the president and how that could lead to violence against Mr. Trump. He probably could care less. In Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, he states "Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage." The New York Times is using either an anonymous contact inside the White House or a fictitious contact they claim to be in the White House to continue their incessant ridicule of the duly elected president of the United States. It's a means to an end desired by the NYT. They want to orchestrate the successful removal of our sitting president through misinformation, propaganda, coercion, and trickery. Problem is, even though it's obvious to me, the news media will deny it...until they finish it. Along the way they will ruin every conservative politician who ever said a good word about Trump, and the drones that vote democrat will ensure the ruination of this country. Yep, I said it. Now watch it happen. This country is a car speeding toward a brick wall. A car not driven by Trump, but by the liberals and their lap-dog media.

September 6, 2018

Hey New York Times: I Am Part of The Resistance OUTSIDE The White House. To You...

I resist your Democrat bias. I resist your taking liberties with the first amendment to push your liberal agenda. I resist your HATE SPEECH. Yes, it's gone that far. I resist your pushing propaganda rather than reporting news. I completely refuse to give any credence to an article you very well could have written yourselves and lie about where this "anonymous" author comes from. I call bullshit. I don't trust you. I haven't trusted you for 30 years. I resist your patronizing ways. I resist your thinking the Times is some sort of stalwart news organization held in high regard by all. Nonsense. It's held in high regard by New Yorkers. That's it. Do I care what you say or think? No. Do I believe any of it? No. I don't trust any liberals. Not Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, or Schiff. Not Blumenthal, or Levin, or Warren, or Sanders, or Zucker, or Bloomberg, certainly not Dean Baquet or Andrew Lack, not Hayes, or Maddow, Matthews or Berstein, definitely not Jim Acosta or Chris Cuomo, and I could go on in perpetuity. All libs are schemers, and schemers can't be trusted. I don't believe people are bad, or as Adam Schiff called the president, "deeply immoral," which is classless, disgusting and unprofessional just because you say they are; again, I don't believe you, or trust you, or value anything that spews out of an obviously biased and partisan rag like the NYT. You've become like a sewer; I expect for disgusting effluent to come out, so I only make efforts to not smell it and get none on me. You disregard that Mr. Trump is the freely-elected President of the United States while you make every effort to undermine, criticize, and demean him AND the millions of citizens that voted for him. Again, it's because you hold yourself in ridiculously too high a regard. Your arrogance is getting the better of you. What sad times are these. The democrat-driven Robert Mueller special counsel investigation ended attorney-client privilege (if you're a conservative), and the New York Times ended the need to have credible sources in news. If this "anonymous" individual actually turns out to be someone on the White House Staff, I'd be surprised. If it turns out to be a figment of the NYT imagination, or a democrat hit piece, I would not; liberals have yet to see how low they will go to hurt the president.   

September 5, 2018

The Liberal Mainstream Media Hates Me.
Don't watch the video yet. Listen to me first. It's obvious. The mainstream liberal media in this country hates me. They don't tell me the truth. Why would they lie to me? I'm supposed to trust them. Isn't that what they tell me? Tell us? They give me their opinion rather than telling me the issue and letting me form my own opinion. They decide what news I see and hear and read. Instead of giving me information and allowing me to form a belief system regarding the topic, they try to tell me how to think, and what to believe. They lie to me. They try to manipulate me. Purposely mislead me. I served my country and they hate me. Now they pay more attention to illegal non-citizens than me, a vet. They tell me who's bad and who is not based on their liberal agenda, not the truth. They try to make me think 30 people at some rally somewhere is more powerful than the millions of people quietly supporting a cause. I'm the native son of an insurance salesman gringo-type born in South Jersey to an Irish father and an Italian mother, but to them I'm white, privileged, and a racist. They don't even know me. Should I make ignorant decisions and form ridiculous opinions as fast as they do? To me, there are only two types of people; good people, and a-holes. Which one are they? They bombard me with disinformation. They want to seem timely, and hip, and on my side, but I know it's all bullshit. They're deceptive, and sneaky. Their opinion and viewpoint seems absurd to me, yet they keep coming. They fake sincerity. They patronize people to satisfy their pandering instinct. They put up people as heroes that are anything but. They martyr people who are not martyrs, but people who fit their agenda. They don't really care about me. I want safety. I want security. I want prosperity. I want freedom. I would like an objective voice telling me the events of the day, instead of interpreting the events of the day to me. I know I won't get it. It's like everything my parents tried when I was four. Well, I didn't believe it then, and 50 years later, I still don't. Why does the liberal mainstream media hate me? What did I do to them?

For an example of Liberal Media Hate, watch the Colion Noir video and hear his lesson to the race-bating Liberal media.

August 27, 2018

Gun Nerds Listen Here!!! Rules to Live By...

Look, I'm a gun owner. I shoot. In fact. I shoot a lot. I own guns. In fact, I own lots of guns. Liberals would think I was a nut. Liberals would be wrong. I'm not. Some people spend thousands of dollars on things they like; shoes, clothes, fishing gear, hats, figurines, baseball cards, antiques, Pez dispensers, video games, booze, model trains, and on and on. No one bats an eye at a woman with 50 pairs of shoes she'll never wear, but find disgust with a man who has 15 guns and shoots them all. This isn't even counting the shotguns. However, there is one thing I still don't get, and that's gun nerds. They seem to be gamers that take their tricked-out AR-style rifle from their virtual video game world into reality. I see these guys at the range. They scare me. Oh, and annoy me. Some dress like wanna-be military contractors complete with keffiyeh around their necks and everything from the 5.11 tactical catalog. The others are just gadget goons. Mostly overweight. Usually around 22-25 years old. They trick out their weapons with every sort of sight and grip and accessory imaginable... then go shoot on the 10-meter range. Yep, it's sad. The maximum effective range for a 5.56 caliber M16A2 is 550 meters, and these nitwits shoot at targets close enough to throw the gun and hit. They're not alone. At a range near Naples (which I won't mention so I don't piss off a bunch of people with guns) there is a group of Mexicans who shoot at these same 10 meter targets basically without even aiming. It's like a bad Eastwood movie. One day they'll just point their guns at the sky and pull the trigger and shout Ayeee!!! in which case I'll hit the deck and then never go back there because someones going to get shot. I think they do it for the whole testosterone-laden nature of just slinging some lead and making some noise, but these guys need to listen-up too. I want the gun nerds and everyone else to hear me. These are basic rules for gun ownership. It goes far beyond the "I bought it for protection" bullshit and gives the post video-gamer a little perspective. T

When the ACLU Jumps in on the Right Side, You Can Finally See Libs Out of Control.

This still doesn't excuse them for years and years (and years and years and years) of wrong-headed anti-American liberal political activities. It does, however, demonstrate how absurdly anti-American and freedom-hating some politicians and political groups have become in this country. Is it their love for Saul Alinsky and everything he espouses? Maybe it's liberal politicians love for being nothing more than stealing our air. You know, like Peter in the movie Office Space, with his dream of doing nothing. Certain politicians live that dream right now. You know who they are. Yak, yak, yak and little else. But I digress. How bad does it have to get for the ACLU to back the NRA, or any rational constitutional idea? It makes me both happy and suspicious when the ACLU finally supports freedom for regular Americans. After all, you normally have to be in one of their pet groups to hear anything at all. Muslims, LGBT, illegal alien, criminal, rinse, repeat. When they finally support a group who defends the Constitution of the United States (having to say "finally" is a bit sad), a group that is absent any other political motivation and is color, race, gender, and religion blind (but not blind to criminals), all I want to say is "it took you long enough." Welcome aboard. Fight that good fight, with us. But remember, it still doesn't absolve you for your silence on the Trump Lawyer attorney-client privilege thing.

August 14, 2018

HMS Titanic: The Do-Over: Hell No, I Won't Go!

At least two different organizations are building real, life-size, exact replicas of the original ship. One was Blue Star Lines, not to be confused with White Star Line. The other is a Chinese billionaire (an oxymoron and paradox in a so-called, yet surely for-show Communist country.). Yeah, China's as communist as Donald Trump's an Arab. It's called slave labor for those that supply the unwashed masses at Wal-Mart...but I digress. So I ask you, if the replica ship was going to re-do the original voyage, would you go? Not me, brother. No way, no how. Well, not unless I was trying to die. We never learn, do we. Talk about a Jinx. They should rename the boat the SS Jonah. It reeks of the stink eye, bad juju, voodoo, bad omen, a pox on passengers, the hairy eyeball, hex, whammy, malediction, distress, plague, doom, and agony to spare. No thanks. I can see it hitting another iceberg and then, magically, people would say "well, what did they expect" or "see, I told you so," and people would laugh at the way you perished more ironically than Patches O'Houlihan getting crushed by the "Luck of the Irish" sign in the Movie Dodgeball. Nah, I'd rather bet against the ship. What's next? 9/11 World Trade Center, The Ride at Universal Studios? Or "Ebola Outbreak; Death Village" in IMAX 3D? I could get worse, but I won't. Nevertheless, a ride on another Titanic? Not for me. Nope. Where once it was the Unsinkable Molly Brown, there will be the Unsinkable Brainclogger...

Rant of the Day: Omarosa Done Screwed-Up. Liberals Using Fruit of The Poison Tree
Let me tell you how this goes. You get a government job. You apply for a security clearance. You get one. You understand the rules. Anybody tells you otherwise is lying. Like Hillary Clinton. So you go to work. There are places (call them rooms, spaces, facilities, whatever) where you work that are considered "Secure." They are specifically built and outfitted to make sure people outside those areas don't see or hear what is going on or being said inside them. There are often special machines that create "white noise" to further mask voices from outside detection. You are told NO RECORDING DEVICES, electronic devices, phones, etc. are to go into secure spaces. There are signs outside these places that tell you that. There are racks and boxes where you are TOLD to put your phones, tablets, laptops, etc., instead of bringing them into the room. They are secure for a reason. There is also an implied level of trust. First, because you have signed the documents saying you won't put security at risk, or divulge what is said or happens in these secure spaces outside these secure spaces. Second, because there is an implied level of trust expected and demanded by those personnel authorized to enter such places. They are supposed to be professionals. They are supposed to be worthy of trust. Well, Omarosa is an untrustworthy, chip-on-the-shoulder piece-of-crap spy. She's a security violator. She is a criminal. She violated the trust of everyone in the White House. She broke the law. She went into the White House with a subversive agenda and malice aforethought and purposely committed crimes. Then she sniveled some drivel about recording conversations to "protect herself." Bullshit. She had no integrity going in, and she has none coming out. She sucks. Now the Liberal press is going to help her use the fruit of the poison tree to sell her book. They suck too. I think she did all this strictly for the money. Create some drama. Create some intrigue. Sell more books. She's a hack and buffoon. The anti-American Liberal news agencies are using this illegal information to throw dirt on our president. They are as big a turd as Omarosa. She broke the law. They probably are also. They need to stop the book sales, stop the TV appearances, prosecute her for violating contractual security agreements and privacy laws, throw the book at her, and toss  her in jail. Then they should make Hillary her cellmate. We expect professional conduct from kids in their twenties with clearances. Why don't we expect even more from grown adults? Politics be damned. There is a thing called right and wrong. This is no grey area. It's time all these sniveling dipshits figured that out. 

August 8, 2018

Rant of the Day: Shopping

So I go to buy a couple fishing shirts. Columbia. You know the ones. They actually get cooler as you start to sweat. I figure I'm stuck in God's waiting room so might as well be comfy. This is the only reason why I was in a department store. No other. I'm a sniper shopper. One target at a time. The shirts are the target. One store at a time. No two on the same day. Infiltrate the store. Identify target. Acquire target, Get it, Get out. Boom. Done. So I don't find the ones I want. Figures. On the way out, I pass this guy. Well, guy-ish. Loafers with no socks. Short pants in a bubble-gum-meets-carrot color. Oxford shirt pulled out. Sleeves rolled up. And a scarf. A big, metro-sexual, my wife dressed me, flaccid attempt at euro I-don't-know-what freaking scarf. Instantly, I snort one of those "WTF is this jackass wearing" sort of giggles. It's not winter. It's not Paris. It's not a shemagh or keffiyeh, or ghutrah. He did it as a fashion accessory! Numbnut. It's 93-degree Florida! He has shorts on for shit's sake! As I pass him, someone says "nice scarf there, Nancy." Well, someone being me, judging by the mortified look on the wife's face, and the completely submissive, over-it, "I gave up long ago" look on dude. I keep my eye on them for a second or two longer, then turn and continue back out the door. Once outside, I chuckle and say "dipshit" out loud. I couldn't help it. Couldn't help the whole episode. It's like when I see a guy wearing Capri pants, I automatically and involuntarily bark "Man-pris!" It's a blurting problem. I'll do it in mid-sentence. I do the same thing for leggings, blurt "stretchy pants" and continue without missing a beat. Somebody has to stop me. Or join me. One thing I know for sure, I won't be sniper-buying a scarf anytime soon. Fish on...

Tom Hanks Goes Full Gump On CNN; Takes Meryl Streep With Him

It was all I could do to suffer through five minutes of this "celebri-drivel" before I felt queasy and had to turn it off. References to ancient press abuses as an allegory to what they believe President Trump is doing arrogantly spewed by the wrong-headed, rich globalist liberal living in the Hollywood bubble named Tom Hanks. He believes the press should be unfettered. I get it. He believes government controlling the press is a bad thing. I get that too. I'm with him on that one. But for all his high-brow, "look at me I learned something from Dan Brown" references to precedence (be them more theatrical than applicable), he forgets one thing; THE PRESS HAS TO BE OBJECTIVE. THEY'RE NOT. HE KNOWS IT.  Is he complicit? Is it a cover-up? Sin of omission? Calling his ignoring that little requirement "disingenuous" is like calling 9-11 a "little spot of bother." Or calling CNN objective. Or Rachel Maddow a journalist. He did it on purpose. The press is the propaganda tool of hypocrite liberal elites in this country (like Tom Hanks) and the Democratic Party. Yeah, yeah, admit it. The truth feels good. Give it a try. For Gump to ignore obvious bias and lack of objectivity is...well, Full Gump. Never go Full Gump. He knows the press is on his side and he's playing that tune like a good liberal drone piano.  He has to keep his allegiance with the likes of George Soros, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Elizabeth Warren, Charles Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and other intolerable globalist fathead liberals (villains all) intent on ruining our country (under the direction of their late hero Saul Alinsky). Can't get kicked out of the club, so toe the party line like an obviously obedient lib. He would never admit the good things that have happened while Trump became president, or the pathetic barnacle-like clinging Hillary Clinton is doing to all her sad excuses for her loss. Does he admit she needs to accept defeat? No. They act like she's some mythical creature of legend. They deflect. They ignore truth. Well, until she shows-up somewhere and they all kiss her ass. Gotta stay on the team. Can't go on the Hollywood Blacklist with James Woods and Lieutenant Dan. Denounce Trump in Hollywood or the fascist lefties turn on you (then tell you how bad Trump is...) Then there's the sycophantic admiration for Oprah Winfrey. By "their," I mean Meryl Streep, another pompous Hollywood bore. Watching her act or listening to her speak is a combination of nails on the chalkboard and hearing the sound a bottle makes when you blow across the top. You're getting sleepy. You're getting sleepy. Meryl went so far as to say Oprah was more qualified to be president than Trump. She has to say that; Billionaire Oprah owns her own TV channel and probably half of the "celebrities" in Hollywood. But I wonder if Trump had a magazine if he would call it Trump and have only pictures of himself on the cover? That form of arrogance is strictly reserved for liberal democrats. Plus, it's really easy to be a liberal when you're wealthy. Even easier to ignore all the failures in the party and their disenfranchisement of minorities (it's a nice way to say lying to them and letting them become even more impoverished), their lack of vision, leadership, or morality, overtly playing by the dirty playbook (remember the primaries), refusal to do their jobs veiled in a movement called "resist" (which is just liberal sniveling about losing the election and child-like tantrums), and allowing the double-standard to reign supreme. They do this because the media is blatantly and un-apologetically biased and pro-democrat. To deny it is to go Full Gump.

July 25, 2018

Where's the Justice? Rant of the Day.

Where is the justice? Where is this so-called "equal treatment under the law?" Bullshit. Why do only devious, lying Richard Craniums (think about it) spout-off with "we believe in the rule of law." Yeah, nice try dipshit, no you don't. You're the one getting over on the rest of us and you think we're too stupid to see that. (Buzzer sound). Sorry. We're not. Hillary Clinton started this whole mess. Yes, she did. Stop it. Stop defending her. There is no reason. She's not the Queen, and she's not your mom, so zip it. She also hates women and thinks democrats are stupid (which they have to be to justify their blind obedience). And yet she goes free thanks to a sycophantic media that would tongue her clean after a good old Clintonian number 2 riddled with fiber supplements and failure. No need to remember Hillary. She won't ever go away. You gotta love a woman who fosters the term "suiciding you," like Vince Foster, you know, Vince "died from two self-inflicted gunshots to the head" freaking Foster. But this injustice goes further than the knuckleheads on the meme. Don't forget Elizabeth (I may or may not have been a blonde-haired Native American) Warren; Bernie (oppressed people just look so unhappy out the window of my $200,000 car) Sanders; Charles ( I really stand for the thing I stood for when standing for the stand I took a stand for ) Schumer (he's changed so many times I have whiplash); John (I hope they don't remember the Russians paid me first) Podesta; Debbie (I rigged the primaries and quit in disgrace and dishonor, but elect me again for congress) Wasserman-Schultz; or Nancy (we have to pass it to know what's in it) Pelosi? What about Huma? What about Weiner? What about Christopher Steele? Funny how all these 'government employees" are millionaires now. Do special counsels go on forever? Should the standard be "keep digging until you can make up something?" Should attorney-client privilege be broken on their behalf? We know the FISA warrant was obtained using a fake dossier paid for by the democrats. Why is any of that investigation still going? IT'S ALL FRUIT OF THE POISON TREE!!!  I'd like to make up a bullshit story that gets my neighbors to commit my other neighbors to a nursing home, but that would be wrong. Well, wrong to me. Probably not to the media or a liberal. Unless my neighbors were illegals. Then the media would burn me at the stake. Why was it okay for JFK (or Bill Clinton) to bang young girls in the White House pool (delivered by the secret service), and Barney Frank to bang a male prostitute in his hotel, but the mere possibility Trump might have been with a porn star could end the world? Why did David Petraeus get blasted for three confidential emails in a locked desk drawer, but Hillary has thousands of top-secret emails, destroys even more, and nothing happens?  How would she have even gotten a security clearance if she was elected? It's called a double-standard. Politics. A select few people that are above the law. Clearly above it. Blatantly, obviously, infuriatingly above it. It's called bullshit (which is redundant). Why is it okay for a liberal to call FLOTUS the "C" word, but Rosanne Barr is the devil for...get this...praising conservatives. She didn't even insult anyone. We need some actual adult supervision. Why is it okay for politicians to ignore violence on their streets caused by poverty, injustice, drugs, etc., but if a cop shoots somebody, they throw the race card and the media goes berserk on it? More people are gunned-down in Chicago than in Afghanistan, but Obama and Rahm Emmanuel have a way of blaming everyone else for it (and protesting in the shopping district rather than the neighborhoods where the violence occurs). Baltimore is spiraling down the bowl and nothing is done. No one even points out the obvious...that Democrats didn't do that place any favors while being in charge for the last 50 years. Hell, O'Malley screwed it up so badly, in the warped mind of the democrat they thought "hey, let's reward him" and ran him for president! Typical liberals subsidizing cowardice and misbehavior while rewarding failure. Where is the media in all this? How can they be so loyal and obedient to liberals? I know. They're on the side of the snivelers. The whiners. The losing side in the election. The same one that screamed bloody murder at the thought Trump might not honor the results of the election. Repeat; Trump might not honor them. Talk about ironic. This is all made worse by the democrats pledge to do absolutely jack-shit...which is what they did during the 8 years I had to suffer through Obama. Resist. How subversive and pathetic can you get. We pay these morons to work for us and they literally pledge they won't, yet still keep their jobs. I worry about the people that would vote for these buffoons. Did the GOP snivel for years after they lost to Obama? No. Why? They were adults. They were honorable, and by and large, they weren't corrupt like the current terd pile of democrats. Little kids play better in sandboxes than these idiots do in congress. It's embarrassing. It's a daily intestinal dirge of arrogance, ineptitude, ego, and belligerence that leads to either calamity, or stalemate...followed by the same thing the next day, and the next. We won't ever have term limits. Why would a 3rd grade math teacher that finds himself in a job where he makes too much money and has too good of a retirement plan and can pledge to never do a days work while the opposition is in charge ever want to have that gravy-train to end?  It's made worse by the ego they get after we all blow smoke up their asses and tell them how special they are. They're not. They're government employees in a representative republic. They work for us. It is not the other way around no matter what Schumer thinks. The corrupt never give it up. Oh, and there should be no retirement plan for congress. Here's your mission: Go to DC for a few years and then go back and live with the people you said you'll support when they sent you, and the things you did for, or against them. If they don't kick you in the teeth, then you might have done some good. If they do, then so be it. Maybe that's justice. Maybe even a little. Definitely more than we have now.