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August 14, 2018

HMS Titanic: The Do-Over: Hell No, I Won't Go!

At least two different organizations are building real, life-size, exact replicas of the original ship. One was Blue Star Lines, not to be confused with White Star Line. The other is a Chinese billionaire (an oxymoron and paradox in a so-called, yet surely for-show Communist country.). Yeah, China's as communist as Donald Trump's an Arab. It's called slave labor for those that supply the unwashed masses at Wal-Mart...but I digress. So I ask you, if the replica ship was going to re-do the original voyage, would you go? Not me, brother. No way, no how. Well, not unless I was trying to die. We never learn, do we. Talk about a Jinx. They should rename the boat the SS Jonah. It reeks of the stink eye, bad juju, voodoo, bad omen, a pox on passengers, the hairy eyeball, hex, whammy, malediction, distress, plague, doom, and agony to spare. No thanks. I can see it hitting another iceberg and then, magically, people would say "well, what did they expect" or "see, I told you so," and people would laugh at the way you perished more ironically than Patches O'Houlihan getting crushed by the "Luck of the Irish" sign in the Movie Dodgeball. Nah, I'd rather bet against the ship. What's next? 9/11 World Trade Center, The Ride at Universal Studios? Or "Ebola Outbreak; Death Village" in IMAX 3D? I could get worse, but I won't. Nevertheless, a ride on another Titanic? Not for me. Nope. Where once it was the Unsinkable Molly Brown, there will be the Unsinkable Brainclogger...

Rant of the Day: Omarosa Done Screwed-Up. Liberals Using Fruit of The Poison Tree
Let me tell you how this goes. You get a government job. You apply for a security clearance. You get one. You understand the rules. Anybody tells you otherwise is lying. Like Hillary Clinton. So you go to work. There are places (call them rooms, spaces, facilities, whatever) where you work that are considered "Secure." They are specifically built and outfitted to make sure people outside those areas don't see or hear what is going on or being said inside them. There are often special machines that create "white noise" to further mask voices from outside detection. You are told NO RECORDING DEVICES, electronic devices, phones, etc. are to go into secure spaces. There are signs outside these places that tell you that. There are racks and boxes where you are TOLD to put your phones, tablets, laptops, etc., instead of bringing them into the room. They are secure for a reason. There is also an implied level of trust. First, because you have signed the documents saying you won't put security at risk, or divulge what is said or happens in these secure spaces outside these secure spaces. Second, because there is an implied level of trust expected and demanded by those personnel authorized to enter such places. They are supposed to be professionals. They are supposed to be worthy of trust. Well, Omarosa is an untrustworthy, chip-on-the-shoulder piece-of-crap spy. She's a security violator. She is a criminal. She violated the trust of everyone in the White House. She broke the law. She went into the White House with a subversive agenda and malice aforethought and purposely committed crimes. Then she sniveled some drivel about recording conversations to "protect herself." Bullshit. She had no integrity going in, and she has none coming out. She sucks. Now the Liberal press is going to help her use the fruit of the poison tree to sell her book. They suck too. I think she did all this strictly for the money. Create some drama. Create some intrigue. Sell more books. She's a hack and buffoon. The anti-American Liberal news agencies are using this illegal information to throw dirt on our president. They are as big a turd as Omarosa. She broke the law. They probably are also. They need to stop the book sales, stop the TV appearances, prosecute her for violating contractual security agreements and privacy laws, throw the book at her, and toss  her in jail. Then they should make Hillary her cellmate. We expect professional conduct from kids in their twenties with clearances. Why don't we expect even more from grown adults? Politics be damned. There is a thing called right and wrong. This is no grey area. It's time all these sniveling dipshits figured that out.