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August 19, 2005

Mick Jaggoff

I hear Mick Jagger is really into political commentary these days, and a new song entitled "a Bigger Bang" is apparently more Bush-bashing. He is apparently accusing the U.S. government of hypocrisy. Wow Mick! You just figured that out? Man, you're smart...well, for an ambiguously gay singer whose greatest contribution to humanity is...well...nothing! Has anyone explained to you in terms you can understand, where exactly you're from? Can you get out of the haze you're in long enough to understand you're a Brit, not an American? I thought Keith Richards did all the drugs?
So what are you Mr. Jagger, a Brit or an American? I thought Brits had better manners than you display? Do you remember where England is? You make lots of comments about americans and America, but not so many about your own country? That's a shame because I find the British to be cultured, civilized, interesting, rational, respectful, intelligent people. I wish I could say the same for you.

Damn, now I have to throw out all my Stones CD's, just like I did with Springsteen. Hopefully I won't have to see your face on Monday night football... By the way, Jagoff is the Jersey version of "Wanker."


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