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August 17, 2005

It may be time to tell you where I am...

I'm military, like I said. I'm overseas in a place very sandy, but can't be specific. It's the surface of the friggin moon, a desolate, unfriendly, irritating place to be. No wonder people over here are pissed off! The grass doesn't grow, the sand blows around getting into everything, and it feels like there's a blow drier being held by some invisible force right at your face! Basically, it's like a fan...stand in front of it, it blows...stand in back of it, it sucks. So yes I'm over here supporting the"effort," can't say anymore. All the while I'm over here, I see John Q. American back home abusing and mis-using the rights we guarantee...even guarantee to fools, apparently. The things my country and its citizens think are important sometimes just flat pisses me off, therefore this blog site. I need a place to tell people to get a grip, to wake up, or to get screwed...thus the name "Reality Check." More later

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