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August 17, 2005

Brad and Jen

Okay, here we go. First things first...WHO THE HELL CARES? These are people who pretend to be someone else for a living and get overpaid to do it! This morniong on bill O'Reilly I heard Bill saying how bad of a guy Brad Pitt was for leaving his wife? WAIT A SECOND BILL! How do you so easily blame the guy? Come can stick up for know you want to... Even O'Reilly is now caught in PC hell! Well, here's a rope.
It is actually possible that Jennifer Anniston initiated this break-up, and it is also entirely possible her husband left after she drove him completely nuts! The reverse is also possible. Yet, the greatest possibility in all of this is that people lead too shallow and meaningless of lives and actually give a s--- about what two pampered Hollywood knuckleheads are doing. It must be a small place (Hollywood), because all the people out there are marrying each other, which, in the hills of Kentucky is called INBREEDING! Do they contribute to the greater good? Do they give other people the ability to learn from their mistakes? Do they protect the rights of others? Or are they just a silly diversion that has nothing to do with anything?

Reality Check...

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